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What is Lumion?

by Ciro Cardoso | December 2013 | Architecture & Analysis

This article by Ciro Cardoso, author of Getting Started with Lumion 3D, will give a general overview of Lumion, where you will learn why to use Lumion and what final quality we can get with this application. It will also help you to learn how to use and tweak more than 500 ready-to-use materials that Lumion has.

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Knowing the SQL-injection attacks and securing our Android applications from them

by Keith Makan Scott Alexander-Bown | December 2013 | Open Source

It's time that we learned not only about the ways to prevent the attacks on our Android applications, but also about the attacks themselves. In this article by Keith Makan and Scott Alexander-Bown, the authors of Android Security Cookbook, we will see the casing exploitation techniques that target the Android applications. It shows how to examine them for security risks. This article also talks about the application flaws and fixes. It will walk the readers through the useful techniques that developers can use to protect the applications from such attacks.

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by Jakub Korab Scott Cranton | December 2013 | Cookbooks Java

This article by Scott Cranton and Jakub Korab, the authors of Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook, introduces various ways in which Camel allows us to transform or convert between and manipulate common message formats such as Java objects, XML, and JSON. The following ways are discussed in this article:

  • Transforming using a Simple Expression
  • Transforming inline with XQuery
  • Transforming with XSLT
  • Transforming from Java to XML with JAXB
  • Transforming from Java to JSON
  • Transforming from XML to JSON
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Common AsyncTask issues

by Steve Liles | December 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Steve Liles, the author of Asynchronous Android, we will take a look at AsyncTask which was introduced in Android at API level 3, Cupcake, with the express purpose of helping developers to avoid blocking the main thread. The Async part of the name of this class comes from the word asynchronous, which literally means not occurring at the same time. AsyncTask is an abstract class, and as such, must be subclassed for use. At the minimum, our subclass must provide an implementation for the abstract doInBackground method, which defines the work that we want to get done off the main thread.

As with any powerful programming abstraction, AsyncTask is not entirely free from issues and compromises.

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Key components and inner working of Impala

by Avkash Chauhan | December 2013 | Open Source

In this article written by Avkash Chauhan, author of Learning Cloudera Impala, we will first learn about various important components of Impala and then discuss the intricate details about Impala inner-workings.

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Welcome to Paint.NET

by Andros T. Sturgeon Shoban Kumar | December 2013 | Open Source

This article created by Andros T. Sturgeon and Shoban Kumar, authors of the book Getting Started with Paint.NET,  will provide a quick overview of Paint.NET, some of its functions, and how to install the program using a step-by-step approach. It also goes over the main window and functions of Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a free, reliable program that rivals the most expensive photo editing programs on the market. Now, let us dive into the basic concepts of this software.

In this article will cover a general review of Paint.NET and what you need to do to get it, install it, and prepare it for use.

The topics covered are as follows:

  • System requirements
  • Downloading and installing Paint.NET

Nothing captures the attention more than an interesting image. If you take an amazing picture with any camera, chances are you will have to process it on some level.

Whether you add a filter, change the color, or add an effect; a small change can turn an average image into a great one. Paint.NET is a Windows-based image editing program that gives you the ability to manipulate images professionally. It rivals similar software that can cost hundreds of dollars. The best part about Paint.NET is that it is a freeware, meaning it's completely free.

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Making the Unit Very Mobile - Controlling Legged Movement

by Richard Grimmett | December 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Richard Grimmett, author of the book BeagleBone Robotic Projects, the author has explained how to control the robot.

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Getting Started with GLSL

by David Wolff | December 2013 | Cookbooks Games Open Source

In this article, by David Wolff, author of OpenGL 4 Shading Language Cookbook Second Edition, we will cover the steps needed to compile, link, and use GLSL shaders within an OpenGL program. It also covers how to send data to shaders using attributes and uniform variables, and the use of the GLM library for mathematics support. Every modern OpenGL program today requires a function loader. We will also cover the use of GLLoadGen, a relatively new and easy-to-use OpenGL loader generator.

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SAP HANA Architecture

by Chandrasekhar Mankala Ganesh Mahadevan V. | December 2013 | Enterprise Articles

This article, by Chandrasekhar Mankala and Ganesh Mahadevan V., the authors of the book SAP HANA Cookbook, highlights the SAP HANA architecture and its features.

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Laravel 4 - Creating a Simple CRUD Application in Hours

by Hardik Dangar | December 2013 | Open Source Web Development

In this article by Hardik Dangar, author of the book Learning Laravel 4 Application Development, let's start working our way into our first simple CRUD application. We will see how Controllers and routes work and how we can create views. Then we will build our first CRUD application in hours and not in days via some artisan-powered magic. Here are the topics we are going to cover in this article.

  • Getting familiar with Laravel 4
  • Creating a simple CRUD application with Laravel 4
    • Listing the users
    • Creating new users
    • Editing user information
    • Deleting user information
    • Adding pagination to our list users
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Downloading and Setting Up ElasticSearch

by Alberto Paro | December 2013 | Open Source

This article by Alberto Paro, author of the book, ElasticSearch Cookbook, covers the basic steps to start using ElasticSearch from the simple install to cloud ones.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • Downloading and installing ElasticSearch
  • Networking setup
  • Setting up a node
  • Setting up ElasticSearch for Linux systems (advanced)
  • Setting up different node types (advanced)
  • Installing a plugin
  • Installing a plugin manually
  • Removing a plugin
  • Changing logging settings (advanced)
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Pulse width modulator

by Juha Lumme | December 2013 | Networking & Telephony Open Source

In this article by Juha Lumme, the author of BeagleBone Home Automation, we can drive our GPIOs to high or low state, and if we have an LED attached in our circuit, it will either light up or not. We can control the brightness by adjusting the resistance in the circuit, but this is a static way to do it, and once our circuit is complete, we can't change the resistor easily.

So, how can the LEDs on your wrist watch, mobile phone and remote control then fade in and out so perfectly? This is where pulse modulation comes in.

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by Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi | December 2013 | Open Source

In this article, by Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi, the author of Ext JS Data-driven Application Design, we will create the report and display it with four different types of graphs on the dashboard.

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Fast Array Operations with NumPy

by Gabriele Lanaro | December 2013 | Open Source

NumPy is the de facto standard for scientific computing in Python. It extends Python with a flexible multidimensional array that allows fast mathematical calculations.

NumPy works as a framework that allows coding complex operations using a concise syntax. The multidimensional array (numpy.ndarray) is internally based on C arrays: in this way the developer can easily interface NumPy with existing C and FORTRAN code. NumPy constitutes a bridge between Python and the legacy code written using those languages.

In this article, by Gabriele Lanaro, author of Python High Performance Programming, we will learn how to create and access NumPy arrays.

In the last few years a number of packages were developed to further increase the speed of NumPy. We will explore one of these packages, numexpr, that optimizes array expressions and takes advantage of multi-core architectures.

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Going Isometric

by Juwal Bose | December 2013 | Games Open Source

This article by Juwal Bose, author of the book Starling Game Development Essentials, helps you to understand the isometric projection and details the relationship between the Cartesian and isometric coordinates.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • Cartesian to isometric equations
  • An isometric view via a matrix transformation
  • Implementing the isometric view via isometric art
  • Level data structure
  • Altering registration points
  • Depth sorting
  • Understanding isometric movement
  • Detecting isometric collision
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