Invision Power Board 2: A User Guide

Invision Power Board 2: A User Guide
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  • Get your own forum up and running quickly
  • Extensive coverage of the Administration Control Panel to put you on the right track for managing your board
  • Learn the secrets of a successful forum from other forum administrators

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 192 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2005
ISBN : 1904811388
ISBN 13 : 9781904811381
Author(s) : David Mytton
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Free eBooks
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David Mytton

David is a web developer based in the UK. He has spent over 6 years developing PHP and writing technical articles which can be found in various publications including International PHP Magazine and on He previously ran his own software development firm, Olate, but after selling that in Dec 2007 is now involved with his new startup, Attenalert ( - a brand monitoring web application.

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According to the third paragraph of the page, "The final, stable version of 2.0 launched on 21st September, 2005." This should actually be 21st September 2004. First spotted by Aric.


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What you will learn from this book

  • How to Install and configure IPB
  • Learn the basics of working with IPB forums
  • Find your way round the Administration Control Panel
  • Create and manage forums and permissions
  • Maintain users and user groups
  • Get to grips with IPB skins to customize your site
  • Discover under-explored features such as the IPB post office, subscriptions, and filters
  • Learn from other administrators the secrets of making a successful forum


In Detail

Written specifically to allow you to create a discussion forum, Invision Power Board (IPB) 2, provides all of the tools, features and functionality for you to set up and develop a vibrant community. Because it specializes in this one aspect of your website, all the features are geared towards this goal, and you can leave the improvement and additions to the Invision Power Services developers while you get on with managing the rest of your website.

If you are either already running a community forum based on Invision Power Board, or are planning on establishing one, then this is the book for you. This book will guide you through installing, configuring, managing and maintaining an Invision Power Board discussion forum on your own website.

The book begins with the initial installation and configuration of IPB on your system. You will then go on a tour of IPB and its features, for both users and administrators. This will grow your understanding and familiarise you with the power and possibilities of IPB.

IPB's Administration Control Panel is where you can control every aspect of your board. From users, forums and word filters to skins, templates and maintenance, everything can be done through the web-based control panel. The book devotes significant sections to covering these, getting you up to speed on the options available to you, and offering advice to help you make the right choices with your board administration.

To make your forums stand out from the rest, we cover skins and templates to take your first steps in customising your forum.

This book is your guide to configuring, managing and maintaining a copy of Invision Power Board 2 on your own website to power an online discussion forum. Written for people who want to get their forums up and running as quickly as possible, this book will show you how to execute the full power of Invision Power Board

Read Chapter 4:
"Administration Panel Tour: Settings" [748kb]


This book is a fast-paced guide to the most important features of Invision Power Board, and how to make best use of these features to power your forum.

Who this book is for

This book is written for new and intermediate users of Invision Power Board, who want to manage and maintain an Invision Power Board discussion forum as easily as possible. No experience of web programming is required.

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