BuddyPress Theme Development

BuddyPress Theme Development
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn the anatomy of a BuddyPress theme
  • Be guided through BuddyPress theme development from conceptualization to testing
  • Go beyond designing and work with additional functionalities

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 130 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2013
ISBN : 1783281618
ISBN 13 : 9781783281619
Author(s) : Tammie Lister
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: State of Play of BuddyPress Themes
Chapter 2: Going Default – Installing BuddyPress
Chapter 3: Beyond Default – What Can You Do?
Chapter 4: BuddyPress File Structure, Templates, and Loops
Chapter 5: Let's Get Building
Chapter 6: Beyond the Look – Hooks, Functions, and Afterwards
Appendix: Folder Contents
  • Chapter 1: State of Play of BuddyPress Themes
    • What is BuddyPress?
    • What is a theme?
    • How BuddyPress themes used to work
      • The trouble with default
      • Theme compatibility
      • Do you still need a BuddyPress theme?
    • Communities
      • Niche communities
      • Techniques
    • Responsive design
      • What about adaptive design?
      • Mobile first
      • Do you need an app?
    • In the wild – BuddyPress custom themes
    • What are the options while creating a theme?
      • WordPress themes
      • BuddyPress themes
        • Free themes
        • Themes to buy
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Going Default – Installing BuddyPress
      • Steps for installing BuddyPress
      • Installing WordPress
        • The famous five-minute WordPress install
        • Installing BuddyPress
        • Autoinstalling by plugin activation
        • Configuring BuddyPress
      • A look at BuddyPress features
        • Default features
        • Optional features
        • Forums
      • Using BuddyPress with a WordPress theme
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Beyond Default – What Can You Do?
        • Existing themes designed for BuddyPress
          • Child themes
            • How to create a child theme
            • Using a child theme with BuddyPress
          • The CSS and JavaScript file order
        • Customizing your theme using just CSS
          • Introducing buddypress.css
          • The default selector
          • Customizing CSS in a child theme
        • Template hierarchy in BuddyPress
          • Creating a generic BuddyPress template
            • Using a generic Buddypress template to have a full page layout
          • BuddyPress feature templates
            • Adding a custom BuddyPress component customization to a child theme
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: BuddyPress File Structure, Templates, and Loops
          • Working with WordPress
            • Getting it right
            • WordPress template structure
            • WordPress template hierarchy
            • WordPress template tags
            • Anatomy of a WordPress theme
              • Scripts in the theme
              • Extras and custom functions
              • Languages
              • Stylesheets contained in theme
              • Template files
            • The wp_template_part function
              • The functions.php file
              • Theme setup function
              • The screenshot.php file
              • Additional files
            • Post formats
            • Enqueue all the things
            • Custom backgrounds
            • Custom headers
              • Widgets
              • Navigation
          • How BuddyPress themes work
            • BuddyPress loops
            • Template tags
            • Anatomy of a BuddyPress theme
              • Feature folder contents
              • CSS
              • Script files
              • The bp-custom.php and functions.php file
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Let's Get Building
            • Building the site
              • The process we're going to follow
              • Things to consider before we start building
                • Sketch
                • Wireframe
                • Style guide
            • Getting the site built
              • Setting up
                • Enqueue fonts
                • Page layouts
                • Removing the admin bar
              • Template
              • Adding a custom background
              • The header
                • Custom header image
                • Variable header heights
              • The logged-out user view
              • Navigation
              • The front page
              • The sidebar
              • Random members
              • Random groups
              • The member profile
              • Add the About profile field
              • Directories
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Beyond the Look – Hooks, Functions, and Afterwards
              • Adding functionality
                • Hooks
                  • BuddyPress specific hooks
                  • Using hooks
                  • Changing the content using filters
              • Advanced component loops
                • Custom post types
                • Customizing template tags
                  • A customized comment form
                • Custom templates
              • Functions
                • bp-custom modifications
                • Demonstrating the statistics function
              • Widgets
              • After the theme
                • Testing
                • Browser testing
                • The device-free version
                • Theme check
                  • Recommended by theme check
                  • Adding a screenshot
                  • Adding in post thumbnails
                  • Editor style
                • Beyond theme check
                • Making your theme translatable
                • Accessibility
                • Plugins
              • Beyond the launch
              • Summary
              • Appendix: Folder Contents
                • Activity folder contents
                • Blogs folder contents
                • Groups folder contents
                • Forums folder contents
                • Members folder contents

                Tammie Lister

                Tammie Lister is a designer and theme developer. She's passionate about community design and mixing in psychology with design and development to create these communities. She is lucky enough to create a wide range of communities with her clients. Her background is both in design and development. She has worked as a freelancer for over 10 years from her own company called logicalbinary.com. She has spoken about BuddyPress and communities at WordCamps, BuddyCamps, and other conferences. Her contributions to BuddyPress include being part of the community theme for BuddyPress, UI, and a new template pack. She also has a sketchbook where she explores and experiments with BuddyPress at buddydesignlabs.com. Special thanks goes to the editorial team that made this book happen. A large thank you goes out to Alison Barrett, Brian Messenlehner, and Paul Gibbs, who gave their time as technical reviewers. This book is dedicated to the core team behind BuddyPress for all their work. A huge thanks also goes out to everyone that contributed in any way in the project. BuddyPress is made up of the people involved so thank you. I'd also like to thank my editors and reviewers for helping make this book the best it could be. Last but not least a thank you goes to my husband Simon for understanding my passion for writing this book and open source projects.

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                What you will learn from this book

                • Develop your own customized BuddyPress theme
                • Use CSS to make changes to theme compatibility
                • Create custom templates for BuddyPress components
                • Build your own widgets to use in your theme
                • Run theme-checks on your themes

                In Detail

                BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create communities. BuddyPress themes, whilst based on WordPress, have a lot of extra templates that set them apart. Having a custom theme for your community has numerous benefits, so learning how to create a theme is a great step in your BuddyPress journey.

                BuddyPress Theme Development is part rough guide and part practical, hands-on tutorial. It will give you an insight into the state of BuddyPress themes and will take you beyond a simple theme into a world of custom possibilities. This book begins with a look at the state of BuddyPress themes available on the Internet, including themes using responsive web design. It will then walk you through the various theme options from theme compatibility through to child themes and creating a custom theme.

                You will also learn how to create your own theme from conception through to testing and launch. You will also add functionality to enhance your community and learn how to theme-check your theme before release. If you want to design BuddyPress themes, this is the book for you.

                With this book, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with BuddyPress theme development and begin to create your own themes.


                This book is a hands-on tutorial guide to using BuddyPress.

                Who this book is for

                This book is great for designers and developers who are looking to learn how to develop BuddyPress themes. It’s assumed that the reader has some understanding of Wordpress and is familiar with CSS and HTML.

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