2008 Open Source CMS Most Valued People Announced

Monday, October 27, 2008 | News | Content Management

Packt is pleased to announce the inaugural list of Most Valued People from Open Source Content Management Systems. This is a new feature of the Open Source CMS Award and is designed to recognise the contributions to projects made by individuals that often go unnoticed.

For the large majority of Open Source projects, it is the tireless contributions from enthusiastic individuals that enable its growth and adoption and these are the people that Packt feels is necessary to identify. For details of 2008's Open Source Most Valued People, please click through.

2008 Open Source CMS MVP

PacktPub.com has been accepting MVP nominations since early July and for the majority of Content Management Systems, there were a number of candidates that received enthusiastic support. This demonstrates how many different people are key to the sucess of a CMS and how difficult it is to select an individual as the person who has contributed the most.

The following list of names were put forward by members of the Content Management System's development team and community and represent the exceptional support, guidance, and sheer amount of time that the MVPs have given up to support the development and growth of the respective CMS.

Congratulations to those who were selected as the first annual Open Source CMS MVPs.

Content Management System Most Valued Person Community Quotes
CMS Made Simple Ted Kulp

"Ted has brought CMS Made Simple from it's infancy to the full featured product it is today. Currently he dedicates a large portion of his free time"

"They have done an excellent job in developing the CMSMS system, and continue to update it and keep up with the latest features"

"He is the originator and main developer for the project, who's put in thousands of hours of work."

DBHcms Kai-Sven Bunk "He developed alone DBHcms which is the best CMS I have found for working with multiple languages."
DotNetNuke Shaun Walker

"He is the father and chief designer of the most voluntary open Source Portal System based on .NET.  One of the best Portal and CMS systems."

"Shaun has been working relentlessly to get industry wide recognition for DNN. On top of that he is a great community builder!"

Drupal Earl Miles

“Mainly for the contribution of 2 excellent Drupal modules”

“Has a hand in dozens of key Drupal projects”

“For his work with Views 2, which has become an indispensable part of Drupal.”

Exponent CMS Adam Kessler "Unfailingly open and honest, Adam is a resourceful and knowledgeable person about web tech and Exponent in particular."
ExpressionEngine Michael Boyink "For writing tutorials that are easy for everyone to understand, and other solutions."
ImpressCMS Marc-Andre Lanciault "One of the lead developers on the ImpressCMS proejct - and also one of the lead developers on many excellent modules for ImpressCMS."
Joomla! Johan Janssens

"His work on Joomla! is excellent."

"Johan is responsible for the development of the Joomla! Framework., he lead the Joomla! project to become the succesfull project it is today."

"Johan is the man behind the amazing architecture design of the only PHP based CMS with a solid development framework."

Mambo Lynne Pope "Lynne is totally dedicated to the Mambo project and its users. This dedication is what makes to project one of the best ones around."
MemHT-Portal Miltenovik Manojlo

"Miltenovik Manojlo is a good creator, administrator, integrator and suport basis at 20% of his time, with large expertise and easygoing reference"

"Very friendly and nice support!"

MiaCMS Chad Auld

"Chad works hard to further enhance open source programming."

"Chad has revolutionized the CMS world by taking what he wrote for Mambo and using YUI to make miaCMS one of the greatest tools out there. I work for Corporate Express and I have it running on all our internal sites."

"Chad is very dedicated to this project. He sees open source programming as invaluable and strives to persuade others to see it as well."

modx CMS Jason Coward "Jason is a visionary developer and has made modx what it is from developing the ORM xPDO to mapping modx development over 2 years ago and now to execution."
mojoPortal Joe Audette

"Working with Mojoportal for some years now I've learned much from Joe's clear coding style and expert use of the .net framework."

"He's extremely devoted to mojoPortal and does an excellent job contributing to the project."

"mojoPortal is a very good initiative. It's impressive the work that Joe Audette has made to improve mojoPortal and the quality achieved."

PHP Fusion Nick Jones

"Nick Jones is awesome, dedicated and creates an awesome piece of work. For someone who has MS, he does an excellent job!"

"He puts endless hours of work, and devotes his life to his CMS. He has a passion for what he does and it definitely shows in his work."

Plone Martin Aspelli

"I am just amazed at his contributions from writing code, writing a book on Plone Development, answering questions on the mailing list."

"His tireless development for the project, his support in the mailing lists/forums, and his documentation for the project not only on plone.org"

Radiant Sean Cribbs

"Probably the best CMS for small groups, mostly due to its extensibility."

"Radiant is the best-designed CMS I've ever worked with. I've been using it for two weeks, and I already understand most of its internals and am beginning to contribute improvements back to the community."

SilverStripe Sam Minnee

"Sam is the programmer single-handedly most responsible for the SilverStripe project. Sam is responsible for the technical elegance of the SilverStripe CMS and the highly object oriented PHP5 framework that underpins it. Sam has spent a few hours or days of every week in the past 3 years working on the SilverStripe project. As a consequence, SilverStripe is a project associated with a high degree of usability and technical elegance. While there are dozens of others who have worked in some capacity on the project, Sam has set the tone for the quality of the code, to which others are inspired by and work towards."

Tikiwiki Marc Laporte

"He has been the person re-activating the full community world-wide, travelling many places around the globe to organize TikiFests, investing money to improve the overall performance and look and feel of the application through hiring countless coders."

"Unflinching dedication."

ToendaCMS Jonathan Naumann "He has written a very big and very mighty CMS system completly from scratch and that only alone without any other developer."
TYPO3 Dmitry Dulepov "He have developed some very usefull extensions for TYPO3, he participate in TYPO3 core development, write many articles and have huge numbers of answer in TYPO3 mail lists."
Typolight Leo Feyer

"For more than 5000 given answers in the forum, more than 300 implemented feature requests and about 70 updates in 2 years."

"Because he dedicates all his (free) time to this project."

"Very innovating guy and driven to make Typolight one of the best CMS's around..."

Umbraco Doug Robar

"Most active member on umbraco forum, also has provided 2 widely used packages, XSLTSearch and ImageGen."

"Go to forum.umbraco.org and just see how much he helps the umbraco community. It really is incredible how much time he gives to figuring out people's problems and solving them."

"Extensive forum contributions, Literally thousands of posts helping out members of the Umbraco community."

WordPress Matt Mullenweg "WordPress can do it all -- from running a personal blog to a corporate web site.  And it has the most vibrant user community in the open source world."
Xoops Onokazu

"A kind, hilarious person who develops one of the greatest Open Source content management system ever."

"He is the founder of the best CMS ever made!"

"He is the best coder I've ever seen"

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