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Shipping Modules in Magento: Part 1

by Jamie Huskisson | January 2010 | MySQL Open Source PHP

In this two-part article by Jamie Huskisson, we will apply our knowledge of Magento's core architecture and apply it to one of the fundamental building blocks of Magento, its shipping module.

Here, we will learn how to create a shipping module, so that we can develop our own when the need arises. By the end of this article we will:

  • Know where to find shipping modules that others have produced
  • Know how to put together a basic shipping module and know what values pertain to what information
  • Be able to create our own methods for calculation or handling shipping with Magento
Read Shipping Modules in Magento: Part 1 in full

Installation of OpenSIPS 1.6

by Flavio E. Goncalves | January 2010 | Networking & Telephony Open Source

The installation is just the beginning of the work. It is very important to install OpenSIPS correctly from the source code. It can be installed much faster from the Debian packages or using the apt-get utility. However, installation from the source code is much more flexible as it allows you to select the modules to be compiled.
In this article,by Flavio E. Goncalves, we will see how to:

  • Install Linux prepared for OpenSIPS
  • Download OpenSIPS source and its dependencies
  • Compile and install OpenSIPS with MySQL and RADIUS support
  • Start and stop OpenSIPS
  • Configure Linux systems to start OpenSIPS at boot time
Read Installation of OpenSIPS 1.6 in full

Lesson Solutions using Moodle 1.9: Part 1

by Susan Smith Nash William Rice | January 2010 | Moodle Open Source

In this article by Susan Smith Nash and William Rice, we will discuss the best way to organize your course content into lessons, along with how to build lessons using Moodle's unique capacity to let you use and reuse your materials, and to arrange and rearrange them. So, with that in mind, prepare to develop a strategy for creating lessons that can consist of many different elements, which could include readings, practice quizzes, questions for reflection, media, and peer interactions (discussions and student reviews). In this article, you'll learn how to select content so that it contains the appropriate depth, breadth, and level for your students. You'll also learn the best way to organize the material so that the sequence keeps the students on track, and allows them to develop successful learning strategies so that they perform well in their outcome assessments. Finally, this article will show you how Moodle's object-oriented philosophy of design allows you to go back and update, refine, revise, and retool your course.

Read Lesson Solutions using Moodle 1.9: Part 1 in full

Normalizing Dimensional Model

by Djoni Darmawikarta | January 2010 | Architecture & Analysis

In the Solving Many-to-many Relationship in Dimensional modeling article published in December 2009, a fact is added to solve the author-to-book many-to-many relationship in the book sales dimensional model, effectively normalizing the author out of the book dimension into its own author dimension.

In this article by Djoni Darmawikarta, we will discuss how to solve other denormalised structures in a dimensional model.

Read Normalizing Dimensional Model in full

Shipping and Tax Calculations with PHP 5 Ecommerce

by Michael Peacock | January 2010 | e-Commerce PHP

In this article by Michael Peacock, you will learn about how to process orders for shipping and tax calculations, once your e-commerce store has received the purchase order. The article includes the following topics:

  • How to calculate shipping costs based on Product, Weight, Location, and "Shipping rules"
  • About third-party shipping APIs
  • How to integrate shipping and tracking notifications on orders
  • How to integrate tax costs into our system
Read Shipping and Tax Calculations with PHP 5 Ecommerce in full

Unittest in Python

by Daniel Arbuckle | January 2010 | Open Source

In this article by Daniel Arbuckle, we shall:

  • Learn how to write and execute tests in the unittest framework
  • Learn how to express familiar testing concepts using unittest
  • Discuss the specific features that make unittest suitable for more complicated testing scenarios
  • Learn about of couple of Mocker's features that integrate well with unittest
Read Unittest in Python in full

SOA Management—OSB (aka ALSB) Management

by Arvind Maheshwari Debu Panda | January 2010 | Oracle

Oracle acquired BEA systems in 2008 and post-acquisition Oracle SOA offerings includes AquaLogic product suite. AquaLogic product suite contains many components. In this article, we'll focus on the management of the core component of AquaLogic suite that is Oracle Service Bus (AquaLogic Service Bus before the acquisition).

In this article by Arvind Maheshwari and Debu Panda, we'll use the term OSB for Oracle Service Bus. We'll cover the following:

  • Introducing Oracle Service Bus—we'll introduce you to Oracle Service Bus and look at a typical deployment of Oracle Service Bus.
  • Discovery of Oracle Service Bus.
  • Monitoring of Oracle Service Bus. Besides monitoring of Oracle Service Bus, we'll introduce a model for monitoring services implemented using Oracle Service Bus.
  • Configuration, management for Oracle Service Bus.
  • Lifecycle management for Oracle Service Bus – Provisioning of services and projects.
  • Best practices for management of Oracle Service Bus.
  • Summary of what we have learned.
Read SOA Management—OSB (aka ALSB) Management in full

Installing OpenVPN on Windows and Mac

by Markus Feilner | January 2010 | Linux Servers Networking & Telephony Open Source

Installing OpenVPN is easy and platform independent. In this article by Markus Feilner, we will see how to install it on Windows Server, Vista, and Mac OS X. For both operating systems, there are software packages available that can be downloaded very easily from the relevant web sites.

Read Installing OpenVPN on Linux and Unix Systems here.

Read Installing OpenVPN on Windows and Mac in full

N-Way Replication in Oracle 11g Streams: Part 1

by Ann L. R. McKinnell Eric Yen | January 2010 | Oracle

This article series by Ann L.R. McKinnell and Eric Yen explains N-way replication using Oracle 11g Streams.

This article series covers the following:

  1. Planning for N-way replication
  2. Technique to avoid conflict
  3. The setup:
    • Configure replication from STRM1 to STRM2
    • Configure replication from STRM2 to STRM1
  4. Configure conflict resolution
  5. Expanding the example
  6. Rinse and repeat
Read N-Way Replication in Oracle 11g Streams: Part 1 in full

Developing Applications with JBoss and Hibernate: Part 1

by Francesco Marchioni | January 2010 | JBoss Java Open Source

In this article, by Francesco Marchioni, we will introduce Hibernate, which is the de facto standard object-relational mapping framework for Java applications. The Hibernate galaxy is quite large and needs a book of its own to be fully explored. Our mission will be to take over one sector of this galaxy, especially where Hibernate applications are managed by JBoss AS.

In this two-part article, we will cover the following topics:

  • A short introduction to Hibernate
  • Setting up our proof of concept for the Hibernate project
  • Reverse engineering a database schema into Hibernate POJOs and mapping files
  • Deploying the application to JBoss AS
  • Comparing the Hibernate technology with EJB 3 persistence (JPA)
Read Developing Applications with JBoss and Hibernate: Part 1 in full

Working with CXF Tool

by Naveen Balani | January 2010 | Open Source

The CXF framework provides various tools that assist developers in creating and invoking web services. CXF provides tools to create web service clients and web service implementations from WSDL files, to create SOAP binding and service definition from WSDL interfaces, to validate WSDL files, and to integrate with the popular Apache Maven software tool for build management. In this article by Naveen Balani, we will look at some of the commonly used CXF tools that assist in web service development. We will cover the following topic in this article:

  • Invoking web services using a Java client
Read Working with CXF Tool in full

Negotiation Strategy for Effective Implementation of COTS Software

by Grady Brett Beaubouef | January 2010 | Architecture & Analysis

This article by Grady Brett Beaubouef outlines the negotiation strategy required for implementing the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software that will maximize the ownership experience.

Read Negotiation Strategy for Effective Implementation of COTS Software in full

New Features in Domino Designer 8

by Barry Max Rosen | January 2010 | Architecture & Analysis

In this article by Barry Rosen, we will learn about the new features in Domino Designer 8 which includes:

  • Composite Applications Support
  • Domino-Based Web Service Consumers
  • Domino IBM DB/2 Integration
  • View Enhancements: New column number format, Extending to use available window width, Defer index creation until first use, Show default items in right-mouse menu
  • Form Enhancements
  • Agent Enhancements
  • Formula Language and LotusScript Additions
Read New Features in Domino Designer 8 in full
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