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Intents for Mobile Components

by Muhammad Usama bin Aftab Wajahat Karim | January 2014 | Open Source

In this article by Wajahat Karim, the author of the book "Learning Android Intents" has discussed some of the applications of intents with a more practical approach. Also, he has discussed the mobile components that are commonly found in all Android phones.

Now, we will see how these mobile components can be accessed and used very easily via intents. Android provides a vast collection of libraries and features through which a developer can utilize mobile components. This is as easy as a walk in the park. This article mainly includes four different categories of components: visual components such as camera, communication components such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, media components such as video and audio recording, speech recognition, and text-to-speech conversion, and finally, motion components such as proximity sensor. The following topics will be discussed in this article:

  • Common mobile components
  • Components and intents
  • Communication components
  • Using Bluetooth through intents
  • Using Wi-Fi through intents
  • Media components
  • Taking pictures and recording video through intents
  • Speech recognition using intents
  • Role of intents in text-to-speech conversion
  • Motion components
  • Proximity alerts through intents

The concepts and structures of intents are the prerequisites for understanding this article.

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Grunt in Action

by Jaime Pillora | January 2014 | Open Source Web Development

In this article by Jaime Pillora, author of Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner, we will perform additional transformations on set of source files by using Grunt.

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by Himanshu Kumar | January 2014 | Networking & Telephony

These days, security is the most vital subject for any organization irrespective of their size or the kind of the business they do. The primary reason for this is that organizations don't want to lose their reputation or business over compromises affecting security; secondly, they have to meet legal and regulatory requirements. When it comes to technical security of the infrastructure, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (PT or PenTest) play the most vital role. This article by Himanshu Kumar, the author of Learning Nessus for Penetration Testing, illustrates what a PT or PenTest is, why it is required and how to set up and manage Nessus for your organization.

This article will introduce you to Nessus, a tool for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We will also cover the following topics:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Introduction to Nessus
  • Installing Nessus on different platforms
  • Updating Nessus plugins
  • Nessus user management
  • Nessus system configuration
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Creating a basic JavaScript plugin

by Gordon Beeming | January 2014 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Gordon Beeming, the author of the book Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization, we are going to explore in Web Access how to create a basic JavaScript plugin that will display work item IDs on both the task and portfolio boards and the state of requirements on the task board.

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BSD Socket Library

by Jon Hoffman | January 2014 | Cookbooks

In this article by Jon Hoffman, author of iOS and OS X Network Programming Cookbook, we will cover:

  • Finding the byte order of your device
  • Retrieving network address information
  • Performing network address resolution
  • Creating an echo server
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