Joomla! 3 Template Essentials

Joomla! 3 Template Essentials
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Improve the usability of Joomla! Template Manager by installing and enabling a downloaded template, changing the logo, and adding a slogan
  • Set up a workflow and development environment for Joomla! template design
  • Create custom templates for that unique website look

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 142 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : December 2013
ISBN : 1783281294
ISBN 13 : 9781783281299
Author(s) : Paweł Frankowski
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Content Management (CMS), e-Commerce, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Joomla! Template System
Chapter 2: Joomla! Template Frameworks
Chapter 3: Building a Template from a Framework
Chapter 4: Advanced Template and Styling Tricks
Chapter 5: Selling Your Template
  • Chapter 1: Joomla! Template System
    • What is a Joomla! template?
      • Templates – download for free, buy, or build your own
        • Free templates
        • Premium templates
        • How to earn money per sale
        • Conclusion
      • Identifying templates
      • Investigating design solutions
    • Introducing the Joomla! Template Manager
      • Exploring the default templates
      • Installing a new template
        • Unloading a package file
        • Typical errors during template installation
      • Changing your default template
        • Customizing the current template
        • Changing the template used for specific menu items
      • Removing unnecessary templates
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Joomla! Template Frameworks
    • Understanding the Joomla! template framework
      • Exploring the reasons to use a framework
        • Useful framework features
    • Learning different frameworks
      • Exploring popular Joomla! Version 3 template frameworks
        • The Expose framework 4
        • The Gantry framework
        • The Gavern framework
        • The HD framework
        • The S5 Vertex framework
        • The Shaper Helix II framework
        • The Sparky framework
        • The Strapped framework
        • The T3 framework
        • The Warp 6 framework
        • The Wright framework
        • The YJSG framework
    • The past and future of frameworks
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Building a Template from a Framework
    • Web design trends
      • Back to the basics – minimalistic designs
      • HTML5 and CSS3
      • Replacing Flash with HTML5 and JavaScript
      • Responsive web design (RWD)
      • The one page and parallax effects
      • The fixed and scrolling header bars
      • Slideshows – responsive and touch friendly
      • Swiss design style
      • Large photos as backgrounds
      • App-style web interfaces
      • Flat design and colors
      • Web and big fonts
      • UX direction
      • Social media integration
      • What the future will bring
    • Setting client expectations
      • If you can imagine it, you can wireframe it
    • Home page
      • Required tools
      • The basic elements of a Joomla! template
    • Building a template based on the framework
      • Choosing a template framework
      • From zero to warp
        • Joomla! 3.x templates and LESS
        • Even comics have text content
        • Show me your badge – start with a logo
        • Picture in the background
        • Navigation
        • Layout and backgrounds
        • Social buttons
        • Slideshow
        • Modules on the left-hand side
        • Modules on the right-hand side
        • Modules at the bottom
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Template and Styling Tricks
    • Constructing a template
      • Overriding the default layout
      • Adding a custom stylesheet
      • Using custom CSS
      • Module variations
      • Icons in menu items
      • The fixed navigation bar
      • Adding and changing the favicon
    • Modules and plugins
      • Frontend news display
      • Tabs and accordions
      • Slideshow
        • The parallax content slider
      • Responsive maps
      • Shortcodes
    • Advance hover effects
    • Typography tips
      • Adding a custom font
      • Dingbat fonts
      • Font awesome
      • Colorful notice styles
      • CSS-generated content
      • Listing bullets with images
      • Kerning
      • Appending ellipsis automatically
    • Reducing the number of images
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Selling Your Template
    • Are you ready to sell?
    • Validate, optimize, and test your templates before, not after
    • You are selling much more than a template
      • Images and graphics in a template
      • Support – questions require answers
    • Pricing your templates
      • How to hide the real price and earn more
        • Sale by piece or temporary access
        • The magic of prices that end with 99
    • Tips for selling online templates
      • Give one thing for free, and they will buy the rest
      • Designing to suit their needs
      • The web design that works
      • Template color variations
      • Localization and fonts
      • Potential buyers
      • Showing off technology
      • Support for extensions
      • Do not be greedy and do not lie
      • Sell twice
    • Where and how to sell
    • Summary

Paweł Frankowski

Paweł Frankowski is the author of nine books, including Joomla! Manual for users, Social networking, construction, administration and moderation, and Corporate Web site Ideas, strategy, implementation. Pawel also writes articles for his personal blog and for several computer magazines. He also helps Polish users in the Polish Joomla! Community Forum. He is a frequent speaker at IT conferences and Joomla! Polish Day. Pawel has been building sites since 2005, from corporate web sites to small personal sites, most of them using Joomla!. Currently, he is developing the GavickPro Knowledge database and helping clients to solve their problems.
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Quite often, popular developers publish free templates on their websites; in
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'Quite often, popular developers publish free templates on their websites; in
this way they promot
e their brand and other products such as modules or
ommercial versions of templates.'

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What you will learn from this book

  • Utilize the Joomla! Template Manager
  • Create custom templates based on the Joomla! template framework
  • Override the default layout
  • Prepare your Joomla! template for ease of sale
  • Modify an existing template
  • Add arresting CSS3 effects
  • Employ custom style sheets in templates
  • Present news and images using modules

In Detail

Joomla! is a free and open source content management framework for publishing web content. A Joomla! template is a multifaceted Joomla! extension which is responsible for the layout, design, and structure of a Joomla! powered website. Modern Joomla! 3 frameworks use the responsive layout based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework and its collection of utility classes to provide a great degree of flexibility for responsive web design.

This practical, hands-on guide will walk you through clear, step-by-step instructions to help you build your very own custom Joomla! template. Find out what steps you need to take to sell your template and learn some extra tips and tricks to make your templates stand out and improve the overall look of your website.

This example-oriented tutorial will show you how to quickly and painlessly create websites on your own and give them a professional look. You will begin by developing an understanding of how Joomla! templates work, how to install new ones, and how to configure them. You will also master the Joomla! template framework, which can be used as a foundation for creating your own templates. Having gained this insight, you will then begin building your own template from scratch. Advanced styling tricks and tips that will give your websites a unique look are also covered. Finally, you will learn how to modify an existing template to meet your own needs and prepare your Joomla! template for sale.


Using this hands-on, step-by step tutorial filled with practical examples, you will be able to create beautiful templates for your Joomla! websites, that will make them stand out from others

Who this book is for

This book is written for all of you who wish to create your own unique templates for Joomla! 3.x. This book can be used by Joomla! administrators or visual designers (with no programming experience) or those of you who are used to working with common web developer tools like HTML/CSS editors for coding purposes. You would need basic knowledge of Joomla! and some knowledge of CSS and HTML.

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