MODx Wins Most Promising Open Source CMS

Thursday, November 1, 2007 | News | Content Management

Packt can exclusively reveal that MODx has won the Most Promising Open Source Content Management System in this year's Awards. As the fourth category winner, MODx came out on top ahead of TYPOlight and dotCMS, who came equal second.

MODx Wins Award


MODx is built in PHP and uses a MySQL database backend and runs on pretty much any version of either released in the last few years. Techies call MODx a Content Management Framework: equal parts custom web app builder and Content Management System.

MODx’s co-founder Ryan Thrash is justifiably pleased with the Award: “Winning the Award for the Most Promising Open Source CMS is a tremendous honor for MODx. For the team, it validates the past two years of hard work. The people that really deserve the credit though is our community, the heart and soul of MODx. We're lucky to have such a wonderful and growing base of users of all experience levels.”

The Award presents MODx with the opportunity to develop further and compete for the Overall Award next year. So what does 2008 have in store for MODx? Thrash reveals that they “plan to live up to the Award title, and look forward to an incredible year for MODx complete with major releases, increased scalability and functionality, and even a few interesting surprises.”

With an equal number of votes, TYPOlight and dotCMS finished joint second, holding off strong competition from both SilverStripe and Nuke Evolution.

“It is a great honor to be amongst the winners of an Award, which has that many competitors. It somehow shows that having a lot of features is not the only thing that matters when it comes to designing a CMS” says lead developer of the TYPOlight project, Leo Feyer. “This Award confirms the concept of TYPOlight and is a great motivation to continue development” Feyer concludes.

In joint second place was dotCMS, an open source enterprise Content Management System that incorporates web content management with CRM, eCommunication tools and ecommerce. The team at dotCMS is rightly proud of their achievement, as Will Ezell, their CTO explains: “At dotCMS, we've been proud to be a part of Packt's Open Source CMS Award competition. Packt's Award has brought real open source visibility to the dotCMS project.  Our strong finish in a crowded field is direct feedback by the open source community that we are moving in the right direction.”

The most promising category was designed to give further recognition to the variety of new open source Content Management Systems currently available. In an extremely competitive and high quality field, this category should provide a boost in both monetary and publicity terms, to Content Management Systems that are seeking much needed recognition. As Ryan Thrash, Leo Feyer, and Will Ezell have stated, we hope that this has been achieved.

Congratulations to all five finalists.

Full details of the 2008 Awards



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