Building Interactive Queries with LINQPad

Building Interactive Queries with LINQPad
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Leverage the power of LINQPad to learn LINQ
  • Discover LINQPad’s key features and options
  • Learn about the cool applications of LINQPad such as testing, code snippet generation, and so on

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 126 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2013
ISBN : 1782178228
ISBN 13 : 9781782178224
Author(s) : Sébastien Finot
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Microsoft Servers, Enterprise, .NET

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discovering LINQPad
Chapter 2: Coding in LINQPad
Chapter 3: Learning LINQ's Basics
Chapter 4: Discovering LINQ Query Operators
Chapter 5: Database and Relational Data
Chapter 6: Using Other Data Sources
Chapter 7: Getting More Out of LINQPad
  • Chapter 1: Discovering LINQPad
    • Downloading and installing LINQPad
      • Editions available
    • Look and feel of LINQPad
      • The File menu
      • The Edit menu
      • The Query menu
      • The Help menu
    • Configuring LINQPad
      • The Editor tab
      • The Query tab
      • The Results tab
      • The Folders tab
      • The Web proxy tab
      • The Advanced tab
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Coding in LINQPad
      • Writing your first LINQPad query
      • Query types
        • The C#/F#/VB expression
        • The C# and VB statement
        • The C#, F#, and VB programs
        • SQL/ESQL
      • Referencing additional assemblies
        • Adding it manually
        • Adding it with NuGet
      • Referencing additional namespaces
      • LINQPad’s Dump() method
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Learning LINQ's Basics
        • The fundamentals of LINQ
        • The purpose of LINQ
        • A LINQ query
          • The standard version
          • The LINQ version
          • Query operators
          • Chaining calls
        • One LINQ, two syntaxes
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Discovering LINQ Query Operators
          • Defining LINQ to objects
          • Query operators
            • Quantifier operations
              • The Any() query operator
              • The All() query operator
              • The Contains() query operator
            • Filtering operations
              • The Where() query operator
              • The OfType() query operator
            • Sorting operations
              • The OrderBy() and OrderByDescending() query operators
              • The ThenBy() and ThenByDescending() query operators
              • The Reverse() query operator
            • Partitioning operations
              • The Take() and TakeWhile() query operators
              • The Skip() and SkipWhile() query operators
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Database and Relational Data
            • Introducing LINQ to SQL
              • Setting up a database
              • Adding a connection to LINQPad
            • Interacting with the database
              • Looking into the categories
              • Filtering the categories
            • Element operations
              • The First() and FirstOrDefault() query operators
              • The Single() and SingleOrDefault() query operators
              • The Last() and LastOrDefault() query operators
              • The ElementAt() and ElementAtOrDefault() query operators
            • Conversion operations
              • The ToArray() and ToList() query operators
              • The ToDictionary() and ToLookup() query operators
            • Deferred execution
            • Grouping operations
              • The GroupBy() query operator
            • Working with relational data
              • Interactive navigation with LINQPad
            • Projection operations
              • The Select() query operator
              • The SelectMany() query operator
            • Inserting, updating, and deleting data
              • Adding a new entry to the database
              • Updating entries from the database
              • Deleting data from the database
            • Views and Stored Procedures
            • Acknowledging LINQ to SQL limits
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Using Other Data Sources
              • Handling XML
                • Creating and querying an XML fragment
                • Aggregation operations
                  • The Average() and Sum() query operators
                  • The Max() and Min() query operators
                  • The Count() and LongCount() query operators
                • Using XPath
                • Other operations
              • Discovering Entity Framework
                • Setting up the context
                • Running your first Entity Framework query
                • Join operations
                  • The Join() query operator
                  • The GroupJoin() query operator
              • Interacting with WCF Data Services
                • Adding a connection to a service
                • Making your first request to the service
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Getting More Out of LINQPad
                • Customizing LINQPad
                  • Customizing the results pane
                  • Writing a custom visualizer
                • SQL querying
                • Exporting data
                • Searching your queries
                • Leveraging the Util class
                • Summary

                Sébastien Finot

                Fascinated by computer science on the whole (but with a specific dedication to application development and games), Sébastien Finot has been working for more than 15 years for small and big worldwide companies at various technical positions, ranging from developer to technical project manager or, for the last five years, as the CTO of communication agencies. He is also pursuing an entrepreneurial path with his own company (in France), where he can work on fun and innovative projects. Sébastien has been using LINQ for five years now, and has been a LINQPad user for almost as long.

                Sébastien can be reached using any of the means listed on this website:

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                What you will learn from this book

                • Discover what LINQ can do and how it will help you
                • Learn all about LINQ query operators to join, aggregate, select, and filter data
                • Write LINQ queries with both method and query syntaxes
                • Query databases and remote services using LINQ
                • Create and manipulate XML and in-memory collections
                • Differentiate LINQPad’s query types
                • Handle user input with LINQPad
                • Customize LINQPad to fit your taste or workflow

                In Detail

                If you need to interact with databases, XML, in-memory collections, or remote services, LINQ can make your life simpler. The best way to discover LINQ is with the help of LINQPad, a free IDE whose first goal is to make sure that writing and interacting with your LINQ query is fun and easy. More generally, LINQPad is a C#/VB/F# scratchpad that instantly executes any expression, statement block, or program with rich output formatting and a wealth of features.

                With Building Interactive Queries with LINQPad, you will quickly learn everything you need to know to start using LINQ. To accelerate your learning curve, you will discover how to use LINQPad and its features to test your queries interactively and experiment with all the options offered by LINQ.

                In all probability, you already know C#, but have you had a chance to try out LINQ? Building Interactive Queries with LINQPad will introduce you to everything LINQ can offer and will let you interact with every example in LINQPad, LINQ’s best companion.

                You will learn how to build and experiment with interactive queries with this practical guide illustrated with short and detailed code samples. You will also get acquainted with other cool applications of LINQpad such as testing, code snippet generation, and so on, along with a broad approach to LINQ (to object, to SQL, to XML, and so on).


                A step-by-step practical guide that will introduce you to LINQPad’s key features, thereby helping you to query databases interactively.

                Who this book is for

                This book is aimed at C#/.Net developers who wish to learn LINQ programming and leverage the easy way of using LINQPad. No prior knowledge of LINQ or LINQPad is expected. A basic knowledge of SQL and XML is required for some chapters.

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