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The Kendo MVVM Framework

by John Adams | September 2013 | Web Development

In this article by John Adams, author of Learning Kendo UI Web Development, we will cover the following topics:

  • Basics of MVVM

  • Simple data binding

  • Creating the view

  • Creating the Model and View-Model

  • Observable data binding

  • Adding data dynamically

  • Data-bind properties for Kendo MVVM

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The important features of Tuxedo

by Biru Chattopadhayay | June 2013 | Enterprise Articles Oracle

In this article by Biru Chattopadhayay, author of Getting Started with Oracle Tuxedo,we will discuss various important built-in features (security, data-dependent routing, encryption, and so on) that come with the Tuxedo system and how these features can be used to make your application more secure, effective, and responsive to address your business needs. These features are configurable, and there is no need to do any custom development, hence they are very cost-effective and easy to use. We will also discuss responsibilities of Tuxedo administrator for administering the Tuxedo queue.

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The Importance of Securing Web Services

by Andrés Salazar C. René Enríquez | July 2014 | Open Source Web Development

Securities on web services are very important because web services help us share information between distributed heterogeneous or homogeneous systems, allowing companies to achieve their business goals by sharing information, and it is precisely the information which must be protected from unwanted intruders.

In this article written by René Enríquez and Andrés Salazar, the author of RESTful Java Web Services Security, we will explore and implement each of the different security mechanisms and scenarios in which they can be used. You will be able to imagine more options to implement security in web services.

And as everything needs practice, you will go through a simple example of code, to learn the differences between authentication and authorization. Get ready for an interesting and useful topic.

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The IBM SOA Programming Model

by Matjaz B. Juric | November 2010 | BPEL Enterprise Articles IBM SOA

When embarking on an SOA journey, developers often come across the daunting realities of multiple programming languages, technologies, data format representation, implementation framework options, and such others, when they build services, use services, and develop solutions that aggregate services. The focus should be on programming the business and service design, not on the technology of the underlying implementation.

In this article by Matjaz B. Juric, author of the book WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with IBM WebSphere 7, we will take a look at IBM's SOA programming model.

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The Hunt for Data

by Nishant Shukla | June 2014 | Cookbooks Open Source

In this article by Nishant Shukla, author of the book Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook, we will learn how to use local data of different file formats and also learn how to download data from the Internet using our Haskell code.

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The Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM)

by Fergal Dearle | June 2010 | Java Open Source

The Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM) is a core component of the Grails web application framework and uses DSL- style techniques to apply persistence to regular Groovy classes.

In this article by Fergal Dearle, author of the book Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages, we will take a look at the Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM). We will also see how a GORM model is built.

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The GNS3 orchestra

by "RedNectar" Chris Welsh | October 2013 | Networking & Telephony Open Source

The conductor of the orchestra is of course the GNS3 GUI, who wields its Dynagen-like baton — the GNS3 management console, to control the three main sections in the orchestra: Dynamips , qemuwrapper , and vboxwrapper. Let "RedNectar" Chris Welsh, the author of GNS3 Network Simulation Guide, take you through a complex suite with a variety of objects: Cisco routers, generic switches, Qemu devices, and VirtualBox devices.

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The Fastest Way to Go from an Idea to a Prezi

by Hedwyg van Groenendaal | April 2014 |

In this article, by Hedwyg van Groenendaal, the author of Prezi Hotshot, we will be using the brainstorming techniques in Prezi. It is easy to create a good prezi. We will go from brainstorming to a mind map and use that as a basis for our prezi.

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The Fabric library – the deployment and development task manager

by Cathy Wang Martino Sabia | April 2014 | Open Source

In this article by Martino Sabia and Cathy Wang, authors of Python Tools for Visual Studio, we will learn everything about a Python library and a command-line tool that allows execution in application deployment and administration tasks.

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The EventBus Class

by Bill Bejeck | September 2013 | Java Open Source

In this article by Bill Bejeck, the author of Getting started with Google Guava, discusses Guava that will give Java developers a boost in their productivity and the introduction of the functional programming idioms provided by Guava.

In this article, we are going to cover the following things:

  • The EventBus and AsyncEventBus classes
  • Subscribing to events and registering with EventBus to be notified of events
  • Publishing events with EventBus
  • Writing event handlers and choosing between coarse-grained or fine-grained event handlers depending on our needs
  • Using a dependency injection framework in conjunction with EventBus
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The Elements of the Spring Web Flow Configuration File

by Markus Stäuble Sven Lüppken | March 2009 | Java Open Source Web Development

The primary focus of The Elements of the Spring Web Flow Configuration File is to give you an in-depth look into the Spring Web Flow configuration file and its elements. In this article by Sven Lüppken, we will see which elements and their attributes are allowed in the Spring Web Flow configuration file. This article makes it easier to understand how the XML Schema definition file works, in case you have to take a look at the file of Spring Web Flow while you're configuring your flow.

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The Economics of Open Source Donations

by Mayank Sharma | August 2007 |

Donations play a crucial role in supporting Free and Open Source Software projects. At times readers will write in to share their positive experience with a utility or program or a distribution that I have written about. Now don't confuse them with your average technical-bent-of-mind Linux user. These are accountants, home-office businessman, and even carpenters and plumbers, who've saved a lot of money thanks to open source software. And they have one question in mind -- how do I help the person behind the program?

This month, Packt columnist and open source enthusiast Mayank Sharma explores the economics behind open source projects, what they do with their donations and how crucial they can be to their future.

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The easy to install Gentoo with bling-bling. No, the other one!

by Mayank Sharma | March 2010 | Open Source

Gentoo is a source-based Linux distribution that helps users put together a streamlined custom system. But Linux users spoiled by the see-before-you-try Live CDs would often shy from Gentoo. Then along came Kororaa. Kororaa is a pre-configured binary Live CD for Gentoo Linux that also features an installer. Kororaa's package selection not only makes it an all-round Linux desktop, but has also ruffled feathers of Linux kernel developers.

Kororaa's developer Chris Smart probably had the best tutors introduce him to Linux, including Andrew Tridgell, the author of Samba file server. In this discussion, Chris talks about why he developed Kororaa, why people interested in learning Linux should use Gentoo, and his new project to help users make the move to Free and Open Source software.

Read more about this in Packt Columnist Mayank Sharma's interview with Chris Smart.

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The DPM Feature Set

by Steve Buchanan | July 2011 | Enterprise Articles Microsoft

Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 is a backup and recovery solution which provides continuous data protection for Windows application and file servers to seamlessly integrated disk, tape, and cloud.

In this article by Steve Buchanan, author of Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010, we will take a look at the existing as well as new features of DPM.

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The Django Debug Toolbar

by Karen M. Tracey | April 2010 | Content Management Open Source Web Development

In this article by Karen M. Tracey, author of the book Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging, we will see that the Django Debug Toolbar is a very useful general purpose debugging tool for Django applications. It lets you see the SQL queries that were needed to produce a page. We will also see, it goes far beyond that, providing easy access to much more information about the SQL queries and other aspects of request processing.

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The Different Types of Q Replication

by Pav Kumar-Chatterjee | November 2010 | Enterprise Articles IBM

In the world of DB2 replication, we have two main options—SQL replication and Q replication, both of which involve replicating between source and target tables. The choice of replication solution depends on a number of factors, of which the fundamental ones are:

  • Type of source
  • Type of target
  • Operating system support

In this article by Pav Kumar-Chatterjee, author of IBM InfoSphere Replication Server and Data Event Publisher, we look at the different types of replication available, namely the base replication methods of unidirectional, bidirectional, and peer-to-peer.

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The Dialog Widget

by Yuguang Zhang | October 2013 | Open Source Web Development

This article by Yuguang Zhang, the author of the book Building UIs with Wijmo, discusses the dialog widget, which is present in the Wijmo Open set. It is an enhancement of the jQuery UI dialog with more features. Wijmo dialogs can be maximized, minimized, pinned to a location, and display external content from a URL in the dialog window. This article discusses the options, methods, and events that are added in Wijmo, and how to use them to change the appearance and behavior of the dialog.

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The Dialog in jQuery User Interface 1.7

by Dan Wellman | December 2009 | MySQL Open Source PHP Web Development

In this article by Dan Wellman, we will focus on the dialog widget. The dialog behaves in the same way as a standard browser alert, but it does so in a much less intrusive and more visitor-friendly manner. We look at how it can be configured and controlled to provide maximum benefit and appeal.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a basic dialog
  • Work with dialog options
  • Modality
  • Enabling the built-in animations
  • Adding buttons to the dialog
  • IE6 and the selectbox z-index bug
  • Working with dialog callbacks
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by Eli Geske | October 2013 | Web Development

This article written by Eli Geske author of the book, Learning DHTMLX Suite UI. In this article, we will learn about the DHTMLX grid component covering the different initializations, events, methods, and settings. We will then add a grid to the application that will control the user data.

All changes done in this article will occur inside the app.js file.

In this article, we will start adding code to the callbacks object and use the storage object for the first time.

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The Design Documentation

by Hersey Cartwright | January 2014 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles

In this article by Hersey Cartwright, author of VMware vSphere 5.x Datacenter Design Cookbook, we will cover the following topics:

  • Creating the architecture design document
  • Writing an implementation plan
  • Developing an installation guide
  • Creating a validation test plan
  • Writing operational procedures
  • Presenting the design
  • Implementing the design
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