RAW Frequently Asked Questions


What is a RAW Book?

Buying a Packt RAW book allows you to access Packt books before they're published. A RAW (Read as we Write) book is an eBook available for immediate download, and containing all the material written for the book so far.

As the author writes more, you are invited to download the new material and continue reading, and learning. Chapters in a RAW book are not "work in progress", they are drafts ready for you to read, use, and learn from. They are not the finished article of course - they are RAW! With a RAW book, you get immediate access, and the opportunity to participate in the development of the book, making sure that your voice is heard to get the kind of book that you want.

When all the chapters have been written, the book is made ready for publication, and RAW customers are entitled to download this final version of the eBook for free.

RAW books are only available direct from Packt.

RAW Frequently Asked Questions

A: You have three ordering options when a book is in its RAW stage.

  1. RAW book only: This entitles you to download the eBook as soon as chapters become available. When the book is ready to publish, you will receive a final, edited copy of the eBook
  2. RAW book + pre-order Print book: This entitles you to the RAW book as above and a copy of the print book when it is published
  3. Print book only: This entitles you to pre-order the print book when it is published and you will have no access to the RAW version or eBook

A: RAW books are only available to buy from www.PacktPub.com.

RAW books are actually cheaper than regular Packt eBooks. Because you are committing to buying the book before it has been published, you will receive a 40% discount off the retail price.

When you buy the RAW book, you can also pre-order the print book in a bundle deal. If you select this pre-order bundle, you are entitled to 10% off the print book and 85% off the RAW version. The pre-order bundle has a no cancellation policy.

Yes, but it's just not all there yet! RAW chapters will be released as soon as we are happy for them to go into your book - we want you to have material that you can read and use straightaway. However, they will not have been through the full editorial process yet. You are receiving RAW content, available as soon as it written. If you find errors or mistakes in the book, or you think there are things that could be done better, you can contact us and we will make sure to get these things right before the final version is published.

A: As soon as a chapter has been written and we are happy for it go into the RAW book, the new chapter will be added into the RAW eBook in your account. You will be notified that another chapter has become available and be invited to download it from your account. eBooks are licensed to you only, however you are entitled to download them as often as you like and on as many different computers as you wish.

A: When new chapters are released all RAW customers will receive an e-mail with a notification and instructions to download their new eBook. Packt will also update the book’s page on their website with a list of the available chapters.

A: You download your RAW book much in the same way as any Packt eBook. In the download area of your Packt account, you will have a link to download the RAW book.

A: You are a Packt customer and as such, will be able to contact our dedicated Customer Service team. Therefore, if you experience any problems opening or downloading your RAW book, contact service@packtpub.com and they will reply to you quickly and courteously as they would any Packt customer.

A: Any source code for the RAW book can be downloaded from the Support page of our website - just select the book from the list.

A: Please contact us directly at rawbooks@packtpub.com to give your feedback, or discuss any concerns you may have with the book.

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