VirtualDub, the Leading Open Source Video Capture and Processing Tool Receives Support

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 | News | Web Graphics & Video

Learning VirtualDub, the only professional book available for the leading open source video capture and processing tool, has now been released as a free download by Packt Publishing. First released in May 2005, the book is designed to get users started and then quickly learn the advanced features of VirtualDub.

The eBook is now free to download from Packt's website: Available as an immediate PDF download, Packt's eBooks are printable with copy and paste privileges enabled.

VirtualDub is one of the most popular video processing applications for Windows. As an open source application, it's free, and is constantly updated and expanded by an active community of developers and experts. With a history of little documentation, VirtualDub can be daunting when first approached, however a new book VirtualDub Video: Capture, Processing and Encoding has been released to help close this gap.

VirtualDub is the fastest and most effective way to capture, process and encode video on your PC. Started only a few years ago, it has emerged to global awareness, acceptance, use, and accolades. According to the statistics at, for the four and a half year period from mid-2000 through the end of 2004, there's been over 17 million downloads of VirtualDub or its associated packages.

If you're already dabbling in digital video editing, you may have VirtualDub for no other reason than it was a free download that you had heard about, but you weren't sure how to use. Hopefully you have a camcorder or a library of old videos and a yearning to try your hand at digital video editing or wanting to digitize other analogue sources, such as TV broadcasts, but you're not sure where to begin. Millions of photographers, videographers, home hobbyists, and computer users are in the same situation. Many already use their computers to retouch images, make slide-shows, and even try their hand at non-linear video editing. Others are eager to learn and try.

'VirtualDub Video: Capture, Processing and Encoding' gets you started fast, and goes on to give you full control of all the features of this legendary tool. The book will provide you with a rapid and easy-to-use tutorial to the basic features of VirtualDub to get you up and running quickly. It explains how to capture great quality video from various sources, use filters to clean up the captured image and add special effects. The book also shows how to use VirtualDub to cut and paste video to remove or insert sequences, including removing ad breaks or trailers. It goes on to cover the art of effective encoding and compression, so you end up with great quality videos that won't hog your bandwidth forever.

More information on VirtualDub Video: Capture, Processing and Encoding.

For more information, or to download VirtualDub, visit

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