Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook

Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Provide mobile solutions to meet the challenges of today’s Enterprise mobility needs
  • Study the best practices in security, document management, and Titanium Enterprise Development
  • Create cross-platform Enterprise class Titanium apps quickly and efficiently with step-by-step instructions and images to help guide you

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 328 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : June 2013
ISBN : 1849695342
ISBN 13 : 9781849695343
Author(s) : Benjamin Bahrenburg
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Mobile Application Development, Mobile, Cookbooks, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Patterns and Platform Tools
Chapter 2: Cross-platform UI
Chapter 3: Using Databases and Managing Files
Chapter 4: Interacting with Web Services
Chapter 5: Charting and Documents
Chapter 6: Using Location Services
Chapter 7: Threads, Queues, and Message Passing
Chapter 8: Basic Security Approaches
Chapter 9: App Security Using Encryption and Other Techniques
Appendix: Titanium Resources
    • Chapter 2: Cross-platform UI
      • Introduction
      • Cross-platform HUD progress indicator
      • In-app notifications
      • Screen Break Menu
      • Metro Style Tab Control
      • Slideout Menu
      • Chapter 3: Using Databases and Managing Files
        • Introduction
        • Accessing your database's Ti.Filesystem
        • DbTableChecker SQLite table existence checking
        • Recursively handling files using Dossier
        • Tuning your SQLite database for maximum performance
        • Data access using DbLazyProvider
        • NoSQL using MongloDb
        • Chapter 4: Interacting with Web Services
          • Introduction
          • Consuming RSS feeds
          • Creating a business location map using Yahoo Local
          • Using Google Analytics in your app
          • Making SOAP service calls using SUDS.js
          • Using the LinkedIn Contacts API
          • Chapter 5: Charting and Documents
            • Introduction
            • Opening PDF documents
            • Using an iPad for document signatures
            • Creating PDF documents from images or screenshots
            • Generating PDF documents using jsPDF
            • Creating a scheduling chart using RGraph
            • Displaying information with Google gauges
            • Chapter 6: Using Location Services
              • Introduction
              • Native geolocation using basicGeo
              • Using the Ti.GeoProviders framework for geolocation
              • Multitenant geolocation
              • Calculating distance between addresses
              • Background geolocation management
                • Chapter 8: Basic Security Approaches
                  • Introduction
                  • Implementing iOS data protection in Titanium
                  • AES encryption using JavaScript
                  • Basic authentication using Ti.Network.HTTPClient
                  • Implementing a cross-platform passcode screen
                  • Working with protected ZIP files on iOS
                    • Appendix: Titanium Resources
                      • Getting started with Titanium
                      • Getting started with Android
                      • Getting started with iOS
                      • Titanium testing resources
                      • Modules and open source
                      • Titanium community links

                      Benjamin Bahrenburg

                      Benjamin Bahrenburg is a developer, blogger, speaker, and consultant. Ben specializes in building enterprise solutions using mobile technologies, geolocation services, and domain-specific languages. Over the last decade, he has provided mobility solutions for numerous Fortune 100 organizations. Ben is passionate about cross-platform development, particularly the use of Titanium mobile for mobile app development. He was an early adopter of the Titanium mobile SDK and has built apps since the earliest previews of Appcelerator's mobile platform. Ben is an active member of the mobile development community and holds a Titanium certification in addition to being part of the Appcelerator Titan evangelist group. A strong advocate and contributor to the Titanium module ecosystem, Ben has published numerous open source modules used in thousands of published apps. An active blogger at, he frequently posts tutorials on mobile development and enterprise coding topics.
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                      - 2 submitted: last submission 08 Apr 2014

                      Errata type: Code | Page number: 66 - 67

                      The code snippet on page 66-67 is incomplete, the corerct code should be as follows:

            "Create a file reference for our test db");
                      var testFileReference = (function(){
                      "If using Android we build our File Reference");
                                return Ti.Filesystem.getFile(my.dbfileext.dbDirectory() + 'testdb');            
                    "If using iOS we can check the Ti.File returned from the db object");
                              return testDb.file;       



                      Errata type: Code | Page number: 40

                      On page 40, the first code snippet has some errors. The correct one is as follows (the chnage has been highlighted):

                      //Create our application namespace

                      var my = {

                      notify = require('./NotifyUI/notify'),

                      isAndroid : Ti.Platform.osname === 'android'


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                      What you will learn from this book

                      • Build visually pleasing Cross Platform UIs
                      • Work with databases and manage files
                      • Add encryption and other security features to your Titanium app
                      • Using Native Titanium modules
                      • Learn to use advanced Geo Location within your Titanium app
                      • Create and work with documents and charts

                      In Detail

                      The demand for Mobile in the Enterprise has never been greater. While meeting this demand is becoming increasingly business critical, the complexities of development are amplified by the explosion in the number and variety of devices and platforms. Appcelerator's Titanium Mobile Platform stands out for its rapid development speed, large number of APIs, and focus on providing a native experience. This ability to rapidly provide business value in a cross-platform way makes Titanium a compelling platform for the creation of Enterprise applications.

                      Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook is your complete guide to creating business applications. From building a unique user experience to securing your application, this book covers every aspect of business application development.

                      Beginning with a discussion of design patterns, the practical recipes in this cookbook progress through different topics required for Enterprise cross-platform mobile development. Each recipe is a self-contained lesson that can be used in creating apps for your organization. With Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook learn how to work with data on the device, create charts and graphs, and interact with various web services. Later recipes discussing application security and native module development help provide additional resources to accelerate your next Titanium mobile development project.


                      Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook is a high level and practical Cookbook, packed with easy to follow, task-based recipes to ensure you hit the ground running!

                      Who this book is for

                      This book is for the JavaScript developer looking to explore mobile or existing Enterprise developers looking to increase their app development velocity by harnessing the cross-platform power of Titanium mobile. The comprehensive recipes and tutorials assume you have a basic understanding of both JavaScript and the Titanium mobile SDK.

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