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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Install an Asterisk-based telephony system fast
  • Build an office PBX using AsteriskNOW
  • Learn the AsteriskGUI web management interface
  • Configure IP phones and connections
  • Configure and use the conferencing system
  • Write your own applications for Asterisk

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 204 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : March 2008
ISBN : 1847192882
ISBN 13 : 9781847192882
Author(s) : Nir Simionovich
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Networking and Servers, Linux Servers, Networking & Telephony, Open Source

Table of Contents                                                                                                                             

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Telephony and Asterisk
Chapter 2: Building a PBX
Chapter 3: Extensions, Phones, and Others
Chapter 4: Service Providers—Your Connection to the World
Chapter 5: Tentacles of the PBX—The Calling Rules Tables
Chapter 6: "Let me in!"—Inbound Call Routing
Chapter 7: "For Annoyance, Press 1"—Voice Menus and IVR
Chapter 8: Voicemail, Conferencing, and Parking—Advanced PBX Services
Chapter 9: "Please hold, we'll be with you shortly"—Simple Call Queues
Chapter 10: General AsteriskNOW Management—Monitoring, Backups, and More
Chapter 11: Hard Core AsteriskNOW
Chapter 12: Where to from Here?
Appendix A: Jargon Buster
Appendix B: Free World Dialup (FWD)
Appendix C: AsteriskNOW for Service Providers
  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Telephony and Asterisk
    • The Basics of Traditional Telephony
      • Circuit Switching
      • A Circuit-Switched Network
        • Signalling System # 7 (SS7)
        • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
    • The Basics of Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology
      • Session Initiation Protocol—SIP
      • Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol—IAX
        • NAT/PAT: IAX2 versus SIP and H.323
      • CODECS—Voice Coder Decoder
    • Asterisk—The Open-Source PBX
      • Asterisk is Dually Licensed—What Does it Mean?
      • Enter the Asterisk—the Future is Here
    • AsteriskNOW—The Asterisk Software Appliance
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Building a PBX
    • Objective—Building an Office PBX
      • Physical Connectivity
      • Installation Procedure Outline
        • Downloading AsteriskNOW
        • AsteriskNOW Hardware Requirements
        • The Installation Process
        • Anatomy of the AsteriskNOW Configuration GUI
        • Introduction to the rPath Appliance GUI
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Extensions, Phones, and Others
    • An IP Phone is a Simplified Computer
    • AsteriskNOW Extension Management GUI
      • The User Extensions Configuration Options
      • The "User Extension" Configuration Flags
    • The LinkSys 941
    • CounterPath X-Lite—The Worlds Most Popular Soft Phone
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Service Providers—Your Connection to the World
    • VoIP Carriers
      • Direct Inward Dialing (DID/DDI) Carriers
      • IP Call Termination Carriers
        • Refilers and Grey Routes
    • PSTN Carriers—Traditional Telephony Providers
    • Configuring an IP Termination Service Provider
      • VoIP Service Providers in AsteriskNOW
      • VoIP Service Providers—Few Examples
        • Inbound DID/DDI Service Providers
        • Termination and Residential Service Providers
      • Connecting to a Custom VoIP Termination Provider
    • Summary
  • Inbound Call Routing with AsteriskNOW
    • Example 1: Routing in a Single DID Number
    • Example 2: Routing in a Range of DID Numbers
  • Inbound Call Routing in extensions.conf
  • Summary
  • Chapter 7: "For Annoyance, Press 1"—Voice Menus and IVR
    • Four Rules of IVR
    • Voice Menus—AsteriskNOW's IVR Generator
      • Voice Menu Steps—The Voice Menu Flow
        • DISA—Direct Inward System Access
        • Recordings—Menus and System Playbacks
        • Time Based Rules
        • Ring Groups
        • Enough Theory, Back to Voice Menus
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Voicemail, Conferencing, and Parking—Advanced PBX Services
    • Comedian Mail—The Asterisk Voicemail System
      • Voicemail General Options
      • Voicemail Message Options
      • Voicemail Playback Options
    • MeetMe Conferencing
      • Conference User and Administrator Key Presses
      • Defining a New Conference Room
        • General Conference Options
        • Conference Password Settings
        • Conference Room Options
    • Call Parking
    • Summary
  • Chapter 11: Hard Core AsteriskNOW
    • AsteriskNOW Advanced Options
      • Music on Hold
        • Why Do You Need Multiple Music On Hold Classes?
      • VM Email Settings
      • Global SIP Settings
        • General SIP Settings
        • Type of Service Settings
        • NAT Support Settings
      • Global IAX Settings
        • General IAX Settings
        • Jitter Buffer Settings
        • IAX Registration Options
        • Codecs Settings
      • Change Password
      • Setup Wizard
    • Gaining Root Access to Your AsteriskNOW via SSH
    • The Asterisk Command-Line Interface (CLI)
    • The Asterisk Dial-Plan Language (extensions.conf)
      • Configuration File Structure
        • Extension Pattern Matching
        • Special Extensions in extensions.conf
    • The Asterisk Configuration Directory
    • Summary
  • Chapter 12: Where to from Here?
    • Beyond the Dial Plan—Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
      • AGI Execution Environment
      • AGI Example in PHP
      • AGI Programming API Functions
      • AGI Programming Libraries
    • Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
    • Asynchronous JavaScript Asterisk Manager (AJAM)
    • Ideas and Mesh-ups
      • Voice-Enabled Network Monitoring
      • Voice-Enabled Intrusion Detection
      • Voice-Enabled Attendance Clock and Proximity
    • DUNDi—Distributed Universal Number Discovery
    • Summary

Nir Simionovich

Nir Simionovich has been involved with the Open Source community in Israel since 1997. His involvement with the Open Source community started back in 1997, when he was a student in the Technion—Israel’s Technology Institute—in Haifa. Nir quickly became involved in organizing Open Source venues and events, promoting the usage of Linux and Open Source technologies in Israel.

In 1998, Nir started working for an IT consulting company (artNET experts Ltd), where he began to introduce Linux-based solutions for enterprises and banks. By the year 2000, Nir had become a SAIR/GNU certified Linux trainer and administrator, slowly educating the future generations of Linux admins.

In 2001, Nir moved to the cellular content market, working for a mobile content delivery company (m-Wise Inc.—OTC.BB: MWIS.OB). During his commission at m-Wise, Nir successfully migrated a company that was built purely on Windows 2000 and ColdFusion to open source technologies, such as Mandrake Linux (today Mandriva), Apache Tomcat, and Kannel (open source SMS/WAP gateway).


Coming to 2006, Nir had co-founded Atelis (Atelis PLC—AIM: ATEL). Atelis is a Digium distributor and integrator. During the course of 2006, Nir developed an Asterisk-based international operator services platform for Bezeq International, which replaced a Nortel DMS-300 switch. This platform is currently in use by Bezeq International in Israel, serving over 4000 customer a day.


In mid 2007, Nir left Atelis to become a freelance Asterisk promoter and consultant. Nir is currently providing Asterisk consulting and development services for various companies, ranging from early-stage start-up companies, through VoIP service providers and VoIP equipment vendors. In his spare time, Nir is the founder of the Israeli Asterisk users group, the website maintainer of the group, and an Asterisk developer, dealing mainly with the localization aspects of Asterisk to Israel.

Coming to 2008, Nir's company (Greenfield Technologies Ltd) won the Digium Innovation award at AstriCon 2008, in the pioneer division—for its implementation of a phone-based prayer system, allowing people from around the world to pray at the western wall in Jerusalem.

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Sample chapters

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What you will learn from this book

  • The basic components of an AsteriskNOW telephony system
  • Installing AsteriskNOW
  • Building an office PBX using AsteriskNOW
  • Using the AsteriskNOW web GUI interface
  • Configuring an IP soft phone: CounterPath X-Lite
  • Configuring an IP hard phone: LinkSys 941
  • Configuring an IP adapter
  • Configuring a connection for an IAX2 DID provider
  • How to plan the routing logic of your PBX
  • How to record your system announcements
  • Building a menu using the GUI wizard
  • Configuring and using conference rooms with the conferencing system
  • Writing your own applications for Asterisk with the Asterisk Gateway Interface

In Detail

AsteriskNOW is an open-source Software Appliance from Digium: a customized Linux distribution, which includes Asterisk (the leading open-source telephony engine and tool kit), the AsteriskGUI, and all the other software needed for an Asterisk telephony system. AsteriskNOW is easy to install. It allows you to deploy Asterisk quickly and easily, and offers flexibility, functionality and features that are available only in expensive proprietary business systems.


Who this book is for

This book is for complete beginners who are interested in setting up their own telephony system and are overwhelmed with the configuration options in Asterisk. It shows how to install and configure AsteriskNow and configure the required dial plan.

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