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Thread Executors

by Javier Fernández González | December 2012 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Java Oracle

This article by Javier Fernández González, author of Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook, will teach the readers to delegate the thread management to executors. They allow running, managing, and getting the results of concurrent tasks.

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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

by Robert Martin | December 2012 | Enterprise Articles Microsoft

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language built into Microsoft Office applications. As you improve your skills in any application from the Office System, you will eventually realize that although Microsoft Office applications offer a large number of tools, they do not offer everything you need to perform your daily chores. Such chores may include creating a corporate custom-format, a custom function that calculates commission payments, and so on.

Thus, VBA works as a gap-filler; in other words, its main purpose is to ensure that you can do whatever you need to do in your job.

In this article by Robert Martin, author of Excel Programming with VBA Starter,you will get to know a bit about VBA, its basic features, what you can do with it, and how you can put it to work with a view to facilitating your daily work, by automating common tasks.

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Adding a security role

by Ahmed Mohamed Rafik Moustafa | December 2012 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Microsoft

In this article by Ahmed Mohamed Rafik Moustafa, the author of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Security How-To, we will learn about securing our Dynamics AX 2012 environment with simple and practical steps.

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Meet QlikView

by Barry Harmsen Miguel García | December 2012 | Enterprise Articles

Business Intelligence technologies are a must-have in every business to make informed decisions and keep up-to speed with the ever-evolving markets. QlikView’s disruptive technology makes it a key player and leader in the industry; with its flexibility and powerful analytics environment, building QlikView apps can be mastered by both, business users as well as developers.

In this article by Miguel García and Barry Harmsen, authors of QlikView 11 for Developers we will look at:

  • What is QlikView?
  • Exploring data with QlikView
  • The technology and components behind QlikView
  • HighCloud Airlines, and why QlikView might be just the tool they need
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Prepare and Build

by Alex Nuijten Iloon Ellen-Wolff Learco Brizzi | December 2012 | Enterprise Articles Oracle

In this article by Alex Nuijten, Iloon Ellen-Wolff, and Learco Brizzi, authors of Oracle APEX Best Practices, we will discuss different aspects of setting up an Application Express (APEX) environment. Among others, we'll take a look at installing APEX, performing preparational tasks before actually building applications, and transforming the data model into initial screens.

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Windows Azure Service Bus: Key Features

by Riccardo Becker | December 2012 | Enterprise Articles

Windows Azure Service Bus offers features that are not offered by any other cloud platform on the market. One important feature is the Service Bus that enables you to connect your on-premise services to Windows Azure services and beyond. The Access Control Service enables you to easily authenticate users without having to write complex authentication code ourselves. By using Windows Identity Framework (WIF) and supporting identity providers such as Live ID, Yahoo, and Facebook, it will be easy to use these identity providers as the main authentication mechanism in our own services.

In this article by Riccardo Becker, author of Windows Azure programming patterns for Start-ups, we will provide a systematic guide on how to integrate with Facebook. AppFabric also contains AppFabric applications, an easy way to develop and deploy composite applications. Another interesting feature is the caching feature that AppFabric offers.

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BatteryMonitor Application

by Steven F Daniel | November 2012 | Enterprise Articles

The BatteryMonitor application allows you to monitor the state and battery levels of your iOS device using the APIs that come with the iOS SDK. Each iOS device represents a unique set of properties that include the device's current physical orientation, its model name, and its battery state. It also provides access to the onboard hardware.

This article by Steven F Daniel, author of iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints, we will be taking a closer look at how we can use the Core Graphics framework to create and draw a gauge that will be use to present and visualize the total amount of battery life remaining on the iOS device, and then start to design the user interface for our app.

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Securing Data at Rest in Oracle 11g

by Adrian Neagu | October 2012 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Oracle

For almost all organizations, data security is a matter of prestige and credibility. The Oracle Database is one of the richest in features and the most used database in a variety of industries, where security is essential. In this article by Adrian Neagu, author of Oracle 11g Anti-hacker's Cookbook we will learn how to secure data at rest and will cover:

  • Using block device encryption
  • Using filesystem encryption with eCryptfs
  • Using DBMS_CRYPTO for column encryption
  • Using Transparent Data Encryption for column encryption
  • Using TDE for tablespace encryption
  • Using encryption with data pump
  • Using encryption with RMAN

(For more resources on Oracle, see here.)

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Low-level C# Practices

by Peter Ritchie | October 2012 | Enterprise Articles

Syntax isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to writing code. We can't get far without getting past the compiler, but not everything that compiles is of acceptable quality. Practices and techniques beyond being "syntactically correct" are so important that there are entire third-party ecosystems devoted to detecting common issues and patterns in source code and in compiled code.

This article isn't about many of the issues that code analysis tools detect, but details some practices that can be used with C# to avoid certain pitfalls and improve quality. In this article by Peter Ritchie, author of Visual Studio 2010 Best Practices, we'll look at recommended practices in the following areas:

  • .NET generics
  • Sequences and iterator members
  • Lambdas
  • Extension methods
  • Exception handling


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Deploying Applications and Software Updates on Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

by Brian Mason Greg Ramsey | September 2012 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Microsoft

In this article by Greg Ramsey, co-author of Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Administration Cookbook, we'll cover:

  • Creating applications and deployment types
  • Managing Software Center and Application Catalogue
  • Preparing for software updates
  • Creating and monitoring software updates
  • Leveraging Automatic Deployment Rules (ADRs)
  • Reducing collection dependencies with conditional rules and global conditions
  • Deploying custom updates
  • Converting classic packages to applications
  • Creating and deploying Virtual Applications (App-V)
  • Superseding applications
  • Monitoring content and deployment status
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