Hyper-V Replica Essentials

Hyper-V Replica Essentials
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Table of Contents
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  • A practical step-by-step guide that goes beyond theory and focuses on getting hands-on
  • Ensure business continuity and faster disaster recovery
  • Learn how to deploy a failover cluster and encrypt communication traffic

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 96 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2013
ISBN : 1782171886
ISBN 13 : 9781782171881
Author(s) : Vangel Krstevski
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Hyper-V Replica
Chapter 2: Failover Clustering
Chapter 3: Configuring Hyper-V Replica
Chapter 4: Authentication in Hyper-V Replica
Chapter 5: Administrating Hyper-V Replica
  • Chapter 1: Introducing Hyper-V Replica
    • Understanding virtualization
    • Hyper-V 3.0 features
    • Prerequisites for Hyper-V Replica
    • Installing Hyper-V
    • Hyper-V Replica functionalities
      • Hyper-V Replica replication manager
      • Hyper-V Replica replication tracker
      • Hyper-V Replica broker manager
    • Security considerations
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Failover Clustering
      • The Server Message Block protocol
      • Installing and configuring the SMB server
        • Setting up iSCSI connections
        • Setting up networking
        • Setting up security permissions on SMB file shares
      • Setting up a failover cluster
      • Migration of virtual machines
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Configuring Hyper-V Replica
        • Hyper-V Replica requirements
        • Hyper-V Replica in standalone Hyper-V hosts environment
          • Configuring Hyper-V replica on a server in a replica site
          • Configuring virtual machines for replication
          • Configuring firewall rules
        • Virtual machine replication in Failover Cluster environment
        • Failover scenarios
          • Test failover
          • Planned failover
          • Unplanned failovers
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Authentication in Hyper-V Replica
          • Hyper-V Replica authentication types
          • Nonencrypted communication
          • Encrypted communication
            • Creating a certificate template
            • Requesting and importing a certificate
            • Authenticating with a self-signed certificate
          • Summary

            Vangel Krstevski

            Vangel Krstevski is an IT prodigy, excelling in virtualization and network design. He is an expert in virtualization deployment and management. He is a strong team player with an affinity for details. His strengths are excellent communication skills, hands-on experience with various Microsoft products, ability to manage conflicts, and accomplish demands to agreed standards and timelines. He has experience in planning, designing, deploying, and managing various Microsoft products. All of this has been acquired in his three years of experience in IT, working as a System and Network Engineer. His product skills set include Microsoft infrastructure technologies, such as Hyper-V, System Center Suite, Windows Server, MS SQL Server, Exchange Server, IIS, Active Directory, and Forefront. He also has knowledge of configuring DELL, SonicWall, and CISCO networking equipment. He is CISCO CCNA 640-802 certified. He currently works at Re-Aktiv, a software consulting company in Skopje, Macedonia. He led the implementation of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager for the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.

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            What you will learn from this book

            • Configure the Server Message Block (SMB) server for file storage
            • Install Hyper-V on physical machines
            • Set up a failover cluster
            • Configure the Hyper-V Replica server
            • Set up virtual machines for replication
            • Create a certificate template
            • Import a certificate template to a Hyper-V host
            • Test Hyper-V Replica configuration

            In Detail

            Enterprises need to make sure that their systems are always up and running no matter what happens. Hyper-V Replica is a free disaster recovery tool in Hyper-V 3.0 that creates and maintains copies of virtual machines (VMs). In the event of a catastrophic loss, an administrator can failover to the replica VMs and provide business continuity.

            Hyper-V Replica Essentials is a step by step guide to configuring Hyper-V Replica in various deployment scenarios. This book will give you an overview of Hyper-V Replica before taking you through the prerequisites required to properly configure Hyper-V Replica. Then, through a series of practical steps, this book will enable you to take advantage of this highly beneficial disaster recovery tool.

            Hyper-V Replica Essentials starts by introducing you to Hyper-V Replica and will help you understand what it does and where you can apply it. We will then move onto learning how to configure a server environment with failover capabilities based on Microsoft Hyper-V and also how to use features including Live Storage Migration. Finally, you learn how to configure Hyper-V Replica authentication, and to troubleshoot problems with Hyper-V Replica as well as solving different types of problems.


            A fast-paced, step-by-step guide to configuring Hyper-V Replica in various deployment scenarios.

            Who this book is for

            Hyper-V Replica Essentials is for Windows Server administrators who want to improve their system availability and speed up disaster recovery. You will need experience in Hyper-V deployment because Hyper-V Replica is built in the Hyper-V platform.

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