IBM Cognos BI v10.2 Administration Essentials

IBM Cognos BI v10.2 Administration Essentials
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Apply drill-through definition feature to different areas of Cognos BI
  • Manage User profiles and User Interface Profiles
  • Full of step-by-step explanations on all the routine Cognos BI tasks of an administrator

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 128 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : December 2013
ISBN : 1782171789
ISBN 13 : 9781782171782
Author(s) : Khalid Mehmood Awan
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cognos BI 10.2
Chapter 2: The IBM Cognos Configuration Window in Detail
Chapter 3: Managing IBM Cognos BI Server Components
Chapter 4: Administration Portal
Chapter 5: Securing IBM Cognos BI
Chapter 6: Drill-through Definitions
Chapter 7: Logging, Auditing, and Cognos Backups
Chapter 8: Additional Configurations and Customization
Chapter 9: Administration of New and Enhanced Features
  • Chapter 3: Managing IBM Cognos BI Server Components
    • Cognos BI architecture
      • Web server – gateways
      • The application tier – Cognos BI Server
        • Dispatcher
        • Content Manager
      • Data tier – the content store, query/reporting database, and metric store
        • The content store
        • The metric store
        • Data sources
    • Cognos BI interfaces
      • Zero footprint – IBM Cognos web-based interfaces for users
        • IBM Cognos Connection
        • IBM Cognos Administration
        • Cognos Query Studio
        • Cognos Report Studio
        • Cognos Analysis Studio
        • Cognos Event Studio
        • Cognos Metric Studio
        • Cognos Workspace
        • Cognos Workspace Advanced
      • Windows-based interfaces for users
        • Cognos Framework Manager
        • Cognos Metric Designer
        • Cognos Map Manager
        • Cognos BI for Microsoft Office
        • Cognos Transformer
        • Cognos Insight
    • Things to remember
    • Load balancing
    • Benefits and features of the Cognos BI architecture
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Administration Portal
    • Power of the Cognos BI Administration portal
    • The Status tab
      • Current Activities
      • Past Activities
      • Upcoming Activities
      • Schedules
      • System
  • The Security tab
    • Users, groups, and roles
    • Capabilities
    • User interface profiles
  • The Configuration tab
    • Data Source Connections
    • Content management
    • Distribution Lists and Contacts
    • Printers
    • Styles
    • Portlets
    • Query Service Caching
    • Dispatchers and Services
  • The Index Search tab
  • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Securing IBM Cognos BI
    • The IBM Cognos BI Security architecture
      • Managing authentication providers
      • Cognos BI authorization
      • Cognos namespace
      • Overcoming the initial security
    • IBM Cognos Application Firewall
      • Permission management
    • Content security management – an example
    • Secured features, functionalities, and capabilities
    • Single Sign-on
    • Summary
  • Chapter 9: Administration of New and Enhanced Features
    • Cognos Mobile
      • New features for Cognos Mobile in Version 10.2
      • Cognos Mobile components
      • Cognos Mobile service
      • Cognos Mobile rich client
      • Installing and configuring Cognos Mobile
    • Multiple-tenant environments
      • Identifying tenancy information
      • Turning multi-tenancy on or off
      • Tenant administration
    • Summary

Khalid Mehmood Awan

Khalid Mehmood Awan received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Barani Institute of Information Technology (a joint venture between ROSE and the University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi). In the course of the degree, Khalid stood third in the overall software projects development. The project was a Logic-based Argument Solver developed in LisP (List Programming, an allegro tool). He is currently working at Mobilink, Pakistan, as a Senior Engineer (Planning) for Mobile Financial Services. He looks after the system KPIs and capacity planning along with product development. In the same organization previously, he was an application engineer and system administrator in the Performance Analysis team. He also worked as a system administrator for the Network Operation Center (NOC) in the same organization. He also has experience in project management working at Mobilink. He has Oracle Financial's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expertise and gained this experience while at Mobilink. This was his first assignment at Mobilink, on which he started working in 2005. His professional interests focus on system administration, programming, and database administration, and his current projects include MobiCash (a brand name for the Mobile Financial Service of Mobilink). In addition, he also has interests in iOS programming. Previously, he was a visiting faculty at two local institutes, for teaching Computer Graphics (C Programming and OpenGL with Visual C++). The author joined Artologics (a local software house) and worked in PHP with MySQL as well.
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Errata type: Typo | Page number: 33

Under the heading "Zero footprint – IBM Cognos web-based interfaces for users", the sentence "The following sections discuss the web-based interfaces available to Cognos users. " is repeated.


  1. Mention that there are IBM examination tracks, like COG-622 for IBM Cognos BI Administration; being part of the Certified Solution Expert for Cognos BI-track.
  2. Mention that support for Transformer and Metrics Designer is slowly going EOL. It may help comapnies/futura admins bet their money on continuity. Can't let Transformer and Metrics Designer out of it, since they are still supported.
  3. Explain Cryptography some more. This is something companies/governments with sensitive data will appreciate (think: banks, police, etc).
  4. Explain something more about licensing or link to some page on the IBM site (if it exists).
  5. Explain the possibility for disaster recovery (script) when you kick yourself self out of Cognos by deleting the last admin account withing the administrators group in the Cognos namespace.
  6. Maybe a list of files that can be edited/are smart to back-up.
  7. In the topic Windows-based interfaces for users, page 34, please add topics like Dynamic Query Analyser etc. Also, Map Manager can be installed with Framework Manager. So please place them right after Framework Manager. Also there are more Windows based applications that can be added.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Create and explore drill-through feature/definition
  • Manage the IBM Cognos BI Server components
  • Get to grips with Cognos Administration Portal
  • Customize your Cognos environment.
  • Troubleshoot issues with logging
  • Use audit logs and reports with Cognos BI
  • Explore various aspects of content auditing
  • Get introduced to Cognos Mobile & Multi-tenancy, two of the key new features of IBM Cognos BI 10.2
  • Identify tenancy information
  • Understand the secure features, functionalities, and capabilities of IBM Cognos BI

In Detail

IBM Cognos BI v10.2 is an advanced suite of business intelligence tools that empower a business with a wide range of capabilities to plan, design, develop, manage reports, analysis, and design dashboards to deliver effective business intelligence strategies. This book particularly focuses on understanding the administration aspects of managing a Cognos BI environment.

This fast-paced guide will provide you with practical hands-on experience of all the necessary features to administer an IBM Cognos environment. The book starts by providing you with a detailed explanation of administering the servers’ environment, managing content and creating a drill-through definition. Furthermore, this book will also help you to identify security features, perform logging and auditing, monitor performance, customize appearance of Cognos, and more to help make your Cognos environment secure and reliable.

The book introduces you to the new features of Cognos BI, to highlight the administrative capabilities offered by the latest release of the IBM Cognos 10 suite of BI tools. It then takes you through IBM Cognos BI’s architecture and components, while providing a detailed explanation of some of the core areas of Cognos BI Administration. The book gives practical explanations on implementing important features such as creating and deploying the drill-through feature, security system performance, maintain content, manage User profiles and User Interface Profiles, and so on. Indeed, IBM Cognos BI v10.2 Administration Essentials will be your essential guide to Cognos BI Administration.


A practical and fast-paced guide, with step-by-step explanations to give you all the information you need to know the power of Cognos BI Administration.

Who this book is for

If you are a Cognos BI administrator or architect, this is the book for you. You must have basic knowledge of databases and business intelligence. You also need to be familiar with Cognos BI and must have worked in any section of reports studio, modelling or maps, to get the best out of this book.

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