Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects

Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects
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  • Tips and expert advice for the whole eZ publish web CMS project lifecycle
  • Learn about the requirements and success factors of an eZ project
  • Implement eZ publish projects successfully, efficiently, and effectively


Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 320 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2007
ISBN : 184719172X
ISBN 13 : 9781847191724
Author(s) : Martin Bauer
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Content Management (CMS), Open Source
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Martin Bauer

Martin Bauer is the Managing Director of designIT, an Australian based content management specialist practice. Martin has ten years experience in web development and web based content management. He is the world's first certified Feature Driven Development Project Manager. Prior to his role as Managing Director, Martin held a variety of roles across a range of industries. This experience includes careers in law, advertising and IT. Martin's breadth of expertise has culminated in a focus upon the delivery of effective content management solutions.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Key differences between traditional web development and web content management projects
  • How to write specifications for your eZ publish project
  • Content modeling in an eZ publish project
  • Planning your eZ publish project and approach its pricing
  • Configuring your eZ publish development environment
  • Risk management and how to apply it to eZ publish projects
  • Content population in eZ publish projects
  • Different types of testing required for eZ publish projects
  • Maintaining and supporting your eZ publish projects

  • Chapter 1 examines the differences between traditional software development and content management and how that affects the way we approach content management as a discipline. We cover some of the myths that exist when it comes to web development and content management as well as the types of solutions implemented using content management systems. Finally, we look at the different types of websites and web applications to gain an understanding of the common types of websites and applications that have emerged over the past 10 years.


  • Chapter 2 provides an overview of information architecture and design in relation to content management systems.


  • Chapter 3 gives you an overview of how ez publish is structured and the key elements that are used in most projects.


  • Chapter 4 first helps you understand the requirements of an eZ project and then shows you how to plan your project through a project brief and planning workshop. It also covers how to deal with estimations and the issues that arise at this point of the project.


  • Chapter 5 covers how to specify the functionality of a website that is to be implemented in eZ Publish. The chapter covers the overall content model that identifies the key classes and their relationships to each other.


  • Chapter 6 explains the importance and purpose of a content model in eZ publish projects.


  • Chapter 7 helps you with planning a project (standard and staged approach) and teaches you the approach for pricing your project.


  • Chapter 8 covers in detail what's involved in risk management and how to apply it to eZ publish projects.


  • Chapter 9 provides a series of management techniques that are straightforward to apply and will go a long way to keeping your eZ project on track.


  • Chapter 10 helps you set up and configure your environments for eZ projects. It provides you with information on content population (automated and manual).


  • Chapter 11 helps you understand the different types of testing that are required for eZ publish projects.


  • Chapter 12 provides guidance on how to train users of the end solution including how to draft training manuals and run training sessions.


  • Chapter 13 outlines the most common areas of maintenance and support for an eZ project.


  • Appendix A provides a full sample specification of a project that brings together the elements outlined in Chapter 5.


In Detail

eZ Publish is an enterprise open-source CMS (content management system) and development framework with functionality for web publishing, intranets, e-commerce, extranets, and web portals.

In this book, Martin Bauer of, an eZ publish Silver partner, teaches you how to successfully manage and implement an eZ publish web content management project. He shows you how to produce quality results in a repeatable manner with the minimum of effort, and end up with eZ publish solutions that will delight your clients.

The book presents strategies, best practices, and techniques for all steps of your eZ publish project, starting from client requirements, through planning, information architecture and content modeling, design considerations, and right up to deployment, client training, maintenance, support, and upgrades.

This book takes you through the process of successfully managing an eZ publish web content management project in an efficient and effective manner, giving you strategies, best practices, and techniques for implementing eZ publish projects to delight your clients.


The book is not a technical implementation guide, but is packed with expert advice on all aspects of running an eZ publish web content management project. The author provides his unique insight and proven experience on crucial topics, pointing out common pitfalls and mistakes, and presenting strategies and practical tips with examples from real-world projects.

Who this book is for

This book is for people responsible for the implementation and management of eZ publish projects, and is ideal for people building sites for "medium to large clients". If you're a project manager running an eZ publish web content management project and you want to learn how to run your projects more efficiently, or you want a better understanding of all the elements involved in eZ publish web content management projects this book is for you.

This is not an implementation guide or a book to learn eZ publish from - you will not be able to build a site by following this book. It is for people who have experienced eZ publish projects, or are considering them. Web developers new to eZ publish should read Learning eZ publish 3: Building Content Management Solutions first.

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