Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform

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Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Demonstrates how to approach the Big Problem, decompose it into manageable pieces and assess the feasibility of SOA methodology to build the entire solution using real-life examples
  • Explores out the links between SOA Principles, Open Standards and SOA Frameworks with clear standards implementation roadmaps
  • A collection of "lessons learned" from various implementations undertaken over the years, but the book can also be used as a textbook of preparation for SOA Professional/Architect exams (from SOA school)

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 498 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : August 2014
ISBN : 1782170561
ISBN 13 : 9781782170563
Author(s) : Sergey Popov
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise
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Sergey Popov

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What you will learn from this book

  • Understand the links between SOA principles, standards, and patterns in relation to the service characteristics you want to achieve
  • Identify the most suitable for your task SOA tools from the Oracle Fusion stack
  • Apply a Functional Decomposition pattern in order to increase the modularity of your business infrastructure
  • Deploy your Business Rules in a centralized, controllable, and manageable faction for supporting dynamic service compositions
  • Balance your long running and fast running service compositions between different service frameworks and service layers
  • Implement flexible taxonomy for Enterprise Service Repository for service monitoring and automated service recovery
  • Identify the SOA security risks and mitigate them with minimal impact on your compositions performance
  • Use the SOA design pattern for preparing your Enterprise for the cloud

In Detail

Every day, architects and developers are asked to solve specific business problems in the most efficient way possible using a broad range of technologies; the focus for the recent past and for the foreseeable future is on SOA solutions. The experience of building complex collaboration and messaging systems in different industries (Telecom, Shipping, and Logistics), combined with the architectural knowledge of practically realizing SOA patterns is what is required to form efficient solutions.

"Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform" is dedicated to problem solving with the application of common patterns. This book will help you face all the challenges that even seasoned architects can struggle with.

"Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform" begins with a descriptive introduction to SOA principles and standards. We will introduce you to three imaginary, yet typical companies, working on typical IT problems: optimization of business processes, increasing business agility, and reducing TCO. Here, the book will demonstrate how common problems can be addressed with Oracle SOA solutions.

The book sets out to guide you on how to balance the principles in different SOA frameworks and where to try for standard implementations. Security aspects are covered in a dedicated chapter, explaining how to marry strict security requirements with high performance demands. Above all, as a core of our SOA infrastructure, you will learn how to maintain an Enterprise Service Repository structure, essential for service monitoring, error recovery, and lifecycle governance.

The aim of "Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform" is to enable you to service working components, suitable for all types of SOA implementation based on Oracle tools.


This book covers a range of business scenarios and corresponding solution critiques. Each chapter is made up of a problem description, an assessment of the implementation options, and the selection and implementation of the ideal solution. We will cover the basics in the first few chapters, then we will delve into the depths of SOA patterns.

Who this book is for

"Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform" is aimed at architects practicing SOA or traditional integration; they will find complete guidance on how to implement SOA practice on the Oracle platform. This book is also for technical team leaders implementing Oracle Fusion under SCRUM or WF methodology, who want to learn to manage complex development using the blueprints for the most common and demanding SOA components. If you are someone simply looking for study material for SOA Architecture, both vendor-neutral and Oracle-centric, this book covers both topics extensively.

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