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How to get a free PDF eBook

We are happy to send out copies of our pdf ebooks for review purposes. We send books in this format because they are available for immediate download, thus saving you time and hassle. In addition they save trees and lower all of our carbon footprints. Exceptions are occasionally made at the discretion of our marketing manager, for reviewers from North America (52 contiguous states only) or Eurozone countries. For all academic requests (see category 3 below), PDF eBooks ONLY are provided for inspection purposes.

To qualify you need to be:

  1. A blogger or webmaster with your own site who would like to read the book and then review it/recommend it. Email us with details of your blog or website to: reviewrequest@packtpub.com

  2. A reviewer for a magazine or popular and relevant website with a reasonable prospect of a review being published. Email us with details of your magazine or website to: reviewrequest@packtpub.com

  3. An educator in an academic institution. You may request up to two books per course, per semester, for inspection purposes. Inspection copies will only be made available to requests originating from a genuine academic email address, (suffixes ending in .edu, .ac.uk or .org) All academic inspection copies will be made available in PDF format. 

    To request your academic inspection copy please fill out and submit an Inspection Copy Request Form, include a staff or department URL for confirmation and send it to customercare@packtpub.com. Requests may also be made in writing on department letterhead via fax or snail mail. Sorry, we cannot accept phone requests. When making your request, please fill out the form as completely as possible. Requests sent with complete information will receive priority. 

    Educators in Europe (Eurozone) or North America who provide confirmation that the book is being adopted for a course can request one complimentary desk copy in print format.

    Inspection and desk copies are subject to the approval of our Academic sales manager.

    We do not provide academic inspection or desk copies of any titles related to Moodle or Sakai.

If you don't qualify for a free copy based on these criteria, then we are willing to consider exchanging a free book for an original article written by you that we can publish on Packtpub.com. Articles should be about 1500 words long, and be a technical how-to or case study that would be of interest to other Packt readers.

  • All submitted articles must be original, not having been published before, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere

  • All articles will be edited as necessary for content, style, clarity, grammar, and spelling

  • Articles once submitted become the property of Packt Publishing

Email your ideas to us at the address above.

Other Free Things from Packt

Code Downloads
Download and support pages

Even if you haven't bought the book, you can download the code files for complete books in exchange for your email address.

Packt Article Network

Visit the Packt Article Network to read through articles, interviews, case studies and tutorials written on a number of different subjects.

Top 5 Free Things from Packt!

1. Free VirtualDub eBook
Crashing in at number one is the complete Learning VirtualDub eBook, which is available as a completely free download!

2. AJAX Whiteboard eBook
Crashing in at number two is a free eBook written on the AJAX Whiteboard and accompanies the
AJAX and PHP book.

3. Sample Moodle eBook
Straight in at three is a free sample eBook derived from the
Moodle E-Learning Course Development book

4. Open Source CMS Sample eBook
At four is a sample eBook containing sample chapters from nine of Packt's Open Source Content Management System books, including Joomla!, Drupal and Moodle.

5. Planning TrixBox Deployment free chapter
Making its way into the top five is a PDF version of chapter 4 from the
TrixBox Made Easy book

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