Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012
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Table of Contents
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  • Get the confidence to implement AX 2012 projects effectively using the Sure Step 2012 Methodology
  • Packed with practical real-world examples as well as helpful diagrams and images that make learning easier for you
  • Dive deep into AX 2012 to learn key technical concepts to implement and manage a project


Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 234 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : March 2013
ISBN : 1849687048
ISBN 13 : 9781849687041
Author(s) : Keith Dunkinson, Andrew Birch
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Microsoft Dynamics, Enterprise, Microsoft

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing and Setting up Sure Step
Chapter 2: The Diagnostic
Chapter 3: Planning the Infrastructure to Support Dynamics AX
Chapter 4: Installing the Dynamics AX Environments
Chapter 5: Business Requirements Analysis
Chapter 6: AX Setup
Chapter 7: Integration
Chapter 8: Harnessing the Power of Standard AX Features
Chapter 9: Designing and Developing the Solution
Chapter 10: Reports, Document Layouts, and Business Intelligence
Chapter 11: Deployment Phase
Chapter 12: Project Governance and Quality Assurance
Chapter 13: Operation Phase
  • Chapter 1: Installing and Setting up Sure Step
    • Installing Sure Step
    • Creating the Dynamics AX project
      • Engagement types (offerings)
        • Diagnostic phase offering
        • Implementation offering
        • Optimization offering
      • Project types
        • Rapid project type
        • Standard project type
        • Enterprise project type
        • Agile project type
        • Upgrade project type
    • Project initiation
      • Concluding pre-sales and sales activity
      • Document repository
      • Communication plan
      • Project hierarchy, communications, and meetings
      • Statement of Work and Project Charter
      • Functional Requirements Document
      • Non-functional requirements
      • Other documents
      • Work Breakdown Structure
        • WBS levels
        • Labor and materials tracking
        • Time logs
      • Initiating Cross Phase activities
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: The Diagnostic
      • Overlapping with the sales phase
      • Decision accelerators
        • Accelerated Proof of Concept (POC) with CRM online
        • Requirements and Process Review
        • Fit Gap and Solutions Blueprint
        • Proof of Concept
        • Architecture Assessment
        • Scoping Assessment
        • Business Case
        • Upgrade Assessment
        • Case study
        • Prototype
        • Initiating project management and governance
        • Multi-consultant diagnostics
        • Diagnostic review and Sign off
        • Vertical markets
        • Third party products
          • AXtension®
          • AxPact Additions
          • BI4Dynamics
          • Atlas
          • To-Increase
          • Dynamics Anywhere
          • Dynamics Software
          • Scalable ISV International
          • Red Maple™
          • Kick-offs
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Planning the Infrastructure to Support Dynamics AX
        • When should you start planning infrastructure
        • Choosing a team
        • Key technologies and roles to consider
          • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
          • The database - Microsoft SQL Server
            • Choosing your server
            • Clustering: Active/Active versus Active/Passive
            • SQL Server edition
          • Application Object Server (AOS)
          • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
          • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
          • SharePoint and Search Server
          • Microsoft Lync
          • Active Directory
          • Dynamics AX Client and Office Add-in
          • Environments
            • LIVE (also called Production) environment
            • PRE-LIVE or UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment
            • TEST environment
            • Development (DEV environment)
            • Real-world example
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Installing the Dynamics AX Environments
          • Getting started
          • When to install your AX environments
          • Installing AX
            • Build order
            • Service accounts and admin rights
            • Checking the basics
            • SQL Server and the database role
            • Application Object Server
            • Web-based AX Components
            • SQL Server Reporting Services
            • SQL Analysis Services
            • AX Client and Office Add-ins
            • Running AX for the first time
            • Post checklist tasks
          • Installing other environments
            • Copying the LIVE database
            • Installing roles
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Business Requirements Analysis
            • Overlap with the Diagnostic
            • Process or functional analysis
              • Business process engineering/reengineering and diagramming
            • Best practices
              • Master and subprocess list
              • Workshops and documentation
            • Project team training
              • Partner team
              • Customer teams
            • Rebudgeting the project
              • Budget structure
            • Sample project
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: AX Setup
              • System-wide configuration
                • Configuration keys
                • Number sequences
                • Address setup
                • Document management
                • Companies and organizations
                • Financial dimensions
                  • Financial dimensions in action – a practical example
                  • Deciding on dimensions
              • Module configuration
                • General Ledger
                • Sales ledger
                • Purchase ledger
                • Product management
                • Human resources and users
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Integration
                • Identifying integration
                • Accessing integration
                • Technologies
                • Planning
                • Testing
                  • Test environments
                  • Resourcing
                  • Scope of testing
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Harnessing the Power of Standard AX Features
                  • Understanding Workflow in AX
                  • Advanced filters
                  • Cues
                    • Creating a user-defined cue
                  • Alerts
                  • Personalization
                    • Understanding the capabilities of personalization
                    • Personalization versus development
                    • Using personalization appropriately
                  • Security
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Designing and Developing the Solution
                    • Understanding the impact of change
                      • Understanding the AX architecture
                      • Understanding the impact on upgrades
                      • Deciding what to change
                    • Planning the development
                      • Functional Design Document (FDD)
                      • Technical Design Document (TDD)
                      • Process test scenarios
                      • Solution Design Document (SDD)
                    • Practical advice for the Development phase
                      • Estimating development timescales
                      • Organizing developments into builds
                      • Creating a development plan
                      • Managing environments
                        • Transferring model stores
                        • Exporting AOT projects
                        • Exporting Models
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Reports, Document Layouts, and Business Intelligence
                      • The difference between Reports, Document layouts, and Business Intelligence
                        • Reports
                        • Document layouts
                        • Business Intelligence
                      • Analysing and planning system output
                        • Diagnostic phase
                        • Design phase
                          • Document layouts
                          • Reports
                          • Business Intelligence
                      • Delivery phase
                        • Document layouts
                        • Reports
                        • Business Intelligence
                        • Word and Excel Add-ins
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Deployment Phase
                        • Getting ready to deploy
                        • End user training and user acceptance testing
                          • Security
                          • Data migration
                        • Training
                        • Training best practices
                          • Training prerequisites
                          • Task recorder
                          • Operational guidelines
                          • Training materials
                          • Computer-based training and video
                          • Training feedback and monitoring
                          • Post training
                          • Evaluating what else is out there
                        • Testing
                          • Unit testing
                          • Build testing
                          • User acceptance testing
                          • Go live
                          • Production environment
                          • Stakeholder communications
                        • Real world example
                        • Summary
                        • Chapter 12: Project Governance and Quality Assurance
                          • Project Governance and Delivery Review
                            • Project Lifecycle reviews
                              • Phase-by-phase Assessment Overview
                              • Project Major Deliverables Assessment
                              • Project Management Assessment review
                            • Tiered governance
                            • Stage boundaries
                            • Formalities in Project Governance
                            • Minimum toolset
                            • Audit Requirements
                            • Project Closure Review
                            • Real world example
                          • Quality Assurance
                          • Summary
                          • Chapter 13: Operation Phase
                            • Activities within the Operation phase
                            • Project Planning
                              • Project Planning – Monitoring & Controlling
                                • Risk Management
                                • Scope Management
                                • Issue Management
                                • Timescale Management
                                • Cost Management
                                • Resource Management
                                • Communication Management
                                • Quality Management
                              • Project Planning – Project Closure
                                • Outstanding items
                                • Additional training
                                • Documentation
                                • Lessons Learned
                                • Tollgate Review
                                • Celebrate
                            • Transition Solution to Support
                              • Go-live support
                              • Support and Change Request Management
                              • Resource Management
                              • Ongoing support
                              • Issue and Support Logging
                              • Operation Validation
                            • Future phases
                            • AX communities and resources online
                              • AX user group
                              • LinkedIn
                              • Dynamics World
                              • Mibuso
                              • Microsoft CustomerSource
                              • Real world example
                            • Summary

                            Keith Dunkinson

                            Keith Dunkinson has over 20 years’ experience implementing ERP systems for many companies, working with over 100 successful ERP implementations. He owned and ran The Computing Practice, an ERP solution centre where he worked in a variety of roles for over 16 years, selling and implementing Dynamics NAV, SAP, Oracle, and Sage software. Keith now works as the business development director at AxPact Limited – the world’s largest global supplier of Microsoft Dynamics AX – where he is involved in bringing together and managing over 30 independent Dynamics AX solution centres and leads the AxPact Project Governance Initiative. Keith still works hands-on in the sale and governance of AX delivery projects through his own company ERP Advisers Ltd; including being the lead project manager/project governor on a number of complex AX implementations.

                            Andrew Birch

                            Andrew Birch has over fifteen years’ experience in the technology industry starting his career as a network infrastructure engineer before moving to an operations management position in a software development company. Andrew began working with AX (Axapta) in 2003, and has since become one of the foremost proponents of Dynamics AX in Europe, speaking at several Microsoft events, with his projects winning a top industry award. He has been heavily involved in the creation and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX add-ons, particularly for the feed industry, that focus on real-time integrations between AX and production control systems. Andrew is now the lead consultant at Binary Consultants, a company he owns and runs with some of the most experienced and creative Dynamics AX and Microsoft .NET professionals in the UK.

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                            What you will learn from this book

                            • Understand the major principles of Sure Step Methodology
                            • Learn about the key deliverables expected in each Sure Step implementation phase and how to deliver them
                            • Identify risks and issues that may arise in an AX implementation project, and how to mitigate them
                            • Gain the ability to identify the right resources for your teams and learn how and when to engage them
                            • Dive deeper by learning the technical concepts necessary to effectively plan and manage an AX 2012 deployment
                            • Learn to manage internal and external resources effectively
                            • Learn about areas where Sure Step doesn’t reach or preach


                            In Detail

                            Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for midsize and larger organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is an implementation methodology, a toolset, and an application to help Dynamics partners (AX, CRM, NAV, GP, and SL) successfully implement their Dynamics solutions such as Dynamics AX.

                            "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012" will guide you through the Sure Step phases; from installing and setting up Sure Step, to working through the diagnostic and requirement phases, to harnessing the power of standard AX to make the most out of modifications, this book is a must for project managers and team members alike.

                            With detailed discussions of the diagnostic, analysis, design, development, deployment, and operation phases of the Sure Step Methodology, Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012 enables you to turn methodology into practicality with its real-life examples and helpful hints on applied aspects of AX implementations. It includes details of technical concepts that are important to understand and help you to effectively manage the project, as well as hints and tips based on real world experience that you won’t find in the standard Sure Step Methodology.

                            Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012 will enhance your understanding of Sure Step Methodology as well as increase your knowledge of AX 2012 that will better equip you to manage and deliver your project.


                            "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012" is a guide that will help you better understand the principles of Sure Step Methodology and enable you to utilize these in a practical and pragmatic way when implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

                            Who this book is for

                            If you are a Dynamics AX consultant, developer, or in a customer resources or sales role that requires guidance and knowledge of the AX business solution space, or the delivery of an AX business solution that meets or exceeds the expectations of your organization, then this book is ideal for you. Basic experience of Dynamics AX and Sure Step is required.

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