JIRA 5.2 Essentials

JIRA 5.2 Essentials
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn how to set up JIRA for software development
  • Effectively manage and handle software bugs and issues
  • Includes updated JIRA content as well as coverage of the popular GreenHopper plugin

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 396 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2013
ISBN : 1782179992
ISBN 13 : 9781782179993
Author(s) : Patrick Li
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with JIRA
Chapter 2: Project Management
Chapter 3: Issue Management
Chapter 4: Field Management
Chapter 5: Screen Management
Chapter 6: Workflows and Business Processes
Chapter 7: E-mails and Notifications
Chapter 8: Securing JIRA
Chapter 9: Searching, Reporting, and Analysis
Chapter 10: General Administration
Chapter 11: Advanced Features
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with JIRA
    • The JIRA architecture
      • High-level architecture
        • Web browsers
        • Application services
        • Data storage
      • The JIRA installation directory
      • The JIRA home directory
    • System requirements
      • Hardware requirements
      • Software requirements
        • Operating systems
        • Java platforms
        • Databases
        • Application servers
    • Installation options
    • Installing JIRA
      • Installing Java
      • Installing MySQL
        • Prepare MySQL for JIRA
      • Installing JIRA
        • Obtaining and installing JIRA
        • Configuring jira-application.properties
      • The JIRA setup wizard
      • Configuring JIRA as a service
    • Post-installation configurations
      • Configuring the application server
      • Configuring HTTPS
      • Installing the database drivers
      • Managing the database setup
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Project Management
      • The JIRA hierarchy
        • Project category
        • Project
        • Issue
        • Field
      • Project permissions
      • JIRA Administration
        • Creating projects
      • Project interfaces
      • Project administration
        • The Summary tab
        • The Components tab
          • Creating components
          • Managing components
          • Component lead and default assignee
        • The Versions tab
          • Creating versions
          • Managing versions
        • The Issue Collectors tab
        • Other tabs
      • Project Browser
        • The Project category revisited
        • Browsing a project
        • The Summary tab
        • The Issues tab
        • The Road Map tab
        • The Change Log tab
        • The Versions/Components tab
        • The Source/Reviews tab
      • The help desk project
        • Creating a new project category
        • Creating a new project
        • Assigning a project to a category
        • Creating new components
        • Creating new versions
        • Putting it together
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Issue Management
        • Understanding issues
        • What does an issue look like?
        • Working with issues
          • Creating an issue
          • Editing an issue
          • Deleting an issue
          • Moving an issue between projects
          • Casting a vote on an issue
          • Receiving notifications on an issue
          • Assigning issues to others
        • Issue linking
          • Enabling issue linking
          • Creating link types
          • Linking other issues
          • Linking remote contents
        • Issue cloning
        • Time tracking
          • Enabling time tracking
          • Specifying original estimates
          • Logging work
        • Issues and comments
          • Adding comments
          • Managing your comments
          • Permalinking a comment
        • Attachments
          • Enabling attachments in JIRA
          • Attaching files
          • Attaching screenshots
        • Issue types and subtasks
          • Creating issue types
          • Deleting issue types
          • Subtasks
            • Enabling subtasks
            • Creating subtasks
            • Issue type schemes
        • The Help Desk project
          • Creating issue types
          • Creating an issue type scheme
          • Putting it together
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Field Management
          • Built-in fields
          • Custom fields
            • Custom field types
              • Simple fields
              • JIRA specialized fields
              • Multi-value fields
            • Searchers
            • Custom field context
            • Managing custom fields
              • Adding a custom field
              • Editing/deleting a custom field
            • Configuring a custom field
              • Adding custom field contexts
              • Configuring select options
              • Setting default values
          • Field configuration
            • Adding a field configuration
            • Editing/deleting a field configuration
            • Copying a field configuration
            • Managing field configurations
              • Field description
              • Field requirement
              • Field visibility
              • Field rendering
              • Screens
          • Field configuration scheme
            • Managing field configuration schemes
              • Adding a field configuration scheme
              • Editing/deleting a field configuration scheme
              • Copying a field configuration scheme
              • Configuring a field configuration scheme
              • Associating a field configuration scheme with a project
          • The Help Desk project
            • Setting up a custom field
            • Setting up the field configuration
            • Setting up a field configuration scheme
            • Putting it together
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Screen Management
            • JIRA and screens
            • Working with screens
              • Adding a screen
              • Editing/deleting a screen
              • Copying a screen
              • Configuring screens
                • Adding a field to a screen
                • Deleting a field from a screen
                • Reordering fields on a screen
              • Using screen tabs
                • Adding a tab to a screen
                • Editing/deleting a tab
                • Reordering tabs
            • Working with screen schemes
              • Adding a screen scheme
              • Editing/deleting a screen scheme
              • Copying a screen scheme
              • Configuring a screen scheme
                • Adding an association
                • Editing/deleting an association
            • An issue type screen scheme
              • Adding an issue type screen scheme
              • Editing/deleting an issue type screen scheme
              • Copying an issue type screen scheme
              • Configuring an issue type screen scheme
                • Associating issue types to screen schemes
                • Editing/deleting an association
              • Activating an issue type screen scheme
            • The Help Desk project
              • Setting up screens
              • Setting up screen schemes
              • Setting up issue type screen schemes
              • Putting it together
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Workflows and Business Processes
              • Mapping business processes
              • Understanding workflows
                • Managing workflows
                • Creating a workflow
                • Editing a workflow
                • Publishing a draft
                • Steps and issue statuses
                  • Adding a step to a workflow
                  • Editing a step
                  • Deleting a step
                • Transitions
                  • Adding a transition between steps
                  • Editing a transition
                  • Deleting a transition
                • Configuring a transition
                  • Conditions
                  • Validators
                  • Post functions
                • Using the workflow designer
                • Deleting a workflow
                • Copying a workflow
                • Importing/exporting a workflow
                • Using the JIRA workflow sharing plugin
                  • Exporting a workflow bundle
                  • Importing a workflow bundle
                • Using other workflow plugins
                  • JIRA Suite Utilities
                  • JIRA Workflow Toolbox
                  • JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions
                  • JIRA Workflow Enhancer
              • Workflow schemes
                • Creating a workflow scheme
                • Configuring a workflow scheme
                  • Assigning a workflow to an issue type
                  • Editing/deleting an association
                • Editing a workflow scheme
                • Deleting a workflow scheme
                • Copying a workflow scheme
                • Activating a workflow scheme
              • The Help Desk project
                • Setting up an issue status
                • Setting up workflows
                • Setting up workflow schemes
                • Putting it together
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: E-mails and Notifications
                • JIRA and e-mail
                • Mail servers
                • Working with outgoing mails
                  • Adding an outgoing mail server
                    • Disabling the outgoing mail
                    • Enabling SSL over SMTP
                  • Sending a test mail
                • Mail queues
                  • Viewing the mail queue
                  • Flushing the mail queue
                • Manually sending e-mails
                • Events
                  • Adding a mail template
                  • Adding a custom event
                  • Firing a custom event
                • Notifications
                • The notification scheme
                  • Adding a notification scheme
                  • Editing a notification scheme
                  • Deleting a notification scheme
                  • Copying a notification scheme
                  • Managing a notification scheme
                    • Adding a notification
                    • Deleting a notification
                  • Assigning a notification scheme
                • Troubleshooting notifications
                • Incoming e-mails
                  • Adding an incoming mail server
                  • Mail handlers
                    • Creating a new issue or adding a comment to an existing issue
                    • Adding a comment with the entire e-mail body
                    • Adding a comment from the non-quoted e-mail body
                    • Creating a new issue from each e-mail message
                    • Adding a comment before a specified marker or separator in the e-mail body
                    • Adding a mail handler
                    • Editing and deleting a mail handler
                • The Help Desk project
                  • Setting up mail servers
                  • Setting up custom events
                  • Setting up a notification scheme
                  • Setting up notifications
                  • Putting it together
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Securing JIRA
                  • User directories
                    • Managing user directories
                    • Connecting to LDAP
                  • Users
                    • User Browser
                    • Adding a user
                    • Enabling public signup
                    • Enabling CAPTCHA
                  • Groups
                    • Group Browser
                    • Adding a group
                    • Editing group membership
                    • Deleting a group
                  • Project roles
                    • Project Role Browser
                    • Adding a project role type
                    • Editing a project role
                    • Deleting a project role
                    • Managing default members
                    • Assigning project role members
                  • JIRA permissions hierarchy
                    • Global permissions
                      • JIRA system administrator versus JIRA administrator
                      • Configuring global permissions
                      • Granting global permissions
                      • Revoking global permissions
                    • Project permissions
                      • Permission schemes
                      • Applying a permission scheme
                    • Issue security
                      • Issue security scheme
                      • Adding an issue security scheme
                      • Configuring an issue security scheme
                      • Applying an issue security scheme
                  • Troubleshooting permissions
                  • Workflow security
                  • The Help Desk project
                    • Setting up groups
                    • Setting up user group association
                    • Setting up permission schemes
                    • Setting up permissions
                    • Putting it together
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Searching, Reporting, and Analysis
                    • Search interface and options in JIRA
                      • Issue navigator
                      • Basic search
                      • Advanced search (JQL)
                      • Quick search
                      • Working with search results
                        • Exporting search results
                        • Customizing the column layout
                        • Sharing search results
                    • Filters
                      • Creating a filter
                      • Managing filters
                      • Editing and sharing a filter
                      • Subscribing to a filter
                      • Deleting a filter
                      • Changing the ownership of a filter
                    • Reports
                      • Generating a report
                      • Dashboard
                      • Managing dashboards
                      • Creating a dashboard
                      • Editing and sharing a dashboard
                      • Deleting a dashboard
                      • Configuring a dashboard
                        • Setting a layout for the dashboard
                      • Gadget
                        • Placing a gadget on the dashboard
                        • Moving a gadget
                        • Editing a gadget
                        • Deleting a gadget
                    • The Help Desk project
                      • Setting up filters
                      • Setting up dashboards
                      • Setting up gadgets
                      • Putting it together
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: General Administration
                      • Customizing the look and feel
                        • Changing the JIRA logo
                        • Customizing colors
                        • Changing gadget colors
                        • Setting the date/time format
                      • General configurations
                        • Settings
                        • Internationalization
                          • Setting default language
                          • Setting user language
                        • Options
                      • Setting the announcement banner
                      • Backing up and restoring JIRA
                        • Creating an XML backup
                      • Restoring from an XML backup
                    • Searching and indexing
                    • Add-ons
                      • Atlassian Marketplace
                      • Universal Plugin Manager
                        • Finding new add-ons
                        • Managing add-ons
                      • Installing an add-on
                      • Configuring an add-on
                      • Enabling/disabling an add-on
                      • Updating an add-on
                      • Uninstalling an add-on
                      • Viewing the audit log
                      • Enabling the safe mode
                    • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Advanced Features
                        • GreenHopper
                          • Getting GreenHopper
                          • Starting with GreenHopper
                            • Scrum
                            • Kanban
                            • Board
                            • Card
                            • Story
                            • Sprint
                            • Epic
                            • Backlog
                          • Working with boards
                            • Creating a new board
                          • Working with Scrum boards
                            • Working with Epics
                            • Working with sprints
                          • Working with Kanban boards
                            • Setting up column constraints
                            • Releasing a version
                          • Setting GreenHopper as the home page
                        • Issue Collector
                          • Setting up an issue collector
                          • Embedding the issue collector
                        • Summary

                        Patrick Li

                        Patrick Li is the cofounder and senior engineer of AppFusions. AppFusions is the leading Atlassian partner specializing in integration solutions with many enterprise applications and platforms, including IBM Connections, Jive, Google Apps, Box, SugarCRM, and more. He has worked in the Atlassian ecosystem for over five years, developing products and solutions for Atlassian platform and providing expert consulting services. He is one of the top contributors to the Atlassian community, providing answers and suggestions on the Atlassian user forum. He is extensively experienced in designing and deploying Atlassian solutions from the ground up, and customizing existing deployments for clients across verticals such as Healthcare, Software Engineering, Financial Services, and Government Agencies.
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                        the second eBook
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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Design and implement JIRA to work for you and your team
                        • Master JIRA issue and project tracking methods
                        • Make your data tell a story through powerful data query and information retrieval
                        • Get to grips with GreenHopper, Bonfire, and Agile development with JIRA
                        • Secure JIRA to protect your data
                        • Capture and display data to users by using different types of fields in JIRA

                        In Detail

                        Atlassian’s JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to aid speed of development and quality of code. This book will show you how to develop software more efficiently by planning, designing, and customizing your own JIRA implementation.

                        JIRA is a popular issue tracking product designed for better bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. JIRA 5.2 Essentials provides a comprehensive guide covering everything you will need to plan, set up, design, customize, and manage your software development projects efficiently and to a professional standard.

                        In this practical book you will learn how to design and implement JIRA for project and issue tracking. You will jump into the installation and design of JIRA before going through the required techniques to effectively manage issues that threaten your software development project.

                        Each chapter builds on the last, taking you through important concepts and techniques such as business processes and workflows, setting up e-mail notifications, field and screen management, and reporting. Using these techniques you will be able to make JIRA adapt to your organization and save time and energy by developing software more efficiently.

                        Newly improved and updated to JIRA 5.2 this book also includes a section about GreenHopper and Agile development with JIRA.


                        JIRA 5.2 Essentials is packed with real-world examples and practical tutorials which will help you become a JIRA expert.

                        Who this book is for

                        If you want to get started with JIRA, then this book is made for you. Only basic computer skills and project or issue management knowledge is required. The book will provide the rest. This book would also be of interest to experienced JIRA users who wish to improve their workflow and master the new features of JIRA 5.2.

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