Final Cut Pro X Cookbook

Final Cut Pro X Cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Edit slick, professional videos of all kinds – music videos, promos, documentaries, even feature films
  • Add hundreds of built-in animated titles, transitions, and effects without complicated keyframing
  • Learn tons of time-saving workflows to tricky, yet common editing scenarios
  • Fix common (and uncommon) sound and image issues with a click or two of the mouse
  • A guide with a great range of tools for editors of every skill level

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 452 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2012
ISBN : 1849692963
ISBN 13 : 9781849692960
Author(s) : Jason Cox
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, Cookbooks, Web Graphics & Video

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Importing Your Media
Chapter 2: Customizing Your Workflow
Chapter 3: Basic Editing Mechanics
Chapter 4: Enhancing Your Editing
Chapter 5: Sweetening and Fixing Your Sound
Chapter 6: Practical Magic a.k.a Useful Effects
Chapter 7: Titles, Transitions, and Generators
Chapter 8: Get Your Movie to Move
Chapter 9: Altering the Aesthetics of Your Image
Chapter 10: Getting Your Project Out of FCPX
Appendix: Working with Motion and Compressor
  • Chapter 1: Importing Your Media
    • Introduction
    • Importing from a tapeless video camera
    • Importing MTS, M2TS, and M2T files
    • Importing DSLR video
    • Importing music from iTunes and GarageBand
    • Importing still images
    • Importing data from a tape-based camera
    • Importing and working with layered Photoshop files
    • Importing iMovie projects
    • Importing Final Cut Pro 7 projects
    • Working with your already organized media
    • Relinking media files
    • Chapter 2: Customizing Your Workflow
      • Introduction
      • Getting acquainted with the Final Cut Pro X interface
      • Customizing the keyboard
      • Adding keywords to your clips
      • Marking clips as favorites and rejected
      • Creating a Smart Collection
      • Working with a second computer monitor
      • Working with a broadcast safe monitor
      • Customizing the Event Library and Event Browser
      • Batch changing clip names and other metadata
      • Editing efficiently with optimized and proxy clips
      • Chapter 3: Basic Editing Mechanics
        • Introduction
        • Appending, inserting, and overwriting clips to a storyline
        • Working with (and without) the Magnetic Timeline
        • Creating connected clips
        • Replacing a clip
        • Splicing clips with the Blade tool
        • Using the Trim tool, part 1 – trimming and rippling
        • Using the Trim tool, part 2 – rolling
        • Using the Trim tool, part 3 – slipping and sliding
        • Creating and working with gap clips
        • Chapter 4: Enhancing Your Editing
          • Introduction
          • Making a three-point edit
          • Creating additional storylines
          • Trimming audio and video separately with a split edit (also known as making a J or L cut)
          • Grouping clips together as a compound clip
          • Adding markers and to do items
          • Auditioning multiple shots or takes
          • Editing in beat to the music
          • Using the Precision Editor
          • Multicam part 1 – getting your media synced and prepped
          • Multicam part 2 – making the live cut
          • Multicam part 3 – fine-tuning your multicam edit
          • Chapter 5: Sweetening and Fixing Your Sound
            • Introduction
            • Reading and understanding the audio meters
            • Lowering your music during speakers
            • Lowering a loud, unexpected background sound with manual keyframes
            • Replacing bad audio with a cleaner recording
            • Sound effects, part 1 – browsing, connecting and panning
            • Sound effects, part 2 – animating with keyframes
            • Sound effects, part 3 – working in a surround sound space
            • Removing unwanted audio channels
            • Unlinking audio from video
            • Using FCPX's auto audio enhancements
            • Recording a voiceover
            • Chapter 6: Practical Magic a.k.a Useful Effects
              • Introduction
              • Adding an effect and changing its parameters
              • Animating parameters of an effect over time with keyframes
              • Adding a watermark or logo to your video
              • Downloading and installing more effects
              • Blurring out a face or logo
              • Disguising a voice
              • Copying and pasting effects onto multiple clips
              • Going green (screen) part 1 – the basics
              • Going green (screen) part 2 – improving your key
              • Going green (screen) addendum – using the mask effect to cut out unwanted parts of an image
              • Chapter 7: Titles, Transitions, and Generators
                • Introduction
                • Adding transitions to clips
                • Adjusting the transition's parameters in the Viewer, Inspector, and timeline
                • Creating counters and countdowns
                • Adding a timecode overlay
                • Inserting a placeholder clip
                • Creating a text style template
                • Creating a credit sequence
                • Creating a video-in-text effect
                • Creating a custom animated title
                • Creating and reusing show intro
                • Chapter 8: Get Your Movie to Move
                  • Introduction
                  • Making freeze frames and speed changes
                  • Creating speed ramps
                  • Showing an instant replay
                  • Using the Transform tool
                  • Cropping or trimming a clip
                  • Panning and zooming over a photo or clip with the Ken Burns effect
                  • Creating a video wall
                  • Making your image move by keyframing in the Viewer
                  • Moving clips in sync with compound clips
                  • Changing keyframe timing in the timeline
                  • Customizing motion paths with Bezier handles and modifying interpolation
                  • Chapter 9: Altering the Aesthetics of Your Image
                    • Introduction
                    • Stabilizing a shaky shot
                    • Automatically balancing color and/or match color to another shot
                    • Manually color balancing with the Color Board
                    • Picking a color look or creating your own
                    • Fixing the exposure and adjusting the contrast with help from the Luma waveform monitor
                    • Adding secondary color corrections, part 1 – shape masks
                    • Adding secondary color corrections, part 2 – color masks
                    • Adding secondary color corrections, part 3 – combining color and shape masks
                    • Keeping only one color in your image
                    • Spotlighting an object or text
                    • Chapter 10: Getting Your Project Out of FCPX
                      • Introduction
                      • Exporting an archive-quality version of your film
                      • Exporting for Apple devices and computers
                      • Sharing your video on YouTube and other video sharing sites
                      • Burning a Blu-ray or DVD
                      • Roles, part 1 – labeling clips with Roles
                      • Roles, part 2 – exporting selected Roles
                      • Sharing large files over the web with Dropbox
                      • Sharing your project with other applications using XML
                      • Duplicating or moving projects from one drive to another
                      • Archiving a project for possible future editing
                      • Conclusion
                      • Appendix: Working with Motion and Compressor
                        • Introduction
                        • Getting acquainted with the Motion interface
                        • Enhancing title templates with Motion
                        • Creating a custom Lower Third
                        • Publishing a template to FCPX
                        • Publishing parameters to a template
                        • Getting acquainted with the Compressor interface
                        • Adding chapter markers in Compressor
                        • Burning a Blu-ray or DVD with chapter markers
                        • Creating your own Compression preset
                        • Creating a droplet based on a preset

                        Jason Cox

                        Jason Cox has enjoyed capturing images since receiving his first Mickey-Matic film camera when he was four years old. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, he spent much of his youth wandering around with some form of a camera, still or video, in hand. Jason graduated from Penn State with degrees in film production and English. After spending a couple of years as an entertainment journalist for a newspaper, Jason returned to D.C. to strike out on his own, eventually starting up his own L.L.C., Some Might Say Media. He currently juggles a mixed workload of freelance video production and editing, as well as teaching courses as a certified trainer for both Apple and Adobe software. Outside of his working life, Jason enjoys traveling (he met his Scottish wife in New Zealand—long story!), playing old school Nintendo games, going to music and cultural events, and drinking chocolate milk.
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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Import media from tons of different sources
                        • Organize your media the way you want with keywording and Favorites
                        • Learn about tons of editing tools to save you time during the editing process
                        • Add professional, non-cheesy animated titles and transitions to enhance your videos’ look
                        • Edit videos in beat to your soundtrack
                        • Make your images whiz around the screen with easier-than-ever keyframing
                        • Isolate, fix, or remove certain colors with advanced color correction tools
                        • Export to DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube, Apple devices and more without leaving the program!
                        • Edit multicamera projects together with an all-new multicam tool
                        • Remove backgrounds with the brand new easy-to-use Keyer

                        In Detail

                        As technology becomes more and more accessible and easier to use, we are expected to do more in less time than ever before. Video editors are now expected to be able not only to edit, but create motion graphics, fix sound issues, enhance image quality and color and more. Also, many workers in the PR and marketing world are finding they need to know how to get viral videos made from start to finish as quickly as possible. Final Cut Pro X was built as a one-stop shop with all the tools needed to produce a professional video from beginning to end.

                        The "Final Cut Pro X Cookbook" contains recipes that will take you from the importing process and basic mechanics of editing up through many of FCPX’s advanced tools needed by top-tier editors on a daily basis. Edit quickly and efficiently, fix image and sound problems with ease, and get your video out to your client or the world easily.

                        No program gets you from application launch to the actual editing process faster than FCPX. After covering the basics, the book hits the ground running showing readers how to produce professional quality videos even if video editing isn’t your day job.

                        The recipes inside are packed with more than 300 images helping illustrate time-saving editing tools, problem-solving techniques and how to spice up your video with beautiful effects and titles. We also dive into audio editing, color correction and dabble in FCPX’s sister programs Motion and Compressor!

                        With more than 100 recipes, the Final Cut Pro X Cookbook is a great aid for the avid enthusiast up to the 40-hour-a-week professional. This book contains everything you need to make videos that captivate your audiences.


                        Written in cookbook style, this book offers many recipes to edit slick, professional videos with FCPX. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions followed by analysis of what was done in each task and other useful information. The book is designed so that you can read it chapter by chapter, or you can look at the list of recipes and refer to them in no particular order.

                        Who this book is for

                        If you’ve been toying around with iMovie and want more power or you’ve taken FCPX for a whirl and simply can’t find the fastest, most efficient workflow, this book will help! Veteran editors will find just as much useful info as FCPX is radically different than its predecessor, Final Cut Pro 7.

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