Packt Meets...

Aug 2011 | Enterprise


Packt Meets...


This month Packt chats with John P Jeffries author of the Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's Guide.

Originally from a development background, John is now a freelance consultant, and can be found onsite in many of the world's most respected financial institutions consulting on Oracle GoldenGate, Streams and Active Data Guard. 

With over 15 years of Oracle experience, and an OCP since Oracle 8i, he has extensive knowledge of Oracle databases, including Linux and RAC, coupled with the ability to design and build high-performance distributed database system.

Read John's interview below

How would you sum up the Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's Guide?

"The book is much more than just an Implementer's guide, initially giving the reader an overview of history of the GoldenGate software, it also provides a "cookbook" approach to performance tuning.  This in itself is valuable to the discerning DBA or Architect wishing to glean an in-depth understanding of the software components and tools available.  The book is deliberately structured not only to guide the reader through an end to end implementation building up advanced configuration, but to also act as a reference, allowing the reader to deep dive into key topics, including tips and tricks.  Limited to 250 pages the book is easy to read, while also containing all the relevant material for a complete Oracle Enterprise-wide solution."

What made you want to write this book?

"The initial drive to write the book came from my role as an Oracle Consultant working for Oracle Advanced Customer Services.  Within this role I became a full time resource at a major financial institution building the next generation Global FX Trading System, and the knowledge and experience I acquired working with the latest Oracle software products inspired me to put pen to paper.  I knew at the time that my book would be the first GoldenGate independent publication, and would offer much needed detail and value over and above the Oracle manuals."

What benefits do you think your Oracle book can offer the reader?

"Above all I hope the book helps readers to fulfil their roles.  I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting and bug fixing in my career and welcome any publication that offers real life solutions and workarounds.  I see the book as an extension to my blog where I continued to write in the same vein, helping fellow DBAs to resolve "gotchas" that are encountered every day in our working lives."

What do you see for Oracle GoldenGate's future?

"Since the acquisition of the GoldenGate software in 2009, GoldenGate became Oracle's strategic data replication product.  The original Oracle product Streams ships free but had a reputation for being slow, cumbersome and over complicated, whereas Oracle GoldenGate offers power and performance but comes at a price.  However since the introduction of Oracle 11g R2 I have seen great improvements in Streams' performance and scalability, sometimes outperforming GoldenGate.  So this brings into question, where should Oracle go from here?  From a Business Intelligence stand point, to me it would appear that Oracle wish to leverage the real-time data access capabilities of GoldenGate in their Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) product.  Therefore with companies all over the world storing more and more information in disparate systems, GoldenGate has a very bright future."


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Please feel free to post comments, have you bought the Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's Guide?  What are your thoughts on the Oracle GoldenGate software? Join the conversation:

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