Advanced Eclipse Plug-in Development: RAW

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Advanced Eclipse Plug-in Development: RAW
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Master Eclipse plug-in development with this example-based and practical guide
  • Define new JFace wizards, custom extension points, and new commands for the Eclipse console
  • Get to grips with OSGI services and events to dynamically wire applications and communicate between plug-ins

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 260 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : August 2014
ISBN : 1783287799
ISBN 13 : 9781783287796
Author(s) : Dr Alex Blewitt
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Open Source, RAW books

Chapter Availability


Chapter Number Title Availability
1 Plugging in to JFace and the common navigator framework (30pp)
2 Extending Eclipse with custom extension pointss (30 pp) IN THE BOOK
3 Using OSGi Services to dynamically wire applications (40pp) IN THE BOOK
4 Defining commands for the Gogo shell (30pp) IN THE BOOK
5 Understanding service loaders and thread context classloaders
6 Modular application design patterns
7 Communicating within an application using OSGi Events IN THE BOOK
8 Advanced P2 interaction IN THE BOOK
9 Writing Eclipse help documentation IN THE BOOK

Dr Alex Blewitt

Dr Alex Blewitt has been developing Java applications since Version 1.0 was released in 1996, and has been using the Eclipse platform since its first release as part of the IBM WebSphere Studio product suite. He even migrated some plugins from Visual Age for Java to WebSphere Studio/Eclipse as part of his PhD on Automated Verification of Design Patterns. He got involved in the open source community as a tester when Eclipse 2.1 was being released for Mac OS X, and then subsequently as an editor for EclipseZone, including being a finalist for Eclipse Ambassador in 2007. More recently, Alex has been writing for InfoQ, covering generic Java and specifically, Eclipse and OSGi subjects. He keynoted the 2011 OSGi Community Event on the past, present, and future of OSGi. The coverage of both new releases of the Eclipse platform and its projects, as well as video interviews with some of the Eclipse project leads can be found via the InfoQ home page, for which he was nominated and won the Eclipse Top Contributor 2012 award. Alex currently works for an investment bank in London. He also has a number of apps on the Apple AppStore through Bandlem Limited. When he's not working on technology, and if the weather is nice, he likes to go flying from the nearby Cranfield airport. Alex writes regularly at his blog,, as well as tweets regularly from Twitter and App.Net as @alblue.
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What you will learn from this book

  • Build new JFace wizards
  • Define new extension point schemas and use extension factories
  • Register OSGi services and consume them in a plug-in
  • Use the Gogo shell for interaction in Eclipse
  • Include native code into a plug-in
  • Amend and properly resolves a bundle that requires a flat classpath
  • Implement standard design patterns

In Detail

Highly exstensible, the Eclipse Interactive Development Environment is chosen for its high performance and for its plug-in ecosystem.

This book covers the most advanced concepts of plug-in development for Eclipse, teaching readers to develop, deploy and customise plug-ins for complex requirements and expanding knowledge to an expert level.

Assuming a knowledge of the basics, this book dives right into the details. Start by learning to define new JFace wizards and extend Eclipse with custom extension points, then move quickly on to details of how to define new commands for the Eclipse console and include native code into a plug-in. Engage with modular application design patterns and thread context classloaders, before finishing with details on how to create and manage P2 sites and write help documentation for an Eclipse plug-in.


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Since a RAW book is an eBook, a RAW book is non returnable and non refundable.

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With a practical, hands-on approach to plug-in development, this book is loaded with clear code examples and illustrative images.

Who this book is for

This book is for proficient Java developers and architects who are familiar with Eclipse and want to do more with its plug-ins.

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