iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook

iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook
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Table of Contents
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  • Explodes the widely held view that iWork is simply Apple's version of MS Office by revealing the amazing creative power of this office suite
  • Use iWork to create high quality documents for professional printing or internet use
  • Written for both the new and experienced iWork user, this book is a step-by-step guide to creating dazzling graphics, unique clip art, logos, and sophisticated designs to rival top-end professional programs

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 324 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2012
ISBN : 1849693102
ISBN 13 : 9781849693103
Author(s) : Alexander Anichkin
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, Cookbooks

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Lateral Thinking
Chapter 2: Working with Text
Chapter 3: Working Across Platforms and Applications
Chapter 4: Where to Find Shortcuts and How to Remember Them
Chapter 5: Working with Photos: Tips and Tricks
Chapter 6: Graphic Design—Working with Clip Art and Making Your Own
Chapter 7: Graphic Design: Making Your Own Logo
Chapter 8: PDFs and Professional Printing
Chapter 9: Planning Large, Long-term Projects
Chapter 10: Designing from Scratch: Beyond Templates
Chapter 11: Mastering Numbers: Tips, Techniques, and Fun
Chapter 12: Keynote Uncovered: a Few Techniques
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  • Chapter 1: Lateral Thinking
    • Introduction
    • What to do when color options disappear
    • Copying and pasting from Numbers to Pages
    • Stacking photos by using the Bring to Front and Send to Back options to layer photos
    • Using Command + F to search long documents when editing
    • Chapter 2: Working with Text
      • Introduction
      • Changing font (typeface) using toolbar, menus, or Font Panel—when to use which
      • Blank paragraphs versus spaces after paragraphs
      • Fitting more text on a page than it can hold
      • Using tabs to stop text sticking to the edges of a colored background
      • Creating smudged highlights for text
      • Creating drop caps with the Custom Image bullets
      • Chapter 3: Working Across Platforms and Applications
        • Introduction
        • Dragging a Word file onto the Pages icon to open it
        • Opening the Excel documents in Numbers, editing them, and exporting them back into Excel
        • Keynote and PowerPoint—working together
        • Using screenshots and PNG files—shortcuts, options, and tricks
        • Fitting files of other formats into iWork documents
        • Making JPEG images from iWork documents
        • Making a good PDF from an iWork document, and CMYK PDFs for professional printing
        • Dragging and dropping files from one application to another
        • Chapter 4: Where to Find Shortcuts and How to Remember Them
          • Introduction
          • Shortcuts for opening new documents, new folders, and duplicates
          • Saving and auto saving—don't rely on Auto Save
          • Send to Back and Bring to Front—iWork-specific shortcuts
          • Grouping and ungrouping—making multiple elements into one
          • Undo and Redo—the most important shortcuts
          • Chapter 5: Working with Photos: Tips and Tricks
            • Introduction
            • Placing, cropping, editing, moving, and resizing photos
            • Masking photos, and the magnifying glass trick
            • Masking versus Image Fill—when Image Fill is easier than Masking
            • Background images—setting a photo as the background and finding suitable photos
            • Removing and changing the background in photos with Instant Alpha
            • Using "patches" to improve photos
            • Making cutouts with edited masks
            • Chapter 6: Graphic Design—Working with Clip Art and Making Your Own
              • Introduction
              • Making symbols from Character Palette into clip art—where to find clip art for iWork
              • Using elements of iWork templates as clip art—clipping a photo to a hand-written note
              • Making your digital photos into a piece of clip art
              • Putting images inside letters—filling letters with photos and other graphic images
              • Turning a star into a thought bubble—how to edit shapes
              • Chapter 7: Graphic Design: Making Your Own Logo
                • Introduction
                • Editing basic shapes to create a logo
                • Adding or deleting editing points to create a heart shape
                • Drawing logos with the Free Draw tool: Picasso's dog
                • Rectangle, oval, and arrow: stacking, editing, and finding the right color
                • Drawing a human shape and turning it into a logo
                • Making your own images by tracing photos and other images: drawing a Robin
                • Writing letters for your logo with the draw tool: the principles of a good logo
                • Chapter 8: PDFs and Professional Printing
                  • Introduction
                  • Producing a CMYK-separated PDF for a professional print shop
                  • Setting PDFs for professional print shops, and a few tips
                  • Understanding the elements of a print-shop-ready document
                  • Finding the right print shop
                  • Chapter 9: Planning Large, Long-term Projects
                    • Introduction
                    • Preparing a full set of promotional literature
                    • Creating a custom bulleted list when planning a brochure
                    • Designing the title in print or electronic format
                    • Using iWork templates to create your own media placeholder
                    • Using styles to create a company brand look
                    • Setting the document size—what to keep in mind when preparing a book in iWork
                    • Chapter 10: Designing from Scratch: Beyond Templates
                      • Editing a shape to create a graphic design element
                      • Drawing curved lines to enhance the graphic detail in a design
                      • Using flowing colors for graphic headings
                      • Using the color picker to create a custom color palette
                      • Fading an image from side to side with an overlapping object
                      • Setting custom document dimensions
                      • Using columns and Text Boxes to lay out text
                      • Designing repeating elements such as footer and object co-ordinates, and creating sections
                      • Chapter 11: Mastering Numbers: Tips, Techniques, and Fun
                        • Introduction
                        • Rearranging rows and columns
                        • Hiding columns instead of deleting them
                        • Adding up selected cells
                        • Setting and using formulas in financial documents
                        • Making documents secure and private
                        • Adding pictures to cells
                        • Using color coding—changing table row colors and setting cells to change color automatically
                        • Using clip art and photos in charts—the unbeatable visual effect of Numbers documents
                        • Chapter 12: Keynote Uncovered: a Few Techniques
                          • Introduction
                          • Adding text to Keynote slides
                          • Placing and editing photos in Keynote slides
                          • Copying Keynote slides into Pages and Numbers
                          • Adding audio files to slideshows
                          • Making QuickTime movies from Keynote slideshows
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                            Alexander Anichkin

                            Alexander Anichkin created a small publishing company in 2005, in order to produce a monthly, glossy magazine. To keep costs down, he bought iWork to launch the publication, planning to invest in a full creative suite later on. But the longer he used iWork, the more he discovered its full creative potential—the stuff that the manuals don't tell you—and in 2006 he started writing his popular and influential blog I Work in Pages to share his discoveries with thousands of followers world-wide. In iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook, he has shown, to both new and experienced iWork users, how this inexpensive software is all you need to fulfill your professional creative projects. Russian-born Alexander Anichkin was trained in political journalism, editing, design, and print production in Moscow and Wales. He worked at TASS and Izvestia as an editor and writer in Russia, Britain, and Japan before going independent. He now lives in France with his family.
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                            What you will learn from this book

                            • Create your own logos, clip art, and templates
                            • Use Draw tool to make copies of famous pictures
                            • Change backgrounds and use patches and cut-outs on photos
                            • Create press quality PDFs from iWork documents
                            • Put images inside letters
                            • Design your own drop caps and graphic headers
                            • Use Numbers to demystify Excel spreadsheets
                            • Make movies in Keynote

                            In Detail

                            iWork is Apple on a shoestring: iWork costs a fraction of the price of full creative suites and yet is packed with the potential to achieve the same results.

                            With its word processing and design application called Pages, spreadsheet program Numbers, and presentation creator Keynote, the elegance of iWork is its intuitive behaviour which makes it easy to learn and popular with Mac users.

                            While Pages can open Word documents and be exported into Word, Numbers doesn't stumble over Excel and iWork documents can be created and viewed on portable devices. Lesser known is iWork's ability to give users great design capability which is comparable to top-end programs such as InDesign and Quark.

                            "iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook" is the 'missing manual' which shows users how to exploit iWork's full potential. By taking a lateral approach to this relatively inexpensive software, you can find solutions to all your professional and creative needs, from designing logos and brochures to producing a high quality monthly magazine.

                            This cookbook begins with simple ways to format and organize text with stunning graphic highlights and drop caps, as well as showing how easy it is to import and export MS documents in a couple of clicks.

                            This well-illustrated, step-by-step guide then shows you how to create your own unique clip art, logos, and photo cut-outs and even how to draw your own pictures for home or professional projects, such as cards or magazines.

                            Packed with the author's own tips and his 'beyond the manuals' approach to iWork, this book will convince you that, whatever you're working on, this is the only productivity suite you need.


                            This book is packed with illustrations and tips to master all the components of the iWork suite and the cookbook problem-solution approach eases the learning curve.

                            Who this book is for

                            This book will show both the new and the confident iWork user how this inexpensive software has all the potential of full creative suites to produce professional quality documents, from unique logos to glossy magazines.

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