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Joomla! Cash
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn to set up a cash-generating Joomla! website
  • Learn to implement a shopping cart on Joomla!
  • How to run an affiliate program from your site
  • Set up streams of income using Joomla!
  • Gain valuable search-engine ranking knowledge


Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 180 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2007
ISBN : 1847191401
ISBN 13 : 9781847191403
Author(s) : Brandon Dawson, Tom Canavan
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Welcome Warriors!
Chapter 2: Creating a Marketing Plan
Chapter 3: Generating Traffic
Chapter 4: Traffic or Log Analysis
Chapter 5: Site Layout and Optimization
Chapter 6: Generating Revenue
Chapter 7: Disaster Recovery
Chapter 8: Small Change
  • Chapter 1: Welcome Warriors!
    • Business is a War—You Must be Prepared to be a Warrior!
    • Hype versus Reality—the Internet
      • What went Wrong?
      • The Way of the Warrior
    • Mind Your P's
      • Product
      • Place
        • Some Advantages
        • Some Disadvantages
      • Price
      • Promotion
      • The Forgotten P—People
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Marketing Plan
    • Why have Marketing Plans?
    • Creating a Marketing Plan
      • Elements of Your Marketing Plan
      • The Warrior's Strategic Objectives
      • Evaluate, Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
    • The Warrior's Tactics
    • Objective 1—Direct Revenue Generation
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Goods, Goods, Goods
      • Information is Power
    • Objective 2—Traffic Generation
      • Keyword-Rich Copywriting
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Sitemap Submission
      • RSS Syndication or Really Simple Syndication
      • Free! Free! Free!
    • Objective 3—Visitor and Traffic Analysis
    • Objective 4—Behavior and Conversion Analysis
    • Objective 5—Competitive Analysis "Know Thy Enemy"
    • Objective 6—Bringing it All back Home
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Generating Traffic
    • What is SEO?
      • Structural Optimization
        • Items That Search Engines Look for in Your Site's Content
        • External Views of Your Site by Search Engines
      • Optimizing META Data
      • Title Optimization
      • Content Optimization
      • Keyword Research and Optimization
    • Website Structure and Organization
      • Internal Linking and Navigation
      • Using a robots.txt File
      • Using Image ALT and TITLE Tags
    • Promotional Optimization
      • Link Popularity
      • Link Anchors
      • Choosing Relevant Link Partners
        • Determining Link Relevancy
        • Don't Go There–Links to be Avoided at All Costs
        • Competitive Analysis
    • Lock 'n' Load—Using SEO in Joomla!
      • Using Joomla's Core SEO
        • What is .htaccess?
        • Copying htaccess.txt to .htaccess
        • Are we Done Yet?
      • Installing and Configuring OpenSEF
        • Installing
        • Tip for Using OpenSEF
        • Using the Sitemap Feature
        • Configuring OpenSEF's Sitemap
        • Generating the Sitemap
        • Submitting the Sitemap
      • SEO Conclusion
    • Getting Visitors to Play Tag
      • FijiWebDesign's TagBot
    • Linkbaiting Techniques
      • Case Study on Linkbait—–"Bit Unfair"
      • Typical Linkbaiting Tactics
        • Using RSS Feeds
        • Permission Marketing
        • Affiliate Programs
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Traffic or Log Analysis
    • Traffic or Log Analysis is Vital Intelligence
      • Obtaining Logs
      • What Information Do the Logs Provide?
      • Getting Actionable Data
        • JoomlaStats
        • Google Analytics—Another Approach
      • Taking Action
        • What You Need to Learn
        • What You Need to Do with This Vital Intelligence Right Now
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Site Layout and Optimization
    • Optimizing Your Site for Ease of Use
    • Menu Navigation and Content Organization
      • Simplicity
        • Pros
        • Cons
      • Complexity
        • Pros
        • Cons
      • Meeting in the Middle
    • Content Navigation
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • Implementation
      • The Default, Core Way
  • Accessibility
  • Measuring Usability
  • Color Psychology, Typefaces, and Design
    • Fire and Ice, Classic and Jazzy
    • What to Ask Yourself
  • Typefaces
    • Design Considerations for Fonts
  • Basic Color Psychology
    • Hot Colors
      • Red
      • Orange
      • Yellow
    • Cool Colors
      • Green
      • Blue
      • Violet
      • White
      • Black
    • Cultural Considerations
  • Writing Effective Copy
    • Ten Tips for Effective Copywriting
  • Real-World Views
  • Instilling a Sense of Urgency
  • Six Tips for Instilling Urgency
  • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Generating Revenue
    • Banner Advertisements
      • Pros
      • Cons
      • Where to Obtain Your Ads
        • Signing up with Banner Affiliates
        • Becoming Your Own Ad Broker
      • Lock and Load
      • Banner Strategies
      • Joomla! Banner Component
      • Direct Template Installation
      • Ready, Aim, FIRE!
        • Uploading a New Banner
      • Direct Template Inclusion
      • Evaluate, Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
    • Text-Based Contextual Ads
      • Pros
      • Cons
      • Where to Obtain Your Ads
      • Text-ad Strategies
      • Ready, Aim, FIRE!
      • Evaluate, Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
    • Product Affiliate Programs
      • Pros
      • Cons
      • Tracking and Reporting
      • Ready, Aim, FIRE!
        • Amazon
        • Amazon Product Feed Bridge
        • Using the Omakase Module
      • Direct Template Inclusion
    • Using Other Product Affiliate Programs
      • Using the CJ Affiliates Module
      • Import Any Product Affiliate Code—mod_html
    • Running an Affiliate Program
    • iDevAffiliate
      • Types of Ads Available
    • Affiliates Marketing Conclusion
    • Subscriptions and Joomla!
    • Configuring Account Expiration
      • Applying Unique Changes Known as Hacks
      • Managing Logins with Account Expiration
    • Subscriber Access Control with JACL
      • Installing JACL
    • Accepting Donations
    • Donations (Tip Jars)
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • Advanced PayPal Donations Module
      • Amazon PayPages Module
        • Installation
    • Instant Branded Products
    • E-Commerce
    • Installing VirtueMart
    • Configuring VirtueMart
      • Adding and Editing Products
    • Choosing a Payment Method
    • Optional Modules
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Disaster Recovery
    • Ask Yourself, "Is My Site Ready?"
      • If It Can Go Wrong, It Will
        • You Have to be Prepared
        • What is Risk Tolerance?
        • Factors to be Considered for Disaster Preparation
        • Basic Steps to Take when an Outage Occurs
      • Preparing for Battle
        • Using .htaccess to Protect Your Site
        • Permissions and Your Site
        • Passwords
        • Backup and Restore
      • Maintenance of Your Joomla! Site
      • Being Prepared is Job 1
      • Conducting a Mock Drill
      • Establishing a Communications Plan
        • Purpose of Media Contact
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Small Change
    • Marketing Your Joomla! skills
      • What You Offer
      • It can be Daunting—I Know!
      • The Grand Master Plan
        • How I approached It
      • Networking to Win
      • You Can Do It Too
    • Finding Joomla! Work
    • Offer Joomla! Templates
      • Offer Free Templates
      • Offer Commercial Templates
      • Offering Commercial Services
    • Conclusion

Brandon Dawson

Brandon Dawson is a 29 year-old website developer from Lancaster, Ohio in the United States. He has completed Joomla! projects for clients ranging from major corporate clients, such as Apple Incorporated, to small local businesses. He maintains a business website at

He enjoys building websites, hiking, cycling, and spending time with his fiancée and their son. He is also a huge movie buff from having spent his college years operating a small local movie theatre.

He frequents the Joomla! support forums, and maintains personal websites at and

Tom Canavan

Tom Canavan has been in the Computer and IT industry for 20+ years where he spent several years as a Systems Consultant to many Fortune 100 clients and other global companies.

Canavan is considered a top security and disaster recovery expert in the Joomla world. He is the author of the Packt Published book Joomla! Web Security.

He is a former CIO and is currently the co-founder of Canavan contributes articles on security and disaster recovery to several websites.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Tips for generating revenues for your site
  • Setup of your shopping cart
  • Good layout and design for your site
  • VirtueMart shopping cart setup
  • Details of the iDevAffiliate affiliate system
  • Marketing your website

Chapter 1 talks about the hype versus reality aspect of the Internet and clears away the "if I build it, they will come" myth. Also, it tells you that a Joomla! warrior should be disciplined and should learn all the skills to be successful. It explains the four P's required for efficient marketing: Product, Place, Promotion, and People.

In Chapter 2, you will learn how to evaluate, adapt, improvise your plans, and overcome obstacles that keep you from achieving digital battlefield victory. You will learn about the importance of having marketing plans, creating marketing plans, and objectives for attaining a revenue generating Joomla! Site.

Chapter 3 covers the basics of SEO or search engine optimization, links and tags, RSS feeds, newsletters, and multimedia marketing.

In Chapter 4, you will learn about web site analytics. You will see how to obtain critical data for your website as a basis for action using traffic and log analysis.

Chapter 5 will help you understand how to make your site visually appealing so as to generate traffic and revenue.

Chapter 6 will provide you with tips for generating revenue from your Joomla! site. You will learn how to generate revenue from Banner Advertisements, contextual, text-based advertisements, Affiliate ads, running your own affiliate program, and running Subscription-based Joomla! websites.

Chapter 7 will show you how to protect your investment, with a brief tutorial on Disaster Preparation for your cash-generating site.

Chapter 8 explains a few more cash-generating weapons: marketing your Joomla! skills and offering commercial templates.

In Detail

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications. It is an open-source solution that is freely available to everybody. Joomla! is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. Out of the box, Joomla! does a great job of managing the content needed to make your website sing.

The emphasis of this book is towards business and online e-commerce; it will give you a valuable knowledge base on search engines, layout and design, implementing a shopping cart, marketing your website, affiliate marketing and more. You will appreciate the concise and straightforward method to set up a cash-generating website.

This book is a fast and easy must-read for anyone wanting to start a cash-generating Joomla! website.

Visit the Joomla! Cash Free Online Edition and read introductions to each chapter and a free excerpt from chapter 3 "Search Engine Optimization in Joomla!"


This book is a fast and easy read, taking the reader from the inception of an idea, to a fully working cash-generating website built on Joomla!

Who this book is for

This book is suitable for business people with a medium level of technical skill who need a good primer on how to implement a cash-generating website. Those unfamiliar with Joomla! Would benefit from reading Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 Beta 1.

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