Apache Solr 4 Enterprise Search Server: RAW

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Apache Solr 4 Enterprise Search Server: RAW
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Design a scheme to include text indexing details such as tokenization, stemming, and synonyms
  • Tune Solr to make it search faster and achieve near real-time search
  • Master the features and capabilities of Apache Solr to enhance your search

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 451 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2014
ISBN : 1782161368
ISBN 13 : 9781782161363
Author(s) : David Smiley, Eric Pugh, Kranti Parisa, Matt Mitchell
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Open Source, RAW books

Chapter Availability


Chapter Number Title Availability
1 Quick Starting Solr IN THE BOOK
2 Schema Design
3 Text Analysis IN THE BOOK
4 Indexing Data
JULY 2014
5 Searching
6 Search Relevancy
7 Faceting
8 Search Components
JULY 2014
Integrating Solr
JULY 2014
Scaling Solr

David Smiley

Born to code, David Smiley is a software engineer that’s passionate about search, Lucene, spatial, and open-source. He has a great deal of expertise with Lucene and Solr, which started in 2008 at MITRE. In 2009 as the lead author, he wrote Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server, the first book on Solr, published by PACKT. It was updated in 2011, and again for this third edition. After the first book, he developed a one and two-day Solr training courses delivered a half dozen times within MITRE, and he delivered LucidWorks’ training once too. Most of his excitement and energy relating to Lucene is centered on Lucene’s spatial module to include Spatial4j, which he is largely responsible for. He presented his progress on this at Lucene Revolution and other conferences several times. Finally, he currently holds committer / Project Management Committee (PMC) status with the Lucene/Solr open-source project. During all this time, David has staked his career on search, working exclusively on such projects, formerly for MITRE, and now as an independent consultant for various clients. You can reach him at dsmiley@apache.org.

Eric Pugh

Fascinated by the “craft” of software development, Eric Pugh has been involved in the open source world as a developer, committer, and user for the past decade. He is a emeritus member of the Apache Software Foundation. In biotech, financial services and defense IT, he has helped European and American companies develop coherent strategies for embracing open source software. As a speaker he has advocated the advantages of Agile practices in search/discovery/analytics projects. Eric became involved in Solr when he submitted the patch SOLR-284 for Parsing Rich Document types such as PDF and MS Office formats that became the single most popular patch as measured by votes! The patch was subsequently cleaned up and enhanced by three other individuals, demonstrating the power of the Free/Open Source Model to build great code collaboratively. SOLR-284 was eventually refactored into Solr Cell. He blogs at http://www.opensourceconnections.com/blog/.

Kranti Parisa

Kranti has more than a decade of software development expertise and a deep understanding of open source, enterprise software, and the execution required to build successful products. He has fallen in love with Enterprise Search technologies, especially Lucene & Solr, after his initial implementations and customizations done in early 2008 for building a legal search engine for chapter 11 courts and cases. He is an active contributor to the Apache Solr community. One of his recent contributions, along with Joel Bernstein, SOLR-4787 includes scalable and nested join implementations. He is currently working as a Lead Engineer/Search Architect at Comcast Labs; where he is responsible for building & supporting a scalable and highly available Search & Discovery engine for supporting millions of queries each day from the traditional set-top boxes and also from the highly innovative X1/X2 platform - the world's first entertainment operating system. As an entrepreneur by DNA, he is a co-founder and technical advisor to multiple startups focusing on Cloud Computing, SaaS, Big Data and Enterprise Search based products & services. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from National Institute of Technology Warangal - India. You can reach him at kranti.parisa@gmail.com or connect with him on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/krantiparisa)

Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell studied music synthesis and performance at Boston’s, Berklee college of Music. Soon after, he was bitten by the coding bug; and he hasn’t looked back ever since. A passionate technologist, he has worked in many different areas of software development and is active in several open source communities. He had his first experiences with Lucene and Solr in 2008 at the University of Virginia Library, where he became a core contributor to an open source search platform called Backlight. Matt is the author of an OSS project called RSolr, which has had over 1 million downloads from rubygems.org. He has been responsible for the design and implementation of search systems at several tech companies, and is currently a senior member of the engineering team at LucidWorks where he’s working on a next generation search, discovery and analytics platform You can contact Matt at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattmitchell4
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What you will learn from this book

  • New and exciting features of Apache Solr 4
  • Integrate Solr with your application
  • Build a fast and highly accurate search server with Apache Solr
  • Master search using Solr’s rich query syntax, perform geospatial searches, and influence relevancy order

In Detail

Apache Solr is a fast, scalable, open source Enterprise search server built on Apache Lucene. Solr is wildly popular because it supports complex search criteria, faceting, result highlighting, query-completion, query spell-checking, and relevancy tuning amongst numerous other features.

"Apache Solr 4 Enterprise Search Server" is a comprehensive reference guide for every feature Solr 4 has to offer. It provides high value information for the reader, from installation and calibration to development and deployment of Solr.

If you are a developer building an app then you know how important a good search experience is. Apache Solr, built on Apache Lucene, is a popular open source enterprise search server that easily delivers powerful search and faceted navigation features that are elusive with databases. Solr supports complex search criteria, faceting, result highlighting, query-completion, query spell-check, relevancy tuning, and more.

Through using a large set of metadata on artists, releases, and tracks courtesy of the MusicBrainz.org project, you will have a testing ground for Solr, and will learn how to import this data in various ways. You will then learn how to search this data in different ways, including Solr's rich query syntax and "boosting" match scores based on record data.

Finally, we'll cover various deployment considerations to include indexing strategies and performance-oriented configuration that will enable you to scale Solr to meet the needs of a high-volume site.


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Friendly, practical tutorial with lots of hints and tips from several experienced Solr users and developers.

Who this book is for

This book is for developers who want to learn how to use Apache Solr in their applications, developers who need to add search capabilities to their application, as well as existing Solr users who want to get to grips with all of the awesome capabilities of Solr 4. Only basic programming skills are required.

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