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Enterprise Instant Messaging using Sametime in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

by Karen Hooper | August 2010 | Enterprise Articles IBM

This article covers the benefits and features of Lotus Sametime, which is a built-in chat and presence awareness tool. There are many advantages that come with Sametime. First, it is relatively low cost; it is not like a cell phone call where one is charged by the minute. Another advantage is the ability to see who is available to chat, which is fantastic when we're communicating with people who are outside of their time zone or across the world, or even one floor down in their office building. Sametime is instant because we're online—people can start a chat with someone when they see them online and they can instantly respond.

In this article, by Karen Hooper, author of IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, we will learn:

  • What is Sametime
  • How to use Sametime
  • Understanding availability status
  • Adding Sametime contacts
  • Chatting with contacts
  • The chat window options
  • Setting Sametime preferences
  • Sametime help
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Enterprise Geodatabase

by Hussein Nasser | June 2014 | Open Source

In this article, by Hussein Nasser, the author of Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases, introduces the concept of enterprise geodatabases, an upgraded version of a geodatabase that supports multiple user access, enhanced security, and higher availability.

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Enterprise eBook Offer

by | February 2011 |

Packt is pleased to announce a special offer on ALL Enterprise eBooks.

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What are eBooks?
eBooks are complete electronic versions of Packt print books, available in PDF and ePub format... so you can read them on your iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, and Nook - wherever you are!


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Ensuring Quality for Unit Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

by Peter Ritchie | July 2010 | Enterprise Articles Microsoft

Some level of automated unit testing is required to maintain the quality of the software to support the refactoring effort. In this article by Peter Ritchie, author of Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, we'll discuss various aspects of unit testing, as well as how to approach unit testing with Visual Studio. We will cover some testing frameworks to facilitate writing, like mocking frameworks, and executing those tests. We'll cover the following topics:

  • Automated testing
  • Unit tests
  • Mocking
  • Mocking frameworks
  • Unit test frameworks
  • Unit testing legacy code
  • Test-driven development
  • Third party refactoring tools
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Enlighten your desktop with Elive

by Mayank Sharma | July 2007 | Open Source

Unless you're an old Linux user, you've only probably used the KDE, GNOME or Xfce desktop environments. But since the time when these desktops were in their infancy, the Enlightenment desktop environment has been impressing users. Bringing this mature, visually appealing environment to new Linux users is what the Elive distribution is all about.

On its website, Elive claims to be more than a simple Linux distro, rather a work of art. I might be a little biased but that's probably true. One look at Elive's graceful and charming environment and you are sold. And unlike today's 3D visualization, Elive can run efficiently on older systems as well with a gamut of desktop applications. Its got detailed documentation Wiki and an active forum to answer questions.

Elive's been in development for several years now and in fact is so popular that its developer, Samuel "Thanatermesis" F. Baggen, works on it full time. In this month's article, Samuel explains his reasons for spinning Elive and how the distro has evolved over the years.

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Enhancing your Site with PHP and jQuery

by Vijay Joshi | December 2010 | Cookbooks Open Source PHP

In this article, by Vijay Joshi, author of PHP jQuery Cookbook, we will cover:

  • Sending cross-domain requests using server proxy
  • Making cross-domain requests with jQuery
  • Creating an endless scrolling page
  • Creating a jQuery plugin
  • Displaying RSS feeds with jQuery and PHP
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Enhancing Your Math Teaching using Moodle 1.9: Part 1

by Ian Wild | December 2009 | Moodle Open Source

In this article by Ian Wild, we will be looking at taking our current resources and converting them over to Moodle. I'm going to concentrate on the kinds of resources we math teachers usually have. They usually come in two flavors. The first are the "static" resources: PowerPoint presentations, documents provided by publishers (such as resources provided on a CD-ROM at the back of a textbook or downloadable from the publisher's website). In this article, we'll focus on these static resources. Again, those are the resources math teachers and lecturers usually like to convert to Moodle. The other type of resources are "interactive" resources.

In this article we will learn the following:

  • How to create math-related PowerPoint presentations and, using the content sharing website SlideShare, include them in our Moodle courses along with a suitable narration
  • How to extract math-related videos from YouTube and include them in our courses
  • What a screencast is and how it can be used to explain mathematical concepts
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Enhancing User Experience with WordPress 2.7(Part 2)

by Jean-Baptiste Jung | June 2009 | Content Management Open Source PHP WordPress

In this two-part article by Jean Baptiste-Jung, we shall learn how to enhance user experience and make your blog a better place for the visitors. In the first part we saw how to use paginator, highlight searched text in search results, and use the CSS sliding doors technique within WordPress.

In this part, you will learn:

  • Creating a drop-down menu for your categories
  • Adding a breadcrumb to your theme
  • Displaying related posts
  • Displaying tabs on your sidebar
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Enhancing User Experience with WordPress 2.7(Part 1)

by Jean-Baptiste Jung | June 2009 | Content Management Open Source PHP WordPress

In this two-part article by Jean-Baptiste Jung, we will see what can be done for enhancing user experience and making your WordPress blog a better place.

In this part, you will learn:

  • Replacing the Next and Previous links by a paginator
  • Highlighting searched text in search results
  • Using the CSS sliding doors technique within WordPress
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Enhancing the User Interface with Ajax

by Ayman Hourieh | June 2008 | Architecture & Analysis Content Management Open Source

The coming of Ajax was an important landmark in the history of Web 2.0. Ajax is a group of technologies that enable developers to build interactive, feature-rich web applications. Most of these technologies were available many years before Ajax itself. However, the advent of Ajax represents the transition of the web from static pages that need to be refreshed whenever data was exchanged to dynamic, responsive and interactive user interfaces.

In this article by Ayman Hourieh, you will learn about the following:

  • Ajax and the benefits of using it in web applications.
  • How to install an Ajax framework in Django.
  • How to use the Open Source jQuery framework.
  • Live searching of bookmarks.
  • Editing a bookmark in place without loading a separate page.
  • Auto-completion of tags when submitting a bookmark.
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Enhancing the User Experience with PHP 5 Ecommerce: Part 1

by Michael Peacock | January 2010 | e-Commerce PHP

In this three-part article by Michael Peacock, author of PHP 5 e-commerce Development, you will learn how to enhance the user experience by:

  • Allowing customers to search our product catalog effectively
  • Enhancing this search by allowing our customers to filter products Providing wish lists for our customers
  • Generating recommendations for customers based on previous purchases
  • Informing customers when their desired products are back in stock
  • Enabling social aspects such as product ratings and reviews from customers
Read Enhancing the User Experience with PHP 5 Ecommerce: Part 1 in full

Enhancing Page Elements with Moodle and JavaScript

by Alastair Hole | May 2011 | Cookbooks Moodle Open Source Web Development

The Yahoo! UI Library (YUI) offers a range of widgets and utilities to bring modern enhancements to your traditional Moodle page elements. In this article, we will look at a selection of these, including features often seen on modern interactive interfaces such as auto-complete, auto-update, custom tooltips, and so on.

In this article by Alastair Hole, author of Moodle JavaScript Cookbook, we will cover:

  • Adding a text box and combo box with auto-complete
  • Displaying auto-updating data
  • Enabling resizable elements
  • Adding custom tooltips and button controls
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Enhancements to ASP.NET

by Abhishek Sur | July 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles Microsoft

This article provides a complete description of various technologies, such as Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5, ASP.NET, Windows 8 Applications, Windows Presentation Foundation, HTML5, jQuery, memory management, and so on, and practical examples to create real-world applications. This article by Abhishek Sur, author of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook, introduces the latest enhancements of ASP.NET 4.5 with HTML5 and jQuery.

Just like other technologies, ASP.NET had also come up with major alterations and advancements in recent times. Some of the things are merely related to actual development experiences rather than any benefits in terms of performance for the end user. But recent changes to ASP.NET have some real advantages and performance implication directly moving to the end users. The introduction of minification of JS and CSS files so easy now; anyone can now implement the same without using single lines of code. The code is inbuilt into the ASP.NET system and the API uses it gracefully to handle the release and debug environments.

It is not only restricted with the feature releases, but the Web has recently made a lot of advancements in terms of new HTML constructs appearing to the world. The adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 made the appearance of the Web almost identical to the desktop yet it runs on the browser. The browser is now capable of taking advantage of a graphics card or even multiple CPUs. There are APIs to directly communicate with the server from the client using a secured socket rather than the very old AJAX requests. The web look and feel has changed to support vector graphics, 2D and 3D canvas, WebGL, and so on, or even the browser supports local data storage, database, application cache, and much more. The world is moving towards a system where there will be a unified collaboration of online and offline activities.

This article focuses on some of the best introductions to the modern ASP.NET environment that catalyzes the modern web world. The article will guide you through the basic understanding of the concepts that will place you apart from other developers.

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End User Transactions

by Ganesh Karthik S | June 2014 | Enterprise Articles

In this article, Ganesh Karthik S, the author of the book SAP HCM – A Complete Tutorial, has discussed about the Transactional codes in details.

Read End User Transactions in full

Enabling your new theme in Magento

by Richard Carter | December 2013 | e-Commerce Open Source Web Development

This article by Richard Carter, the author of Magento Responsive Theme Design, has discussed how to enable a responsive Magento theme for your store. Magento is an open source e-commerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools that are necessary for building a successful online shop.

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Enabling Spring Faces support

by Markus Stäuble | March 2009 | Java Open Source Web Development

With the release of Spring Web Flow 2, an integration module to connect this with JavaServer Faces (JSF) has been introduced. The name of the module is Spring Faces. This article by Markus Stäuble gives the description of the configuration of the integration of Spring Web Flow 2 with JSF. We primarily learn how to enable Spring Faces support.

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Enabling Plugin Internationalization

by Yannick Lefebvre | August 2012 | WordPress

Enabling Plugin Internationalization, prepares your plugin to be translated to any language to make it easier to be used by non-English speakers.

WordPress is a worldwide phenomenon, with users embracing the platform all around the globe. To create a more specific experience for users in different locales, WordPress offers the ability to translate all of its user and visitor-facing content, resulting in numerous localizations becoming available for download online.

In this article by Yannick Lefebvre, the author of WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook, we will learn about plugin localization through the following topics:

  • Changing the WordPress language configuration
  • Adapting default user settings for translation
  • Making admin page code ready for translation
  • Modifying shortcode output for translation
  • Translating text strings using Poedit
  • Loading a language file in the plugin initialization


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