Packt Meets...

Sep 2011 | Enterprise


Packt Meets...


This month Packt chats with Erez Ben-Ari co-author of the Microsoft ForeFront UAG 2010 Administrator's Handbook.

Erez is an experienced Technologist and Journalist, and has provided security consulting and analysis services for some of the leading companies and organizations in the world - including Intel, IBM, Amdocs, CA, HP, NDS, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and many others. 

Having joined Microsoft in 2000, Erez has worked for many years in Microsoft's Development Center in Israel, where Microsoft's ISA server was developed.  Being part of the release of ISA 2000, ISA 2004 and ISA 2006, Erez held several roles, including Operation engineering, Software testing, Web-based software design and testing automation design.  Now living in the United States, Erez still works for Microsoft, currently as a Senior Support Engineer for UAG.

And something you mightn't have known about Erez, besides being a Support Engineer and Author, he is also an aspiring stand-up comedian performing regularly in clubs around Seattle, sharing his experiences as an Israeli new to the United States.  Intrigued?  you'll find some of Erez's performances available on YouTube.

How would you sum up the Microsoft Forefront UAG Administrator's Handbook?

"The UAG Administrator's Handbook is the only book out there that is a complete training course and user manual for UAG.  Covering everything from planning and installation, through configuration and troubleshooting, there's no better way to get familar with UAG and what it can do.  Myself and (co-author) Ran worked for many months compiling our knowledge into this guide, which is written mostly for administrators new to the world of UAG.  With both of us experienced both in customer support, training and IT, this book is guaranteed to be the best resource, both from a technical point of view, and readability, making reading it both useful and fun!"

What made you want to write this book?

"Despite its age, many of UAG's abilities have never been documented, and very few people out there know it well.  Customers, however, have been clawing for more information about working with this clever and versatile product, and as Support Engineers, Ran and myself have known all too well what kind of demand there is for this compilation of information.  When Packt expressed interest in publishing this book, we both jumped at this opportunity, and the reception by customers has shown us what a great decision it has been!"

What benefits do you think your Microsoft book can offer the reader?

"As I said earlier, many of the things UAG can do, and how it does them have never been documented.  The documentation that is available, via Microsoft's TechNet is extensive, but is mostly designed as a reference, and so people who have never used UAG found it hard to follow.  This often forces companies who purchased UAG to spend large amounts of money on Consultants, or on support cases with Microsoft.  With this book, a lot of this can be saved.  The book's 350+ pages describe the product and its features clearly, and progressively, so the reader can start on page 1 without even knowing what UAG is.  As the administrator reads through the book, the topics advance gradually, culminating with DirectAccess, considered by many to be one of the most complex technologies out there.  With this approach, the administrator can finish the book and possess advanced understanding and knowledge of the product, and ready to deploy it fully and take advantage of all its abilities."


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Please feel free to post comments, have you bought the Microsoft Forefront UAG 2010 Administrator's Handbook?  Do you have any insights on the Microsoft Forefront software to share? Join the conversation:

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