Getting Started with Zurb Foundation 4

Getting Started with Zurb Foundation 4
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Get up to speed quickly with Foundation's responsive grid system
  • Integrate easy-to-configure CSS components into your website
  • Add powerful JavaScript plugins to your web pages

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 126 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2013
ISBN : 1782165967
ISBN 13 : 9781782165965
Author(s) : Andrew D. Patterson
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Get the Most from the Grid System
Chapter 2: Pick and Choose CSS Components
Chapter 3: Pick and Choose JavaScript Plugins
Chapter 4: Advance with SASS
  • Chapter 1: Get the Most from the Grid System
    • Working with cells, rows, and columns
    • Nesting rows in columns
    • Understanding gutters
    • Maintaining row and page width
    • Understanding row and column height
    • Designing small to large
    • Tweaking the layout
      • Centering columns
      • Rearranging columns
      • Applying offsets
    • Working with images
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Pick and Choose CSS Components
      • Typography
        • Global styles
        • Rhythm
        • Common classes
      • Visibility
      • Starting with simple components
        • Keystrokes
        • Inline lists
        • Tables
        • Labels
        • vCard and vEvent
      • Navigation
        • Breadcrumbs
        • Pagination
        • Side nav
        • Sub nav
      • Buttons
        • Regular buttons
        • Drop-down buttons
        • Button groups
      • Block grids
      • Thumbnails
      • Panels
      • Flex video
      • Pricing tables
      • Progress bars
      • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Advance with SASS
          • Understanding Foundation's SASS
          • Installing Foundation with SASS
          • Customizing Foundation with SASS
          • Choosing Foundation components
          • Customizing with variables
          • Understanding functions and mixins
          • Extending classes
          • Designing with SASS
          • Summary

          Andrew D. Patterson

          Andrew D. Patterson offers services through his own firm Patterson Research Inc., where he provides IT consulting, research, and writing services. He can be available on site in Atlantic Canada and throughout the world, anywhere the Internet reaches. One of his projects was to help the Internet reach the South Pole. His entire career has involved technology, from his early days of servicing cash registers to software engineering and consulting. He has worked as a requirements architect, designer, or builder on numerous business and government applications. He understands business, software, and technology. He has worked on both large and small projects. Clients appreciate his independent and thorough perspective when delivering advice and solutions. For the past 10 years, all of his projects have been Internet-based—from the design and building of websites to open source integrations, medical billing requirements, and business intelligence. In addition to early electronics training, Andrew has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick, Canada; and he has a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Although he has authored dozens of documents, from requirements ("what is to be") to specifications ("how it should be") and user help ("what is"), this is his first published book.
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          What you will learn from this book

          • Understand the grid system and how it applies to web design
          • Tweak your layout to get the best view on mobile and desktop displays
          • Incorporate Foundation's CSS components into your web pages
          • Configure and customize your CSS components
          • Place Foundation's JavaScript plugins where you want them
          • Organize your CSS using SASS, the style sheet language
          • Create your own custom installation of Foundation with SASS

          In Detail

          Every web designer needs a toolkit. From text editors to graphics programs, from table structures to fluid style sheets, the web designer has many tools and techniques to choose from. Zurb's Foundation framework is an excellent kit for today's web designer. It's fluid, it's easy to work with, it has plenty of components, and most importantly, you can apply your creativity to make your very own designs.

          Zurb's Foundation 4 is a practical, easy-to-use toolkit for the layout and construction of web pages. Getting Started with Zurb Foundation 4 introduces Zurb Foundation’s powerful web design and development toolkit. Learn how to create professional layouts with ease, add powerful CSS and JavaScript components to your pages, and then customize and configure the design to your satisfaction. Understand how to efficiently manage your CSS and layout your pages with SASS, the style sheet language. This book will help you put Foundation 4 to work for you today!

          This book documents Foundation's grid system, all its components and plugins, and its generation of custom style sheets. The book serves as an all-encompassing introduction as well as a future reference guide. The foundation of Foundation is its grid system...and there is a whole lot more.

          Once you've covered the basics, you'll be ready to advance with SASS, the style sheet language, to customize your installation and layout your pages.

          With this book, you will discover all the CSS components and JavaScript plugins that are included in Foundation at the present time and learn how to integrate each of them into your web pages.


          The book starts with the basics of Foundation and helps you build your skills as you advance from installation to design, configuration, and customization with examples at every step.

          Who this book is for

          This book will be of great benefit to web architects, designers, and builders. While it helps to be a programmer, it isn't necessary for this book. You should be familiar with the basic principles of responsive web design and have a desire to create a professional website that looks great on both mobile devices and regular displays.

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