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Self-service Business Intelligence, Creating Value from Data

by Simon Lidberg | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles Microsoft MySQL

This article created by Simon Lidberg the author of Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development, serves as an introduction to Business Intelligence solutions and specifically self-service solutions.

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Angular Zen

by Pawel Kozlowski Peter Bacon Darwin | September 2013 | Open Source Web Development

This article written by Pawel Kozlowski and Peter Bacon Darwin, the authors of Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS, serves as an introduction to AngularJS, both the framework and the project behind it. Firstly we are going to take a brief look at the project itself: who drives it, where to find the source code and the documentation, how to ask for help, and so on.

Most of this article is filled with introduction to the AngularJS framework, its core concepts, and coding patterns. There is a lot of material to cover, so to make the learning process fast and painless, there are plenty of code examples.

AngularJS is a unique framework that without doubt will shape the web development space in the years to come. This is why the last part of this article explains what makes AngularJS so special, how it compares to other existing frameworks, and what we can expect from it in the future.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  • How to write a simple Hello World application in AngularJS. In the process of doing so, you will come to know where to find framework source code, its documentation, and community.
  • To get familiar with the basic building blocks of any AngularJS application: templates with directives, scopes, and controllers.
  • To become aware of the AngularJS sophisticated dependency injection system with all its nuances.
  • To understand how AngularJS compares to other frameworks and libraries (especially jQuery) and what makes it so special.
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Testing Backbone.js Applications

by Paulo Ragonha | September 2013 | Open Source

This article by Paulo Ragonha, author of Jasmine JavaScript Testing, provides how you can write tests to a Backbone.js application. You will learn about what to test, and not to test, when using Backbone.js.

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About Test Studio

by Rawane Madi | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

In this article, by Rawane Madi, the author of Learning Software Testing with Test Studio, discusses some of the reasons why you would want to achieve software quality. The reasons are to make sure that the system does what it's supposed to do, uncover errors and/or to provide assurance for your software user. This article will explore some general terminologies and processes in software testing and briefly introduce the tool automation features.

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Coding with Minecraft

by Daniel Bates | September 2013 | Open Source

This article by Daniel Bates, author of Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to, will guide you through to the point where you have Python code interacting with Minecraft: Pi Edition. We will walk through the steps required to connect to the game and post a chat message. Many more features are available once connected, some of which are covered at the end of this article.

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Executing PDI jobs from a filesystem (Simple)

by Sergio Ramazzina | September 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Sergio Ramazzina, the author of the book Instant Pentaho Data Integration Kitchen, will guide you through simply starting a PDI job using the script Kitchen. In this case, the PDI job we are going to start is stored locally in the computer filesystem, but it could be anywhere in the network in any place that is directly accessible. You will learn how to start simple jobs both with and without a set of input parameters previously defined in the job.

Using command-line scripts is a fast way to start batches, but it is also the easiest way to schedule our jobs using our operating system's scheduler. The script accepts a set of inline arguments to pass the proper options required by the program to run our job in any specific situation.

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DirectX graphics diagnostic

by Pooya Eimandar | September 2013 | Games Open Source

In this article by Pooya Eimandar, author of DirectX 11.1 Game Programming, we will be introduced to DirectX graphics diagnostic.

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Oracle B2B Overview

by Alan Perlovsky Krishnaprem Bhatia Scott Haaland | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles Oracle

Built on top of the Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), and being a tangible part of Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle B2B technology plays an important role by providing a single platform for the support of multiple B2B standards. For those who have never heard about SOA Suite, SOA Suite in a nutshell is a collection of components such as Human Task, Mediator, BPEL process manager, and so on, united by a combination of consistent tooling, a single deployment and management model, end-to-end security, and unified metadata management. It allows creating/managing web services, and orchestrates them into composite applications using Software Component Architecture (SCA). SOA Suite is the OFM component that enables the easy assembly of multiple technologies. Throughout the article, B2B integration with SOA Suite and OFM will be kept in perspective.

In this article by Krishnaprem Bhatia, Scott Haaland, and Alan Perlovsky the author of Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A Hands-On Tutorial. We will use this article to build the groundwork for the reader's continued journey into Oracle B2B. In the article, we will learn about the following:

  • System requirements to install Oracle B2B
  • How to install a virtual image with SOA Suite components on your machine
  • How Oracle B2B and SOA Suite leverage Service Component Architecture
  • Oracle B2B architecture
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Basic Security Approaches

by Benjamin Bahrenburg | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles

Basic Security Approaches, provides recipes on best practices for login management, storing credentials, and use of third party JavaScript encryption libraries.

In this article by Benjamin Bahrenburg the author of book Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook,will cover:

  • Implementing iOS data protection in Titanium
  • AES encryption using JavaScript
  • Basic authentication using Ti.Network.HTTPClient
  • Implementing a cross-platform passcode screen
  • Working with protected ZIP files on iOS
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Editing attributes

by Anita Graser | September 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Anita Graser, author of the book Learning QGIS 2.0, we will explain how to edit the attributes in QGIS. Quantum GIS (often abbreviated QGIS) is a cross-platform free and open source desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that provides data viewing, editing, and analysis capabilities.

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Report Authoring

by Abhishek Sanghani Ahmed Lashin | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles IBM

In this article by Ahmed Lashin and Abhishek Sanghani, authors of the book IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook Second Edition, talks about the basic concepts of authoring reports in IBM Cognos Report Studio.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Summary filters and detail filters
  • Sorting grouped values
  • Aggregation and rollup aggregation
  • Implementing if-then-else in filters
  • Formatting data – dates, numbers, and percentages
  • Creating sections
  • Hiding columns in crosstabs
  • Prompts – display value versus use value
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Kendo UI Mobile – Exploring Mobile Widgets

by Nishanth Nair Ragini Kumbhat Bhandari | September 2013 | Web Development

In this article by Nishanth Nair and Ragini Kumbhat Bhandari, authors of the book, Building Mobile Application Using Kendo UI Moble and ASP.NET Web API, we will start exploring Kendo Mobile widgets from the basics and in detail with examples. These widgets are tailored for touch-based mobile devices and provide platform-specific rendering with a native look and feel.

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vCloud Networks

by Daniel Langenhan | September 2013 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Daniel Langenhan author of the book VMware View Security Essentials, we will cover the following topics in this section:

  • Basic of the network
  • Network pools
  • Types of vCloud network
  • IP management
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Managing and Displaying Information

by lnnes Borkwood | September 2013 | Beginner's Guides Games

In this article created by lnnes Borkwood, the author of Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development Beginner's Guide

The gameplay mechanics are in place, we've added some nice visual effects, and our game is starting to look great, but there is still an important element missing; players of our game have no indication of how they are progressing. We need to let our players know how well (or badly) they are doing, otherwise there will be no incentive for them to continue playing the game!

There are many different pieces of information that might be useful to a player during gameplay, but we need to be careful not to overwhelm them, otherwise they'll be distracted from the game. Currently, we are keeping track of the time that is available for the player to complete the task of collecting all the fruit, but we're also going to be adding a count of the lives that the player has left.

In order to present this information to the player, we need to display it on the screen, but we're not only going to implement text messages for our players to read — we're also going to introduce a graphical method of displaying some of the information.

The last piece of information that we will need to work with is how many pieces of fruit have been collected; we need to know when players of our game have successfully completed a level!

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Mobile and Social - the Threats You Should Know About

by Darla Nykamp Jaya Nampalli Joseph Anderson Mari Heiser Tim Speed | September 2013 | Open Source

In this article, created by Tim Speed, Darla Nykamp, Mari Heiser, Joseph Anderson, and Jaya Nampalli, the authors of Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices, we will take an in-depth look at various scams, phishing, spear phishing, social engineering, Cloud security, viruses, worms, and other threats a user may encounter, and future threats.

In this article, we will review various threats that you need to be aware of. They are as follows:

  • Scams
  • Malware
  • SMS spoofing
  • Social engineering
  • Phishing
  • Cloud computing
  • Virus
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