Instant Prezi Starter [Instant]

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Instant Prezi Starter [Instant]
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Learn in an Instant - Short, Fast, Focused
Table of Contents
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  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Amaze your audience and keep them engaged during your presentations with Prezi
  • Learn with the help of practical resources for awesome examples and inspiration
  • Know exactly what you are looking for with the help of a step-by-step tutorial with useful illustrations

Book Details

Language : English
eBook : 56 pages
Release Date : June 2013
ISBN : 1849697027
ISBN 13 : 9781849697026
Author(s) : Dr. Minerva M. Ladores
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Instant, Other, Cloud

Table of Contents

Instant Prezi Starter
  • Instant Prezi Starter
    • So, what is Prezi?
    • Installation
    • Quick start – creating your first Prezi presentation
      • Step 1 – creating a new project
      • Step 2 – adding text
      • Step 3 – adding a symbol
      • Step 4 – selecting a template
      • Step 5 – adding frames
      • Step 6 – adding images
      • Step 7 – determining the path
      • Step 8 – adding an element of surprise
      • Step 9 – presenting your Prezi
      • Step 10 – returning home
    • Top 10 features you need to know about
      • Your Prezi library
      • The Prezi online editor
      • Frames and arrows
      • Insert
        • Diagrams
        • YouTube videos
        • Music
        • Files
        • PowerPoint presentations
      • Customized themes
      • The top-right menu
      • Sharing options
        • Invite to edit
        • Start an online presentation
        • Download as PDF
      • Post-editing options for your Prezi
        • Edit Prezi
        • Present online
        • Download
        • Save a copy
        • Share
      • Privacy settings
      • Deleting your Prezi
    • People and places you should get to know
      • Presentation tips
      • Awesome Prezi examples
      • Prezi company resources
      • Copyright concerns
      • About Packt Publishing
      • Writing for Packt

Dr. Minerva M. Ladores

Dr. Minerva M. Ladores has 20 years of teaching experience in early childhood and higher education. She has taught online and face-to-face courses on instructional technology, educational foundations, early childhood education, and cultural differences – both graduate and undergraduate levels - at Frostburg State University, University of Cincinnati, and University of the Philippines. She has presented at national and international conferences on the topics of educational technology and cultural diversity. Her current interests are online learning, instructional uses of mobile devices, and integrating Web 2.0 tools (such as Prezi) in teaching.
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What you will learn from this book

  • Sign up for Prezi and get the account that’s right for you
  • Get started with the basic editing tools: adding text, symbols, images, and media
  • Organize your presentation using frames and paths
  • Select appropriate themes and layouts
  • Upload and use your own files, including PowerPoint slides
  • Share, download, and print your Prezi
  • Present your project online

In Detail

Prezi, a web-based presentation tool, has numerous awesome features you can use to create compelling, attention-grabbing, and memorable presentations. Build a presentation online, present it from the web, and share its link with others. Prezi is also an ideal collaboration tool through a Prezi Meeting, in which 10 people can edit together in real time!

Instant Prezi Starter has been especially created to provide you with all the information that you need to get started with Prezi. You will learn the basics of Prezi, get started with building your first presentation, and discover Prezi’s top features.

Instant Prezi Starter will guide you through the very first steps of getting a Prezi account all the way to creating your first Prezi project. You will be guided through the basic editing tools and eventually move on to Prezi’s more advanced features.

You will learn about the editing tools, especially how to add an element of surprise, then discover the different options for your finished Prezi presentation, including presenting online, posting it on a web site, using Prezi Meeting to collaborate with others, and downloading a copy to your desktop – or even your iPad!

Instant Prezi Starter is a great way to begin your Prezi journey! Start creating engaging, attention-grabbing, and powerful presentations now!


Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. A starter guide to learning how to create presentations with Prezi.

Who this book is for

Instant Prezi Starter takes you through the first steps of learning how to use this amazing web-based tool! If you are tired of your same old presentation tools and are looking to wow your audience, then this book is for you! If you surf the Internet, you’re all set. If you have created a website, wiki, or blog, then you’re in even better shape! Enjoy!

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