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May 2011 | Enterprise

Packt are currently attending this year's Microsoft TechEd Conference in Atlanta Georgia from Monday 16th - Thursday 19th May

Follow the highs and the lows (mostly highs so far!) with our TechEd Blog, and if you too are attending, and would like to speak with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch


Having safely navigated our way to the Georgia World Congress Center where this year's conference is being held we've checked in with the TechEd bookstore to see all Packt's bestselling Microsoft books available, and sales already appear to be going well!

Following this we attend the very informative Certification 101 talk with Dana Calleja (Sr. Evangelist Msft Learning)

Day 1

Day 1 opens with the Keynote Presentation, with the main focus this year being the Cloud (for info on Packt's Cloud books click here)

The Keynote is opened by the Glitch Mob playing an electronic set on the Lemur, and it has to be said if your morning coffee hasn't woken you up yet this certainly will!

The first half of the Keynote was presented by Robert Wahbe, corporate vice president of the Server and Tools Marketing Group at Microsoft - showcasing platform and applications across the Cloud and various devices.  Highlights included an introduction to "Project Mango" showcasing the new features due to be introduced to the Windows Phone in terms of Lync and Outlook, as well as a Kinect demo guiding the Keynote Audience through the solar system. 

The second half of the Keynote was presented by Jason Zander, corporate vice president of the Visual Studio Team in the Developer Division at Microsoft.  This moved on to look at the new version of Visual Studio, and how along with the System Center and Microsoft Office, this can be used to customize applications.

Day 2

Day 2 Packt hit the Exhibition floor - with around 150 exhibitors and the top names in Microsoft software on the floor the hall is a definate buzz of activity.

We visited our friends at Safari providing them with some Packt books to display on their booth, and chatted with various members of the Microsoft product teams getting feedback on our books and discussing new ideas for content.

Day 3

Day 3 we checked in with the TechEd bookstore - where the Packt books still appeared to be proving popular.

We also took the opportunity to further explore the Exhibition floor and talk with the Microsoft product teams.

Day 4

Things start to slow down on the final day, with the conference being wrapped up with a closing party at the Coca-Cola Museum and Atlanta Aquarium (and in case you're wondering about the logistics - they're conveniently located next door to eachother)

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