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Baeldung is a site about Java and general Web Development, with a strong focus on Spring, Spring Security and RESTful APIs. You can find extensive guides on Building and Security Applications, Marshalling with Jackson, using the Apache HttpClient and Java 8.
This site allows you to browse and demo a variety of open source content management systems, all in one place. In the words of the founders: The idea behind creating opensourceCMS revolved around the need to have a place where one could completely test content management systems in one place, before taking the time to install one. No one wants to install a CMS only to find it lacked key features or functions you need. Also, you may find a CMS you didn't know about and realize it was exactly what you needed.
This site allows you to browse and demo the best templates for Mambo/Joomla! CMS. Use their free and professional portal to download and buy Mambo/Joomla! templates, menus, modules, components and Mambo/Joomla! tutorials. Their online shop facilitates purchase of all items through credit cards and bank transfers.
cmsInfo is an internet community of users and developers of Content Management Systems. Dedicated to provide news and information of the Open Source weblog niche. cmsInfo is mightily impressive resource, covering everything and anything on open source Content Management Systems, if you need the latest updates or information on a certain CMS, then it's likely to be here. 

Joomla Designs
Joomladesigns has over 100 high quality Joomla templates for the popular Joomla open source CMS.

CMSwire is a site dedicated to content management news, reviews and product information. This is a very professional site, updated regularly with articles, links to relevant news stories and information on product updates.
Joomla! local support, translation and extensions community portal of an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. – DotNetNuke Tutorial offers a wide selection of DotNetNuke focused online tutorials for free. There are fresh up-to-date new video tutorials every single day. It covers topics ranging from basic administration and installation to more advanced aspects of DotNetNuke as well as interviews with active participants of the DotNetNuke ecosystem going from vendors and community members, to DotNetNuke Corp. personnel.

DotNetFunda.Com is a popular online tutorials and guide for latest Microsoft® technologies aimed for beginners and intermediate level professionals. We help beginners to become intermediate level professionals and help intermediate level professionals to become an expert. By following our different sections regularly, we hope you will soon become one of the 'Most Valuable' professional and start shining in your career.
Javabooks is a portal for all Java related publication which includes ratings, comments and reviews. The site offers information about the latest Java publications, books, magazines and articles. You can share your thoughts on the books you've read and also read user comments and reviews.
TechTutorials is a technical reference directory of over 4,000 free computer tutorials cover topics such as Windows, Linux, networking, programming, and much more.
JavaBeat is one of the leading online resources for Java developers. The site offers tips, articles and advice on all things Java. Web Scripts Directory Portal is a Webmaster Resources Directory and Scripts Search Engine featuring free and commercial PHP scripts, AJAX, CGI/Perl scripts, JavaScript, ASP scripts with SEO friendly links.

Enterprise Open Source List
A human edited directory of professional Open Source Software intended for the IT community.

Software Developer's Journal
At Software Developer's Journal is the most popular magazine for professional programmers and developers in Poland. They publish news and professional information concerning the software world. In their articles, they present ready programming solutions. Software Developer's Journal was Polish in origin, however currently, it is translated and published monthly in: English language in Austria, Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the USA and in French language in France, Canada, Luxembourg and Belgium

Gadgetopia's motto is 'Geek and you shall find' which should give you some idea to the content of this great site. Essentially this is author Deane Barker's blog site, however it goes much deeper and is far more incisive than your average blogger's effort. The site contains thoughts and first class articles on topics ranging from content management and development to web culture and geek humor. Gadgetopia is a well written and well maintained site and well worth bookmarking to ensure repeat visits. 

OdeToCode do not want the pressure of providing full life cycle support for a mission statement. Instead, they just want to be a place in the developer community where code fanatics can come to relax, ask questions, find answers, and have a laugh.

ZopeZone is a Zope community website geared to both the virgin Zoper and full fledged, bonified Zopistas. The Zope Zone has a lot of information starting with Zope and other news, discussions forums, a growing Zope Zone FAQ and a ton of links that cover anything from Zope hosting to other Zope powered sites.

ScriptSearch's comprehensive programming directory is more intuitively organized by programming language with subfolders with various script categories. Rating features allow you to find the most popular and most useful resources according to the rest of our visitors. Its even a breeze to bookmark your favorite listings on your own "My Favorites" page, that you can easily return to. has been selling website templates to the webmaster community since 2004 and is proud to be able to now offer them at 20% off our everyday price.


Javarevisited is run by Javin Paul, who has been working in Java, FIX Tutorial and TIbco RV messaging technology from past 7 years

PHP Related Links is a PHP development resource site with PHP tutorials, PHP news, PHP articles, PHP forums, and PHP Book Reviews.

phpBBHacks is the premier source for phpBB hacks, templates, related downloads and everything phpBB. We feature the largest database of phpBB related downloads on the Internet including phpBB 2 hacks and phpBB 2 templates.


Oracle Home
OracleHome contains original book reviews on all areas of computing, as well as tips, scripts and code examples for Oracle database users as well as for other programming languages including CSS, Javascript, MySQL and PHP.  OracleHome also have information on computer magazines, hardware and software.



SAPDev is a free online development guide for SAP ABAP developers.  It is a great source of beginner and advance tutorials covering the many development technologies available in SAP, from propriety languages such as ABAP, Web Dynpro and BSP to more generic web development languages such as HTML, JavaScript etc.

Open Source Telephony & VoIP

Asterisk VoIP
Daily News updated regarding Asterisk Platform, VoIP News, Telephony and more. Useful pieces of information to help you expand your knowledge.

Isdn-World has a primary goal to give a synopsis and approach to the world of communication techniques and communication equipment for organisations, companies, institutes and individuals. also has the most complete database of PBX manufacturers in the world.

Telecom Portal
One of the largest web portals specializing in Telecommunications and IT. is constituted by a number of independent projects covering all major topics in the area, and helping to obtain information, build a wider social network, and grow your business.


Help Net Security
Help Net Security is an information security portal that started out in 1998. Initially providing its users with the latest news from the InfoSec community, it has grown up to be one of the prime places for various inside information about computer security happenings, news from the InfoSec community and a lot of other additions.

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