IBM Cognos TM1 Developer's Certification guide

IBM Cognos TM1 Developer's Certification guide
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Successfully clear COG-310 certification.
  • Master the major components that make up Cognos TM1 and learn the function of each.
  • Understand the advantages of using Rules versus Turbo Integrator
  • This book provides a perfect study outline and self-test for each exam topic

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 240 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2012
ISBN : 1849684901
ISBN 13 : 9781849684903
Author(s) : James D. Miller
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise, IBM

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Components of TM1
Chapter 2: Dimensions and Cubes
Chapter 3: TurboIntegrator (TI)
Chapter 4: Rules
Chapter 5: Advanced Techniques for TI Scripting
Chapter 6: Drill-through
Chapter 7: Virtual and Lookup Cubes
Chapter 8: Time Considerations
Chapter 9: Data Presentation and Reporting
  • Chapter 1: The Components of TM1
    • The components of TM1
      • Client components
        • TM1 Client
        • TM1 Perspectives
        • Features of TM1P
        • TM1 Architect
        • TM1 API
      • Server components
        • TM1 Admin Server
        • TM1 CFG
        • TM1 Server
        • TM1 Web
        • TM1 Top
        • TM1 Contributor
    • Summary
      • Two minute drill
      • Self test
    • Chapter 2: Dimensions and Cubes
      • Introduction to cubes and dimensions
      • Dimensions
      • Elements
        • Editing element properties
      • Aggregations
      • Consolidating using dimension hierarchies
        • Element attributes
          • Descriptive attributes
          • Alias attributes
          • Display format attributes
      • Creating dimensions using the Dimension Editor window
        • Ordering elements in a dimension
        • Setting the order of dimension elements from the Server Explorer
      • Cubes
        • Loading cubes
        • Viewing cube characteristics
        • Lookup cubes
        • Control cubes
          • Security
          • Client and group administration
          • Object attribute and properties control
          • Performance monitoring
          • Hold tracking by username
      • Cube replication
        • Replicating your cubes between your servers
        • Replication must knows
      • Summary
        • Two minute drill
        • Self test
      • Chapter 3: TurboIntegrator (TI)
        • Introduction
        • Data sources available with TurboIntegrator
          • The Data Source tab
          • The Variables tab
            • Defining your own variables!
            • More on the Variables tab
          • The Maps tab
            • Cube tab
            • Dimensions tab
          • The Advanced tab
            • Order of operations within a TurboIntegrator process
          • The Schedule tab
        • Key notes on TurboIntegrator processes
        • String lengths limit in TurboIntegrator
        • Reserved words
        • Functions
        • Cube logging
        • Summary
          • Two minute drill
          • Self Test
        • Chapter 4: Rules
          • Rules
            • Rules – how do they really work?
              • Sparsity
          • Dissection of Cognos TM1 Rules
            • Rules – calculation statements
              • Area definition
              • Numeric, consolidation, or string (oh my!)
              • Formulas
              • Using conditional logic
              • Cube references
              • Drill assignment rule
              • More important Rules facts
          • Rules performance
            • Key notes on Rules behaviors
          • Rule feeders
            • Persistent feeders
            • The special feeders
            • Modifying rules and feeders
            • Guidelines for simple feeders
          • Troubleshooting
            • Rules Tracer
          • Summary
            • Two minute drill
            • Self test
          • Chapter 5: Advanced Techniques for TI Scripting
            • ETL
            • TM1 TurboIntergrator review
              • The Data Source tab
              • Using TurboIntegrator Variables
              • Dynamic Definitions
              • Important TurboIntegrator functions
                • ExecuteProcess
                • ItemSkip
                • ProcessBreak, ProcessError, and ProcessQuit
              • View handling
                • ViewZeroOut
                • PublishView
                • CubeClearData
                • CellIsUpdateable
                • SaveDataAll
                • SubsetGetSize
              • Security functions
              • Rules and feeders Management functions
                • CubeProcessFeeders
                • DeleteAllPersistentFeeders
                • ForceSkipCheck
                • RuleLoadFromFile
              • SubsetCreateByMDX
            • Order of operations within a TurboIntegrator process
            • Aliases in TurboIntegrator functions
            • More on data sources
            • CubeSetLogChanges
            • Revisiting variable types
            • TurboIntegrator sections
            • Summary
              • Two minute drill
              • Self-Test
            • Chapter 6: Drill-through
              • What is drill-through?
                • Components of TM1 drill-through
                • Where to drill from?
                • Drill-through (source) types
                  • TM1 cube views
                  • ODBC
                  • Other
              • Drill process
                • Creating a drill process
                • Drill process parameters
                • Editing drill processes
                • Removing drill processes
              • Drill rules
                • Feeders
                • Area definition
                • Creating a drill assignment rule
                • Drill-through area examples
                • Assigning drill processes
                • More on drill rule area definitions
              • Conditional drill rules
              • Drilling from an Excel Slice
              • Drilling from an Active Form
              • Drill-through performance
              • Summary
                • Two minute drill
                • Self-test
              • Chapter 7: Virtual and Lookup Cubes
                • TM1 cube types
                • Virtual cubes
                  • Virtual cube creation
                  • Virtual cube rule association
                • Feeders
                • Intercube feeders
                • Submitting a forecast to a virtual cube
                • Unmatched dimensionality
                • Conditional rules
                  • Using conditional rules within a virtual cube
                • Consolidating data with a virtual cube
                • Reporting with virtual cubes
                • Other advantages of virtual cubes
                • Additional reporting options
                • Lookup cubes
                  • Translation of data
                  • Lookup cube example—using rules
                  • Loading data with lookup cubes
                  • Spreading data with lookup cubes
                • Summary
                  • Two minute drill
                  • Self test
                • Chapter 8: Time Considerations
                  • The importance of time
                  • Granularity—the lowest level of time detail required
                    • Month—two time dimensions
                    • Month—one time dimension
                    • Weeks
                    • Days
                      • Lower than day detail
                    • Date format flexibility
                    • Aggregations
                      • Time dimension aggregation examples
                  • Time dimension maintenance
                    • Initialization
                    • Maintenance—manual
                    • Maintenance—automated
                    • Maintenance—in general
                  • Date and time Rules functions
                    • DATE
                    • DATES
                    • DAY
                    • DAYNO
                    • MONTH
                    • NOW
                    • TIME
                    • TIMST
                    • TIMVL
                    • TODAY
                    • YEAR
                  • Summary
                    • Two minute drill
                    • Self-test
                  • Chapter 9: Data Presentation and Reporting
                    • Basic data browsing in TM1
                      • Cube Viewer
                      • In-Spreadsheet Browser
                    • Modifying your view of data
                      • Stacking a title dimension as a row dimension
                      • Stacking a title dimension as a column dimension
                      • Drilling down through consolidations
                      • Changing title elements in Cube Viewer
                      • Drilling through to detailed data
                    • Saving the view
                    • Formatting view cells
                      • Zero suppression
                      • Cell formatting
                      • Column orientations
                    • Worksheets
                      • Slicing a view
                      • Snapshots
                    • Active Forms
                      • Refreshing and recalculating
                      • Deleting an Active Form
                      • Active Forms and special formatting
                      • Formatting Active Forms
                        • Active Form default formatting
                        • Modifying default formatting
                        • Applying formatting
                      • Active Form limitations
                    • TM1 reports
                      • TM1 Print Report Wizard
                        • Selecting the sheets
                        • Selecting the title dimensions
                        • Selecting workbook print options
                    • TM1 Web
                      • TM1 Websheets
                      • TM1 Web Cube Viewer
                        • Creating a new TM1 Web cube view
                      • TM1 Charts
                    • Custom display formats
                    • Summary
                      • Two minute drill
                      • Self-Test

                    James D. Miller

                    Jim has been in the IBM Cognos TM1 consulting practice since 2004 with a primary focus on architectural design, development and implementation of business performance management projects from inception through implementation, including the “Rapid Assessment and Design (RAD)” process, full-scale system design, including project management, technical leadership, evaluations and team building. Jim has over 30 years of relevant business management, systems design and implementation, data rationalization, and proven project delivery experience. Key roles have been Senior Solutions Architect, Project Manager, Team and Technical Leader and Mentor. Jim has also spent time as a technical instructor and trainer. Jim currently owns the following IBM certifications: IBM Certified Developer - Cognos TM1 (perfect score 100% on exam), IBM Certified Business Analyst - Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos TM1 Master 385 Certification (perfect score 100% on exam) and IBM Certified Advanced Solution Expert - Cognos TM1.
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                    Sample chapters

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                    What you will learn from this book

                    • Learn the two most basic objects in TM1 - Dimensions and Cubes, along with instructions on their purpose, manual construction methods, and use
                    • Master the purpose and uses of Cognos TM1 Turbo Integrator
                    • Get to grips with the different types of data that can be drilled into and learn the steps to create a drill-through process and rule
                    • Identify the advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator and how they are used
                    • Comprehend the definition and purpose of virtual and lookup cubes in Cognos TM1
                    • Understand the importance of the time dimension in Cognos TM1
                    • Focus on techniques for presentation and reporting of data in Cognos TM1

                    In Detail

                    IBM Cognos TM1 is enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalized forecasts and budgets. It is a real time, in memory tool that helps any sized business perform planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as other financial exercises.

                    This book prepares you to master COG-310 certification using an example-driven method that is easy to understand.

                    The IBM Cognos TM1 Developer's Certification guide provides key technical details and background to clear the current IBM Cognos TM1 Developer (test COG-310) certification exam.

                    This certification book covers all the modules of the certification clearly and in depth.

                    The initial chapters cover in detail the components that make up Cognos TM1 and designing and creating dimensions and cubes. The book then dives deep into basic and advanced scripting using TurboIntegrator and then we learn to understand and write basic Rules. We then learn about the drill-through functionality of TM1, virtual and lookup cubes and lastly Time, and presenting and reporting data


                    This book is packed with real word examples. Each major certification topic is covered in a separate chapter, which helps to make understanding of concepts easier. At the end of each chapter, you will find a variety of practice questions to strengthen and test your learning.

                    Who this book is for

                    If you are a beginner to intermediate level Cognos TM1 developer looking to add an important IBM certification to your resume but don’t know where to start, this book is for you!

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