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Simple graphs with d3.js

by Simon Timms | October 2013 | Enterprise Articles Open Source

This article created by Simon Timms, the author of Social Data Visualization with HTML5 and JavaScript, teaches you about using d3.js to create simple graphs and also discussed points on working with transitions.

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What is New in 12c

by Aman Sharma Francisco Munoz Alvarez | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

This article by Francisco Munoz Alvarez and Aman Sharma, the authors of Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide, covers topics such as pluggable database, RMAN's new features and enhancements, and Data Pump's new features and enhancements.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • Pluggable database
  • RMAN's new features and enhancements
  • Data Pump's new features and enhancements
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Training, Tools, and Next Steps

by Victoria Yudin | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning system used throughout the world. Implementing Dynamics GP for an organization can be a daunting task, requiring thorough planning and understanding of the available features and options. This article provides guidance for the planning, installation, and setup of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with examples, advice, step-by-step guides, illustrations, and links to useful resources.

Most likely, you have already started training users. For many companies training is an ongoing process. In this article by Victoria Yudin, the author of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation, you will go over some ideas for planning your initial, as well as ongoing, training. We will also discuss tools available from Microsoft for your Dynamics GP system. Finally, some troubleshooting tips and additional resources will be listed to help you maintain and get the most out of Dynamics GP.

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RESTful Services JAX-RS 2.0

by Peter A. Pilgrim | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles Java

In this article by Peter A. Pilgrim, author of the book Java EE 7 Developer Handbook, we will cover the Java API for RESTful services otherwise abbreviated to JAX-RS. It was the year, 2000, when Roy Fielding published his PhD thesis entitled Representational State Transfer: an Architecture Style. Since its publication over the past decade there has been a rapid growth of interest, applications, and implementations of REST style interfaces and application.

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Configuring and Managing the Mailbox Server Role

by Michael Van Horenbeeck Peter De Tender | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Microsoft

In this article by Michael Van Horenbeeck and Peter De Tender, authors of the book Microsoft Exchange 2013 Cookbook, you will learn how to perform the tasks necessary to set up, configure, and maintain the Mailbox Server Role, including:

  • Creating and removing mailbox databases
  • Mounting and dismounting databases
  • Moving database files to another location
  • Configuring circular logging
  • Creating and removing mailboxes
  • Managing resource mailboxes
  • Configuring mailbox size limits
  • Managing personal archives
  • Assigning mailbox permissions
  • Moving mailboxes to another database
  • Managing Public Folders
  • Configuring send and receive connectors
  • Configuring Accepted domains
  • Configuring message size limits

Over the years, the Mailbox Server Role has evolved into something more than just a place where mail data is stored. Although its primary role remains storing and managing mail-related data, it inherited large chunks of what used to be the Hub Transport server and Unified Messaging server. This shows that the Mailbox Server role in Exchange 2013 resembles an Exchange 2010 multi-role server in many ways.

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Implementation Case Study

by Andrew Bell Luis Augusto Weir | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles Oracle

This article by Luis Augusto Weir and Andrew Bell, the authors of the book Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation, introduces a case study that will be further developed throughout the article. It will introduce a fictitious company that is looking to implement SOA Governance following a maturity assessment and a SOA Roadmap elaboration. The case study will help you to understand the concepts being presented in this article, as well as how to apply them to implement Oracle SOA Governance in an easily digestible form by illustrating the typical problems faced by organizations introducing governance, and how the benefits derived from its inception must be measurable and tangible.

The case study is based on actual scenarios experienced by the authors and therefore should provide a realistic view of the key challenges faced when implementing SOA Governance, and how they can be overcome.

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Reporting Based on SSRS

by Kamalakannan Elangovan | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles

In this article, by Kamalakannan Elangovan, the author of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting Cookbook, we will understand and acquire the skills necessary to be good at reporting based on SSRS.

This article will cover the following recipes:

  • Creating a matrix report
  • Creating a multicolumn matrix report
  • Creating a column chart
  • Creating a line chart

The legacy reporting system in Dynamics AX had very limited capabilities of how you can render data. Something as simple as adding an image and placing it right was a mammoth task, while things such as graphs and charts were not imaginable. SSRS takes away this pain and makes it easy to represent data in different formats. SSRS reports help create easier and convenient representation of data graphically that is easy for the end user to assimilate. This article will discuss recipes that cover the different kinds of controls other than the table layout discussed so far that can be used to represent data, such as matrix, charts, and gauges. The reader will be familiarized with the different controls and how they can be put to use in reports through this article.

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Introducing QlikView elements

by Karl Pover | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Karl Pover, author of Learning QlikView Data Visualization, we will analyze the most important data visualisation elements and its foundation: people, data, and tools.

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File Information in Perforce CRM

by Neal Ralph Firth Robert Cowham | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Robert Cowham and Neal Ralph Firth, authors of the book Learning Perforce CRM, we will explain regarding the file information. File information is the key to understanding the history of a repository, how a code base or set of files has evolved, and what is happening to it now.

File information is exposed in many parts of the P4V interface. In this article, we will cover how to make the most efficient use of the Perforce reporting commands to examine the information associated with a file. More importantly, we'll explain how to interpret this information to maximize the value it provides you.

In this article we will cover:

  • Properties of files
  • File versions and their relationship to changelists
  • Finding files in the repository
  • The many ways of referencing file versions
  • Comparing different versions of files and folders
  • Examining how file content has evolved over time
  • Perforce file types and how they impact usage and workspaces
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Designing Pages

by Rakesh Raul | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Microsoft

In this article, by Rakesh Raul, the author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Updating the subform page from a parent page
  • Creating a FactBox page
  • Creating a Queue page
  • Creating a Role Center page
  • Creating a wizard page
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