The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial

The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Implement a full-featured Windows-based phone system using 3CX
  • Connect successfully to the outside world using VoIP and PSTN lines
  • Configure, connect, and test extensions and master different ways of controlling calls in 3CX
  • Written by experienced 3CX consultants and filled with Tips and Tricks, as well as real-world examples

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 228 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : February 2010
ISBN : 1847198961
ISBN 13 : 9781847198969
Author(s) : Matthew M. Landis, Robert Lloyd
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Networking and Servers

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the 3CX Phone System
Chapter 2: Downloading and Installing 3CX
Chapter 3: Working with Extensions
Chapter 4: Call Control: Ring Groups, Auto-attendants, and Call Queues
Chapter 5: Trunks—Connecting to the Outside World
Chapter 6: Configuration
Chapter 7: Enterprise Features
Chapter 8: 3CX Integration
Chapter 9: Hardware
Chapter 10: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with the 3CX Phone System
    • About the company—3CX
    • What the 3CX Phone System is
    • Hardware versus software phone systems
    • Linux Asterisk versus Windows 3CX
      • 3CX Free versus 3CX Commercial edition
    • Major components of the 3CX Phone System
      • 3CX Phone System
        • The navigation pane
        • Drop-down menus
        • Quick launch toolbar
      • 3CX Phone
      • 3CX Assistant
      • 3CX VoIP Client
      • 3CX Call Reporter
      • 3CX Gateway for Skype
      • 3CX Hotel module
    • Some characteristics and features of 3CX
      • Easy to use
      • Open and vendor independent
      • Windows-based
    • What the 3CX Phone System is not
      • 3CX is not expensive
      • 3CX is not a Cisco level of maturity product
      • 3CX is not a turnkey hardware phone system
      • 3CX is not done
      • 3CX does not have "key system" replacement features
      • 3CX integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server is not supported
      • 3CX currently does not have the ability to do multi-tenant
      • 3CX does not do multiple languages simultaneously
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Downloading and Installing 3CX
    • What you will need
    • Your 3CX server hardware requirements
    • Choosing a Windows operating system
      • Starting with a clean operating system install
      • Getting the Microsoft stack in place
    • Downloading 3CX and getting a key
      • Free key versus a two-user test key
    • Starting the install
      • The requirements screen
      • The recommendations screen
      • The EUL Agreement
      • The install folder screen
      • Selecting IIS or Cassini web server
      • The 3CX User Settings Wizard
        • Creating user extensions
        • Operator extension
        • Registration
      • Logging in to 3CX for the first time
    • Checking the status of 3CX
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Working with Extensions
    • Devices that can connect to 3CX as extensions
      • Softphones
        • X-Lite by CounterPath
        • Zoiper Communicator
      • SIP phones
      • Analog phones
      • Other SIP hardware and software devices
    • Verifying basic network connectivity to our 3CX server from another computer
    • Basic extension setup in the administrator console
      • First and last name
      • ID, password, and pin
      • E-mail address
      • Voicemail configuration
      • Forwarding rules
    • Installing and connecting the 3CX VoIP Phone
    • Testing the extension we just connected
      • Checking that system console indicates the extension as registered
      • Testing that we can call another extension
    • Connecting a Snom 360 phone
    • Connecting other phones
    • Checking out the MyPhone UserPortal page
      • Voicemail
    • Extension groups
    • Editing multiple extensions at a time
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Trunks—Connecting to the Outside World
    • PSTN trunks
    • SIP trunks
      • The PBX
      • The enterprise border element
      • The ITSP
    • Choosing a VoIP carrier—more than just price
      • Disaster recovery
      • Mixing VoIP and PSTN
    • Connecting 3CX to your trunk
    • Creating a SIP trunk
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Configuration
    • Music on Hold
      • Obtaining the file
      • For the iTunes user
    • Prompt sets
    • Dial plans
    • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Enterprise Features
    • Remote phones
    • Remote site to 3CX site VPN tunnel
      • VPN-capable SIP phone to 3CX site VPN tunnel
      • Port forwarding method to connect a remote phone
        • Using the 3CX Firewall Checker
      • Port forwarding using the 3CX SIP proxy tunnel manager
    • Call recording
    • Conferencing
      • Creating a conference call
    • Call reporting
    • Faxing with 3CX
    • Codecs
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: 3CX Integration
    • Outlook 2007 Click-to-Dial integration
    • Integrating Instant Messaging Server
      • Downloading and installing Openfire components
      • Basic Openfire configuration and Spark install
    • Integrating 3CX and Openfire
    • Integrating Legacy PBX
      • Calling extensions between systems
      • Outgoing calls over PSTN or VoIP
      • Incoming calls
    • More integration possibilities
    • Summary
  • Chapter 9: Hardware
    • Gateways: The connection to the outside world
    • Looking at the Patton 4114 FXO gateway
      • Configuring the Patton 4114 FXO gateway
        • Configuring the gateway in 3CX
      • Getting the Patton gateway on your network
      • Making sure the Patton gateway has correct firmware
      • Configuring the Patton gateway
    • Looking at the Patton 4960 T1 gateway
      • Configuring the Patton 4960
    • ATA connects your analog devices to your PBX
    • Looking at the Patton M-ATA
      • Configuring the Patton M-ATA
    • SIP phone handset
      • Looking at the Snom 360
        • Configuring the Snom 360
    • Router configuration
      • Looking at the Linksys WRT54G
    • Summary

Matthew M. Landis

Matthew M. Landis has various industry certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Microsoft Office Certified Expert, Microsoft Certified Dynamics, Network+ and A+.

In 1995 Matt started Landis Computer which has been providing IT services to small businesses for 14 years and is now a 11 person Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Matt has over 14 years of field experience implementing Windows Server, Microsoft & Dynamics ERP solutions in small business environments. Landis Computer was the first company in the USA to be designated a 3CX Premium Partner.

Matt is very active in the Windows based IP PBX community: He is both a 3CX Valued Professional and pbxnsip Certified, he has contributed thousands of posts to the 3CX community forum and he writes a monthly Windows IP PBX e-newsletter for VARS.

When not working and when a chance affords Matt likes to travel internationally with his wife Rosalyn and is very involved in his church.

Robert Lloyd

Robert Lloyd has a B.S. degree in Computer Science, and is certified by Microsoft – MCSE 2003: Security, MCTS – Server 2008, Vista & Exchange 2007, Small Business Specialist, A+, Security+, Cisco CCNA. He has been running his own consulting business, TechNet Computing, for 5 years. Prior to that he worked for a large law firm as the IT Director for almost 8 years and also developed computer-based training for a small company out of college. He also teaches technical training classes at Today's Tec in Wallingford, CT.

Rob has been involved in VoIP for 4 years and has been using 3CX since version 3. He has contributed to helping others install, configure, and troubleshoot their own systems online and remotely. Now three years later, 3CX has a fantastic feature set that compares to systems costing 20x the price of 3CX.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Install and configure 3CX as per your hardware and operating system requirements
  • Configure, connect, and test software and hardware extensions that will help your implementation go smoother
  • Master various ways to control and handle calls in 3CX by setting up a ring group, digital receptionist, and call queues
  • Learn the need for a trunk, PSTN line; choose a VoIP Provider, the equipment needed; and finally integrate a trunk into 3CX using the easy-to-use wizards
  • Create custom music on hold, specific Outbound Rules, Promptsets, and Direct Dials, all of which give you more flexibility in professional and flexible phone systems
  • Connect 3CX to Microsoft Outlook, integrate 3CX with a free instant message server, and link a legacy PBX with 3CX
  • Get to grips with the commonly used 3CX hardware such as FXO gateway, a PRI gateway, and ATA gateway
  • Back up your phone system, learn your disaster recovery options, and plan in advance how to tackle failed phone lines

In Detail

Traditional PBX systems have often been expensive and proprietary. With 3CX, you can now create an easy-to-use, complete, and cost-effective phone system on Microsoft Windows. This practical guide offers the insight that a reader needs to exploit the potential that 3CX has to offer.

This practical hands-on book covers everything you need to know about designing, installing and customizing 3CX to create an all-inclusive phone system. It takes a real-world approach that walks you through all aspects of 3CX and its features. From installing the software, to backing things up, to understanding what hardware you need – this book covers it all.

The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial will take you from knowing very little about VoIP to almost expert level with detailed how-tos on every aspect of 3CX. Starting with the basics, and covering the free version of 3CX as well as the more advanced features of the Enterprise version, you will learn it all.

In other words, this book covers numerous topics such as installation and configuration of 3CX, choosing a VoIP Provider, integration of a trunk into 3CX, the commonly used 3CX hardware, and backing up your phone system.

A hands-on guide to creating a sophisticated PBX phone system with 3CX


A hands-on and practical tutorial that shows administrators how to implement and use 3CX and its range of functionality. Using real world experiences from the authors, you will learn tricks and tips that will help you develop and optimize your 3CX system.

Who this book is for

This book is for beginners who know nothing about 3CX or VoIP. It will guide them to set up a complete system. Advanced users will also gain insight from information on real-world hardware and software tips and tricks.

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